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07 Best Cam For 4.8 Vortec : A Complete Review Guide 2022

Considering all the possible cams available on the market, the one that works on a 4.8 Vortec has to be functional. Users have to be able to rely on them to give more in terms of power and acceleration. All of this is enabled with a new technology that is not easily found in other regular cams. So, COMP is considered as one of the best cam for 4.8 vortec.

Besides, a cam that doesn’t function well could make the vehicle quite defective, but this is avoidable.  Here are some of the best cams for your 4.8 Vortec that are available on the market.

From the Comp Cams to the Elgin, Meling, and even the DNJ. They all promise remarkable qualities.

Comparison Table

Comp Cams : 54-424-11
Elgin : E-1840
Comp Cams : 54-600-11
Melling : MC1383
Comp Cams : 54-332-11
DNJ : CAM 3201
Comp Cams : 54-702-11

What Is The Best Cam For 4.8 Vortec?

According to this review, our best cam that works on the 4.8 Vortec makes it the COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM. When used on a vehicle, it promises the users an improved level of durability and a better response time.

Why COMP Cams Is The Best Cam Brand For 4.8 Vortec?

Comp Cams has made it the best brand when it comes to cams for a 4.8 Vortec because it uses significant technology. With this, it makes the operation more seamless when driving through an undefined plain.

Another thing that the brand promises are a better valve opening that makes it get more power. In the long run, it helps the vehicles go faster than they usually would go.

Top 07 Cams For 4.8 Vortec in 2022

01. COMP Cams 54-424-11 XFI RPM – (Best Value)


Highlighted features:

  • Excellent drivability.
  • Improved response time.
  • Includes a Lobe Separation Angle.
  • Impressive torque.
  • Xtreme energy technology.

Product Description and Performance:

Comp 54-424-11 XFI RPM is an impressive cam with a wide power range that makes it suitable for use. While using the Comp 54-424-11 XFI RPM, users will get an improved level of drivability.

Besides that, the cam also responds quickly when you use it on a vehicle and the road. Comp 54-424-11 XFI RPM comes with a remarkable operating range of 1,800-6,400 RPM.

With this, users are given access to more power when making use of the cam.

Comp 54-424-11 XFI RPM makes use of a low-end grunt in operating. However, despite how the end grunt is designed, it makes up for a high RPM potential.

All of this is enabled with a new technology that is not easily found in other regular cams. So, you can consider COMP as one of the best cams.

Another significant feature that is built into this design is a distinctive head design. Here, users are given access to an LS engine that is powered by a cylinder head design.

Considering this, users have access to more reliability when using the cam.

If a user is searching for more stability in their vehicle, this is also a suitable choice of the cam. Along with this cam comes a base circle and a rock arm ratio of 1.7 that provides the standard level of stability.

So, this cam you can easily set up in their vehicle for any user as it has a standard three-bolt configuration.

Having little knowledge of how to set it up is enough to get it fixed into the vehicle.


  • Offers users an improved torque.
  • Comes with a cylinder head design.
  • Provides more drivability.
  • Offers more response time.


  • Not a budget-friendly choice.

02. Elgin E-1840-P Camshaft- Best For performance


Highlighted features:

  • Increased performance.
  • Offers a better torque.
  • Uses a valve lift
  • Longer exhaust duration.
  • Better response time.

Product Description and Performance:

Elgin E- 1840-P is a camshaft that generally responds faster when used in the 4.8 Vortec. With this camshaft comes a long duration exhaust feature that gives users all the required time to work without breaking down.

Note, this is an important feature when the vehicle has to make a long trip. Another significance of the Elgin E- 1840- P is that the camshaft comes with a valve lift.

What this does is to create an adequately elevated or suspended valve that stays away from the ground while the vehicle is on a trip.

In this camshaft from all the necessary equipment needed when this is being installed into the vehicle. An advantage of this is that it saves users the cost of buying new accessories after purchasing the camshaft.

“Some of the previous buyers have complained that they found some of the parts were already used as they didn’t look new. In such a case, it is better to check it first and then go ahead to make a return when necessary.”


  • Comes with a long exhaust.
  • Helps in suspending the valve.
  • Optimizes the response time.
  • Gives users a better torque.


  • Can come in rusty sometimes.

03. Comp Cams 54-600-11 Thumpr 219/233 – Best for 2000+ converters


Highlighted features:

  • Lobe separation angle (1090)
  • Improved street performance.
  • Works with the 4.8 Vortec.
  • Easily tuned.
  • Long exhaust duration.

Product Description and Performance:

Comp Cams 54-600-11 is conveniently suitable for the 4.8 Vortec and with a stock converter that makes it easy to use. Using this Comp Cam, users are confident of getting their vehicles to perform better on the street.

All of this makes it one of the best for converters and gears that are about 2000+.

Apart from that, the Comp Cams offer an early intake of the valve opening and longer exhaust duration. With this, the cam can create the most available overlap to give a powerful and hard-hitting exhaust note.

When it comes to the exhaust, users are sure of one that can last a long duration of time.

“But for vehicles with a ground on a smaller base circle, they would need a longer push rood to use this Cam.”

Comp Cams functions well with a lobe separation angle that offers an impressive level of duration. Along with this comes an operation that serves at 109 degrees when using the cam on a vehicle.

While making use of this Comp cam on a 4.8 Vortec, it can be easily tuned and set to fit the user’s need.


  • Offers a longer exhaust duration.
  • Makes use of a valve lift.
  • Works well on the streets.
  • Can be tuned with ease.


  • Needs longer pushrods.

04. Melling MC1383 Camshaft- Best For durability


Highlighted features:

  • Compatible with the 4.8 Vortec.
  • Uses a three-bolt installation.
  • No computer programming is needed.
  • Rebuildable design.
  • Durable components.

Product Description and Performance:

Melling MC1383 is a camshaft that has a design to work with the 4.8 Vortec, and you can install it easily. Users get a camshaft that they can bolt down into the vehicle for installation as it comes with up to three bolts that go in strategic places.

Unlike the traditional camshafts that require a bit of technological knowledge, this does not need such. When this is installed, you can manually configure it to fit into the use that it is meant to do based on the vehicle.

“As a camshaft, some users don’t find it compatible with several of the vehicles on the market as it doesn’t work with the 07 Tahoe.”

All the components of the Melling MC1383 camshaft are built to withstand the worst of situations. They have been created with the precision that makes it hard to fall to corrosion, thereby giving it the inability to get rusted with ease.

So, for a user that needs a functional camshaft that is also durable, then the MC2383 is the right choice of a camshaft.


  • Works without computer programming.
  • Made to be a durable design.
  • Allows for easy installation.
  • Comes with three bolts.


  • Wrong part for a 07 Tahoe

05. COMP Cams 54-332-11 Stage 2- Best For Turbo Engines


Highlighted features:

  • Works excellent on turbo engines.
  • Offers more power.
  • Functions with lower pressure.
  • Great shift recovery.
  • Low shock technology.

Product Description and Performance:

COMP Cams 54-332-11 uses a well-developed and already tested system to create a function cam that works on the 4.8 Vortec.

Asides from that, this is one of the most suitable cams that work on vehicles with a turbo engine without running into problems.

When operational and applied, the COMP Cams 54-332-11 can work with even lower back pressure systems.

Combining the high RPM potential that comes with the COMP Cams offers users more power with a remarkable range.

Such a camshaft can work with a 6,700 to 7,300 RPM range you cannot find in regular camshafts.

“Even though this Comp Camshaft does not have available reviews from previous buyers, it still promises quality like the others of the same brand.”

When it comes to shifting recovery, it offers a remarkable performance level even when used in manual transmission applications. Using this ensures that the user’s engine should always stay in its powerband.

No guesswork is involved in the Comp Camshaft development as it is built to match the 4.8 Vortec. Users can easily pick out the rest that goes into the valve train when using this camshaft.

Along with this comes a low shock technology that makes it comfortable to use on the vehicle.

For durability’s sake, the comp camshaft tops the list as it is made to withstand even the most intense working conditions.


  • Helps in reducing load loss.
  • Offers a level of enhancement.
  • Reduces surface roughness.
  • Can work with turbo engines.


  • No available review

06. DNJ CAM3201 Camshaft- Best For 2007-2017


Highlighted features:

  • Full line provider.
  • Uses DNJ engine parts.
  • Can be domestic.
  • Works on a 4.8 Vortec.
  • Single-bolt system.

Product Description and Performance:

DNJ Cam3201 is a reliable camshaft that could pass as one of the suitable Cam For 4.8 Vortec as it offers a handful in functionality. When using this camshaft, it becomes highly possible to use it for domestic purposes without stressing.

Another thing that the DNJ camshaft offers is that it smoothly goes into the vehicle without much installation procedures.

Users do not need to hire a professional to fix it if they already have background knowledge. DNJ was designed with a single bolt system that goes in quickly.

When using the DNJ Cma3201, users can get more durability as it is built to work even under the worst driving situations.

There is also an improved level of smoothness that comes from using this camshaft. With it, the vehicle can easily climb through rough paths faster than the traditional ones.

Asides from this, the camshaft can work with a variety of vehicles all at a time. With this, it becomes easy to use this for any vehicle without needing a new one


  • Works with several vehicles.
  • Suitable for the 4.8 Vortec.
  • Made to last long.
  • Can be easily installed.


  • Doesn’t work for the 2007 Chevrolet.

07. Comp Cams 54-702-11 Stage 2 – Best For GEN III


Highlighted features:

  • Made to be bolt-on.
  • Offers more power.
  • Requires no spring.
  • Conveniently allows other fittings.
  • Adds maximum dependability.

Product Description and Performance:

As it is found in other Comp Camshafts, this one also promises an increased reliability level for the users. It adds up to eighty-one horsepower when you use it properly on the vehicle having been developed and tested on the Dyno.

However, this works by applying both the MK and CK kit components.

When this is applied, it promises a high RPM potential that is matchable with other regular camshafts on the market. It accelerates within the 6,700 to 7,300 RPM range as an LST camshaft, which lets the vehicle turn much more.

With this, there is more power that is offered within this range.

As a Comp camshaft, it requires much less in operating, and the cost of using it is brought to the barest minimum. There is no need to make use of springs when this camshaft is being installed into the vehicle.

Without having to guess or try out other components along with this camshaft, the remaining part of the valve train can be fixed. All that it requires is the addition of both the MK and CK components.

“Some users had complained that when the camshaft was bought, it came with some parts that were already used or looked old.”


  • Fits without guessing.
  • Works without a spring.
  • Provides more power
  • Improves the horsepower.


  • Some parts come used.

Buying Guide

Having a camshaft that works for a 4.8 Vortec means that users have to go for something that is suitable for a particular use. With this, it means that the camshaft has to be thoroughly chosen and set to work with the 4.8 Vortec.

In this section are some of the factors that a user needs to consider before buying a camshaft. Check these factors below:

Cost of purchase

Checking how much a camshaft cost is an integral part of the primary purchase as it determines if the user can afford the cam. On this post is several available Vortec, and they have their process attached to themselves.

Note that the fact that a camshaft is placed at a high price does not mean that it offers the best quality.

All that matters when it comes to pricing and quality are the components that have been used in making the camshaft.

For users with a tighter budget, there are others on this review that covers your target. Despite how low they are priced, they still function as well as the expensive ones.

So, when on a tight budget, always check that the camshaft is within your budget. Going out of your budget could lead to getting into debt or cutting into the funds for other things.

Installation procedure

No matter the camshaft that is being purchased, it has to be one that one can install without causing problems. Certain camshafts are problematic enough to install and would require the help of a professional.

Some would also need the users to modify the shaft, and then the installation process could continue.

So, as a user, it is crucial that the chosen camshaft does not pose problems when installed. Some already come with the necessary bolts that help it attach itself to the vehicle valve itself.

Another thing that works with the camshaft is that they give room to install other stuff in the valve train when installed. They are spacious and well-aligned to let the other components fit into the valve train just by the camshaft.


A camshaft aids the vehicle’s performance by increasing the duration period where the valve opens more during an engine stroke. With this, the vehicle begins to work better, and it adds to the vehicle’s speed as a whole.

When this is considered, then it is clearly noted that the right camshaft improves the horsepower of the vehicle. As a result of this, each user can have a faster vehicle by just using the right camshaft.

So, when going to the market to purchase a camshaft, ensure that the choice offers this functionality level.

Another thing that adds to the camshaft functionality is how well it works when driving through rough terrain. A good one would smoothen out the journey and then make the driving experience more convenient.


Instead of purchasing a new camshaft too frequently, a more durable one would offer a reduced cost of replacement. Those that are made to be durable can withstand even the worst conditions of the road.

Also, they should be able to withstand corrosion since they would be placed in an area that is continuously in contact with liquid.

For that reason, the top-performing cam for 4.8 Vortec is made of high-grade stainless steel or aircraft-grade aluminum. These components do not get rusted in a short period, like the regular models that are available on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I know a worn-out camshaft?

Even with the best cam, there comes a time when it begins to wear out and then requires change. Without changing the cam, it could run into problems and then affect the power of the vehicle as a whole.

They then could affect the speed of the vehicle, making it slower than it usually would function.

To detect a worn-out cam, then the users have to pay more attention to how it functions and when it begins to deplete.

However, when a camshaft needs changing, then it may start to make noises that weren’t there in the first place. The squeaky noise that it produces is a sign that rust is building within the frame of the cam and needs to be corrected.

Additionally, another sign is that it gets to jerk when performing. As a user, it becomes evident when the vehicle accelerates the speed or manner of change.

There are times that it could be faster and other times, it would be slow. When all of these irregularities start, then it is a sign of a worn-out camshaft and requires change.

How can a camshaft be installed?

Installing a camshaft, one can do it through various means, and it is vital in every camshaft that is gotten for your vehicle. Firstly, it depends on the make of the camshaft and how the producers have programmed it to come on.

Typically, it should come with a bolt that caters to the installation. So, in the vault train, it only needs to be sealed in with the bolt.

With just a fitting screwdriver, the camshaft can go on the vehicle without problems. However, ensure that it is placed in the right place and properly aligned when installing.

Can a cam affect other things in the valve?

Since a camshaft goes into the valve, it affects the other things that are placed in the valve itself. A wrong one would cause obstructions and then make it almost impossible to fit in other components.

Users can fix this by either changing the camshaft that has already been purchased or by modifying the shaft to fit into the valve without obstructions.

So, it is highly possible for a camshaft to effects other things that are placed in the valve train.

When this is considered, it makes it easier to pick out the right cam that goes into the vehicle’s valve without running into complications.

What is a valve lift?

When a cam is placed in a vehicle, it goes into the valve and then could help in lifting the valve from its original position.

A remarkable lift takes it from staying close to the ground and then proceeds to offer elevation. Getting a valve lift from a shaft is a desirable quality and it does not come with all the cams on the market.


Different camshafts have been developed to work with the 4.8 Vortec, but not all offer the same level of functionality. To pick out the most suitable one that is available, it is essential to note those that have specific features.

In this post, some of the best cam for 4.8 Vortec that any user can get on the market and all the things that make them essential.

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