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10 Best Cold Air Intake for Camaro V6 (Review Guide : 2022)

Are looking for the best cold air intake for Camaro v6? This guide and review will help you to choose the suitable air intake for your Camaro v6. Cold air intake systems are one of the engine performance upgrades car drivers should consider.

They produce this rigorous engine sound that many drivers find so attractive. They can also have other advantages as increasing the fuel economy and improving air filtration.

So, for Camaro V6 drivers, here is a full guide with all that you need to know about this cold air intake system.

Comparison Table

Cold Air Inductions
Auto Dynasty
RTunes Racing
Blue Oval
High Performance


What is the best cold air intake for Camaro V6?

K&N cold air intake kit is the best product on this list for many reasons. It combines great engine performance with aggressive engine sounds. Also, it has a cool and practical design that will work the best for Camaro V6.

Why K&N cold air intake kit is the best brand for Camaro V6?

K&N cold air intake kit is the best for the quality material it offers. Also, the large filter is another unique advantage. Further, the resulting performance is manifested in the horsepower, engine sound, and throttle response.

Simply, all that a driver needs from his cold air intake system is found in K&N’s product.

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit – [Best overall quality]  


Highlighted features

  • Should clean the filter after 100,000 miles
  • Provides higher horsepower
  • Higher engine sound
  • Better performance and acceleration
  • Fits into the engine compartment

K&N is a world-class name in car aftermarket parts including cold air intakes. K&N cold air intake provides noticeable better acceleration and performance for the car. The kit has a larger air filter than usual.

So, the amount of filtered air is larger than any other cold air intake system. However, this large air filter will fit into the compartment of the engine.

Moreover, the air flowing to the engine is 50% more than the OEM parts. More air in the engine means higher speed and horsepower.

Adding to its superiority above other cold air intake systems, the K&N filter only needs cleaning after 100,000 miles. Thus, it is a cost-effective piece to add to your Camaro V6.

For those who love this sporty sound of the engine, it will satisfy their needs. K&N system produces a higher engine sound that speaks about the performance.

K&N is surely the best for the various features it comes with. Finally, it is very easy to install that one can do it himself.


  • Easy installation
  • Large air filter
  • High quality and durability


  • The connecting hose is very thin

02. Cold Air Inductions 501-1036-12-B – [Best heat reduction]


Highlighted features

  • Fits in the engine compartment
  • Reduces heat induction
  • Protects the engine from dust
  • Produces aggressive engine sound
  • Improves horsepower and throttle response

For a unique design and better performance, Cold Air Inductions will fit perfectly in the engine compartment. The topmost feature of this cold air intake system is the insulated airbox it comes with.

The air filter has an outer foil cover to reduce heat. Besides, the intake tubes have an inner thermal coating to also reduce heat. Thus, ensuring the air coming to the engine is cold air. Also, it works for protecting the engine from dust and dirt.

Since the product works for increasing the air quality, the performance is also of better quality. The horsepower and throttle response increase dramatically using this cold air intake system.

Moreover, it gives the engine a deeper and more aggressive sound. Aside from the performance, the design and shape of the product are added features.

It has a classy black color that suits the engine of a Camaro V6. For the 2012 – 2015 Camaro V6, Cold air inductions are one of the best options in the market to go for.


  • Insulted air filter
  • Tubes have an inner thermal coating
  • Unique design


  • Fits 2012 -2015 models only

03. Spectre Performance Air Intake Kit – [Best for air filter material]


Highlighted features

  • Aluminum tubing material
  • The air filter has oiled synthetic material
  • Better acceleration and performance
  • Higher engine sounds
  • Should clean the filter after 100,000 miles

The Spectre air intake system is ready to use instantly as it comes with an oiled synthetic material for the air filter. The tubes are made of aluminum which won’t tear out by time.

Moreover, the kit comes with everything needed for assembly. Fitting this system into the engine compartment only takes minutes.

When it is finally there, the airflow to the engine is doubled. So, the car will run perfectly and smoothly on uphill roads.

Speaking of the performance, Spectre cold air intake fosters the throttle response and speed. Also, the engine sound is clear evidence of this system’s performance.

For convenient use, car owners should clean their air filters after 100,000 miles of use. It can protect the engine from various contaminants and dirt. Spectre’s product is available in different colors. It is one of the less cold air intake systems that give this color option.


  • Easy installation process
  • Different color options
  • High-quality air filter material


  • Clamps are poorly designed

04. Black Coated Aluminum Air Intake System Replacement – [Best value for money]


Highlighted features

  • Improves horsepower to 5 – 10
  • Increases torque by 6 – 8%
  • Increases air filtration efficiency by 95%
  • Aluminum material

With an intake tube size of 3.5 inches, this cold air intake system can maximize the horsepower and torque to the limits. Made of aluminum, the air filter system can increase filtration to 95%.

Whereas the horsepower can reach from 5 – 10 and the torque increases by 6 – 8%. So, the car will have an outstanding performance. Adding to the features, the kit comes with a heat shield to reduce heat induction.

Also, it has all the hardware you will need to install the cold air intake system. Thus, it is a full replacement kit to give your Camaro a strong push.

As for usability, the product is lightweight. Yet, it is very durable and of a high-quality. The tubes and other parts have a coat of black powder to resist corrosion. Also, the hoses are silicone ones to insulate heat.

Therefore, everything in this kit is made for a purpose. Perhaps, the main consideration for this one is that it will only fit a 2012 – 2014 Camaro V6 with a 3.6 L engine. Either, everything else is perfect.


  • Has a black coat
  • Full kit including heat shield
  • Silicone hoses to insulate heat


  • Short rubber elbow
  • Fits specific models only

05. Volant Cold Air Intake 15136  – [Best for easy installation]


Highlighted features

  • Produces higher engine tone
  • Improves torque and acceleration
  • High-quality material
  • Good heat insulation

For a better throttle response, a volant cold air intake system will satisfy its purpose and much more. First of all, the design is ideal. It will fit perfectly into a 2012/2013 Camaro V6. Moreover, the resulting performance is very significant.

Staring from the engine sounds to the torque and acceleration. All are just flawless. Coming to the material, it is well made of good materials to last for years.

Further, the design is a very simple one allowing for easy installation. It comes nearly assembled, so, installation is just a breeze. Aside from installation, the inlet tube has a black coat to insulate heat.

Thus, enhances the performance of the whole system. When installing a volant cold air intake system, one can expect an instant better performance in his/her car. Eventually, this performance reflects in the rigorous engine sound and speed.


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Good heat insulation


  • Fits a limited number of models
  • Not a complete kit

06. BBK 1835 Cold Air Intake System – [Best finishing material]


Highlighted features

  • Boost acceleration and horsepower
  • Better pedal response
  • Chrome finish
  • Insulate the engine from heat
  • Provides smooth airflow to the engine

If you want to see instant results, grab this BBK cold air intake system. BBK’s product is to provide the best performance any Camaro driver seeks in a very short time. Typically, the system requires no tuning after installation.

The installation itself is a piece of cake that lasts for a few minutes. Counting the advantages of this intake system, the air filter is a washable one. It means you are always sure no dirt is preventing a smooth airflow. Thus, a better pedal response is guaranteed.

Nevertheless, BBK has an attractive design. It has a chrome finish to give the product a nice glossy look. Besides, it protects the product and increases its lifetime.

Like other quality cold air intake systems, it can increase horsepower and acceleration. It can also produce aggressive engine sounds but on higher RPMs.

Additionally, the kit comes with a heat shield, so, it keeps heat out of the air filter. In short, BBK cold air intake system is a product to rely on.


  • Takes minutes to install
  • Has a heat shield
  • Requires no tuning
  • Washable air filter


  • Produces sound on high RPMs

07. Cold Air Intake System with Heat Shield Kit + Filter – [Best for complete kit]


Highlighted features

  • Increases engine performance
  • Improves the fuel mileage
  • Good protection for the engine
  • High-quality dry air filter
  • Heat shields to reduce heat

Another high-quality product for Camaro V6 is to foster the airflow inside the engine and improve its performance. It does not only increase the engine performance but also protects it.

Thanks to the reusable air filter, it prevents dust from coming inside the engine. Hence, protecting it and improving the fuel mileage.

It is not an oiled air filter. Instead, it is a washable one. The air filter can be easily uninstalled and washed then assembled back to its place.

Adding to the features, the heat shield surrounds the air filter. Hence, insulating heat from the filter and ensuring the coolest air is only flowing to the engine.

Another significant advantage is the complete kit it comes with. Everything from the clamps, bolts, and others are included within the kit. So, for peace of mind, just go for this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Washable air filter
  • Comes in a complete kit


  • Aluminum pipes conduct heat

08. Blackwing Cold Air Intake Blue Filter – [Best for heat insulation]


Highlighted features

  • Increase horsepower and acceleration
  • Good quality materials
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Heatshield for heat reduction
  • Increases air filtration

For an impressive output, Blackwing cold air intake system is a good option to choose for various reasons. First, it comes pre-assembled which means installing into the car is not an issue.

Second, the air filter is well isolated to reduce heat. Perfect insulation feature works for cooler air flowing to the engine. Most importantly, the overall quality of materials is very good. It resembles the OEM parts quality, so, you are not compromising quality for performance.

On another side, the product comes with a complimentary cleaning kit. It can be used to clean the air filter after several miles of use.

When using this cold air intake system, the horsepower, as well as the acceleration, significantly increase. Besides, this system improves the efficiency of fuel consumption.

One other feature is air filtration as it is noticeably better than the standard air filtration ability.


  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Perfect heat insulation
  • Comes with a cleaning kit


  • Short connecting tube

09. Cold Air Intake #CH004B – [Best placement]


Highlighted features

  • Pipes made of aluminum
  • Has a chrome coat
  • Lightweight
  • Increases horsepower and acceleration
  • Improves the gas mileage

When buying a cold air intake system, one should look for performance and design. Luckily this product combines both as it offers top engine performance and smart design.

Starting with the performance, it connects directly to the throttle body. Thus, it gives a direct airflow to the engine for higher acceleration and horsepower.

Besides, it comes with a high-quality air filter which is washable to ensure no dirt will accumulate on the air path.

As for the design, it has a chrome coat to increase its durability. Also, the aluminum pipes are slightly bent to suit the design. Aluminum is a durable material despite conducting heat.

Further, the whole product has lightweight allowing for easy installation and uninstallation to clean the filter. Finally, the unique thing here is the placement of the intake system.

It resides in front of the left wheel below the engine bay. This placement is the best as it prevents hot air produced from the engine from coming back to the filter.


  • Direct airflow
  • Best placement
  • Washable air filter


  • Poor installation directions
  • No heat shield

10. Injen PF7012P Cold Air Intake with Replacement Bottle – [Best for quality material]


Highlighted features

  • Welded durable tubes
  • Backed with MR technology
  • Enhances acceleration and throttle
  • High filtration rates

Injen cold air intakes are known for the high quality and sturdiness of the products. Backed with MR technology, this cold air intake system will give optimum airflow to the engine.

It will lead to the desired outcomes of better acceleration and throttle response. Also, the air filter provides higher filtration rates. So, it works for a longer engine lifetime.

The filter itself has a relatively high-quality material. It is a reusable filter that requires washing after a considerable time of use. However, removing the filter is not that easy. Being of high-quality means it can withstand different weathers.

Not only the filter is of good quality, but also the flanges and brackets. They are made of high-quality materials and are welded for more strength.

Injen has taken care of everything regarding its cold air intake system. It comes with all the needed hardware to install it and see immediate results.


  • Washable air filter
  • Comes with all necessary hardware
  • High-quality materials


  • Difficult installation and uninstallation

Buying consideration

Cold air intake systems can improve the performance of the engine. However, with so many available products, one can get confused with the purchasing decision. Thus, this buying guide will help you decide on the best one.

The things to consider include the horsepower and throttle response on the performance side. From the design side, the material and filter are important things to consider too. However, before diving into the specifications of each of these points, let’s first discover how it works.

Cold air intake systems are aftermarket parts. They replace the OEM parts of the car with a few of them keeping the original air filter. The purpose of installing these systems is to allow more cool air to pass to the engine.

Additionally, they work on filtering the air flowing to the engine. So, when cooler and cleaner airflow to the engine, it burns easier and the engine performs better.

All the above factors work for enhancing the performance of the engine which at the end gives this high acceleration and pedal response.


Horsepower stands for engine power. Typically, better engines produce higher horsepower. Higher horsepower doesn’t necessarily mean high speed. Instead, it is about the whole engine performance.

So, horsepower is the most important factor people should look for when purchasing a cold air intake system.

To increase the horsepower, cold air intake systems allow for more airflow to the engine. So, the wider the inlet tubes are, the more air flows to the engine and the higher horsepower it produces.

Also, the cold air intake systems cool the air which means more oxygen to burn. Different systems have different mechanisms to cool the air as heat shields and insulated tubes.

In brief, look for the products that can deliver the best horsepower. This is usually mentioned in the product manual. If not, check the heat insulation mechanisms and the width of the inlet tubes.

Throttle response

Throttle response is the quick response of the vehicle to pedal push for acceleration. When the pedal is pushed to the limits, the vehicle should move quickly.

However, the responsiveness differs from one car to the other as some cars take a whole to respond to this acceleration order.

Cold air intake systems work to increase this throttle response by improving engine performance. When more oxygen comes to the engine, burning occurs quicker.

Thus, more energy is produced and the vehicle accelerates quickly. So, as it is clear, the horsepower and throttle response are related.

To know the cold air intake systems that provide the best throttle response, look first at the inlet tubes. Similar to the horsepower, wider inlet tubes mean better throttle response.

Also, the size of the air filter itself affects the throttle response. As the size increases, more air is filtered at a time, so, more air will pass to the engine. Finally, heat insulation can also enhance the throttle response.


Cold air intake systems come in different materials. Starting with the filters, they are usually of the same design and material. Most quality products have an OEM resembling an air filter.

Moving to the connecting tubes, they can come in aluminum, silicone, or rubber.

Aluminum is a durable material for connecting tubes. However, it doesn’t insulate heat. So, these tubes should have extra heat insulation features.

Silicone is a good material for the tubes. It can insulate the heat and it is also expandable to fit different models. Rubber is the same as silicone but it is not widely used as silicon is better in terms of quality.

Another thing related to the material is the finish or the coat. High-quality products have chrome or a black coat to increase their durability. Additionally, they can give the product an elegant look.

Moving an extra mile, some products have an inner thermal coat for more heat reduction. Thus, improving the performance of the engine and increasing the product’s lifetime.

Air filter

The air filter is the most essential part of the whole system. It is where air passes first and then moves to the engine. Air filters have a conical shape to increase their surface for more exposure to air.

Ultimately, bigger air filters are better but they should fit into the engine compartment. Further, they filter the air from dirt and sometimes rain and other weather conditions. Thus, this part needs great attention and care.

Air filters have two designs, the traditional oiled one and the washable one. The first option requires cleaning after several miles. Hence, you will need to get a cleaning kit and products to clean the air filter.

As for the second option, they should be uninstalled and washed. So, from a practical point of view, washable ones are better.

Air filters usually have a surrounding heat shield to reduce the heat hitting the filter. The best air filter comes with a high insulating heat shield that surrounds the filter from all sides.

Engine sound

The engine sound is not a performance-related factor. However, some people want a cold air intake system for this reason only. The engine sound is that aggressive tone produces upon acceleration.

Typically, most air intake systems will produce this sound. However, what is important to look for is whether it is just a sound or a sound and performance.


How to install a cold air intake system?

Any quality product should come with the installation manual included within the package. Typically, the car driver should be able to install the product himself. Even for inexperienced drivers, installation is an easy process that takes minutes.

To install a cold air intake system, follow the below steps:

First, make sure to purchase a suitable product. Every brand offers numerous products to fit different car models.

Second, ensure you have all the hardware kit including locknuts, bolts, and clamps. Usually, you will find those within the package.

Third, stop the car and open the car bonnet where the engine lies under.

Forth, use a screwdriver to disassemble the connecting tube between the engine and the throttle body. Disconnect the OEM air filter as well.

Fifth, install the new air filter in its compartment. Then, connect the tubes using the bolts coming in the package.

Finally, make sure everything is tightened in its place and the clamps are securing the air filter in the airbox.

What does a cold air intake system do with gas mileage?

Despite increasing horsepower, cold air intake systems can improve the gas mileage. Now, it may not be a remarkable improvement but it is still an improvement.

Increasing horsepower means more fuel to produce more energy. Yet, cold air intake systems provide efficient utilization of the fuel. It means the same amount of fuel needed to produce 6 HP will produce more HP using this system.

On the other side, low-quality cold air intake systems can decrease gas mileage. This is because they only produce sound and no performance. Thus, they utilize more fuel and waste it in vain.

Are cold air intake systems effective in cold countries?

Cold air intake systems work to cool down the air surrounding the engine. So, in cold weather conditions, the air is not that cold. However, the combustion process occurring inside the engine heats the whole surrounding, so it needs something to cool the air.

While it is more effective in hot weather, it can also be effective in cold countries. Cold air intake systems filter the air passing to the engine.

Also, they allow for more airflow than the OEM parts of the vehicle. So, in general, they can be of great benefit in hot or cold countries.

What are the bad effects of a cold air intake system?

Cold air intake systems are meant for better performance. Thus, when purchasing any of these systems, one shouldn’t expect any negative effects on the engine. However, the bad or careless use of this aftermarket part can lead to some negative effects.

For example, leaving the air filter without cleaning or washing will lead to the complete opposite effects. It will reduce the horsepower and may lead to damaging the engine after a while. Also, using low-quality products will decrease the fuel economy.

Should I tune the car if I installed a cold air intake system?

In short, the answer is no. Most cold air intake systems won’t require tuning after installation. Moreover, you can immediately use the car and see the results.

Tuning is about optimizing the car engine to perform better with the new hardware. Yet, it is expensive to tune a car and it is not worth it in most cases.

The reason behind this is that cold air intake systems increase horsepower and acceleration to considerable limits. Normal driving doesn’t need any engine optimization to reach those limits.

However, those who want the full performance may want to tune their cars after installing these parts. This step may benefit those running on high ways at very high speeds but not the usual driving speeds.

What are the differences between the exhaust and cold air intake systems?

Car exhausts are aftermarket products just like the cold air intake systems. They work by reducing the air pressure in the exhaust system.

So, air resulting from the burning process moves to the exhaust system. Then, the exhaust system will direct this unwanted exhaust air away from the engine and the whole car.

Thus, both exhaust systems and cold air intake systems work to improve engine performance but in different ways. Exhaust systems can provide higher horsepower, thus better engine performance.

On the other side, cold air intake systems provide higher sporty sounds. Also, they are cheaper and easier to install than exhaust systems.

So, according to your need and purpose, you can choose between both. In a best-case scenario, installing both can lead to better performance and sounds as well.


Cold air intake systems have different advantages for any car. with so many available products, this guide will surely help to choose the best cold air intake.

Since it is a performance aftermarket piece, you should invest in a quality product. It will provide more horsepower, acceleration and enhance the fuel economy.

All these advantages will satisfy your needs. Further, it is very easy to install. So, it is an adequate performance upgrade for beginners and professional drivers.

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