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10 Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic (Expert’s Recommendation : 2022)

To get the best driving experience, you need the best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic. Who hates the sporty aggressive sounds of car engines when pushing the gas pedal to the ground? The cold air intake system lies behind this tempting sound.

Cold air intakes are not only an accessory producing higher engine sound but also a performance kicker.

To ensure that you end up with the right cold air intake for your Honda Civic, we have created a detailed review. It has 10 of the best cold air intakes and a buying guide with a FAQ.

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What Does A Cold Air Intake Do?

You should understand how a cold air intake works. Usually, the device draws in cooler air and this air is heavier and full of oxygen. High levels of oxygen promote the combustion of fuel and this leads to more vehicle power.

Next, you need to know the factors that can interfere with the cold air intake’s performance. One of these factors is the positioning of the filter. An air filter that is behind a grille or right beneath a bumper can allow the circulation of cold air so well.

However, the filter can suck up water during the rainy season. Water and engine don’t go well together. Hence, if you come across an intake with such a filter, make sure there is an additional “pre-filter”. In addition, pay attention to other features that the air intake has.

Comparison Table

K&N : 2012-2015
Skunk 2
AEM : 21-792C
K&N : 2017-2021
R&L Racing
K&N : 2016-2021
Skunk 2 : 343-05-0100
PRL : Cobra


What is the best cold air intake system for Honda Civic?

K&N cold air intake kit, 69-1019TS is ultimately the best option among other options on the list. It doubles the horsepower and saves gas mileage using the highest quality material.

Why K&N 69-1019TS cold air intake is the best brand for Honda Civic?

K&N is the best brand for cold air intake systems as the products are made of durable materials. Further, the tubes ensure unrestricted airflow to the engine.

Whereas the air filter is larger in size than other filters to pass more air as well. The product offers high speed on highways as well as uphills.

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Top 10 Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic Reviews

01. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit, 69-1019TS – (Best overall cold air intake)


Highlighted features

  • Fits into standard engine compartment
  • Protects the engine from dirt
  • Improves the engine sound
  • Perfect towing and uphill
  • Filter requires cleaning after 100,000 miles

K&N cold air intake is definitely what every Honda civic car driver needs for better acceleration on steep roads. It provides effective acceleration upon towing or driving uphill.

Ultimately, it doubles the airflow in the engine, thus, increasing the horsepower. This cold air intake facilitates the air path between the filter and the engine. Further, it protects the engine itself from dirt and other contaminants.

Although the filter is larger than the standard one, it is more effective. The large conical-shaped filter fits into the compartment of the engine holding more dirt. However, it won’t need cleaning for up to 100,000 miles.

Adding to this, the product is very easy to install with minimum tools. But what really makes it efficient is the high quality and durability everyone would notice from the first time use.

It deserves to be the Best Cold Air Intake for Honda Civic.


  • Install easily with basic tools
  • Doubles the horsepower
  • Highest quality material
  • Double-sized air filter


  • Elbow is made of plastic
  • Heat reduction is not the best


This air intake product is a good pick. Besides coming with an instructions manual, it is easy to use for the first time. Also, it will make a difference immediately. Your auto will respond more powerfully and sound better. As well, this item has an affordable price and will recover the money in the long run because it is durable.


02. Skunk2 (343-05-0200) Cold Air Intake System – (Best looking product)


Highlighted features

  • Fits perfectly in the engine
  • Work with the OEM battery
  • Silicone and plastic materials
  • Improves the torque and horsepower

Coming with a 3.5 to 3 inches top tube and 3.5 inches down tube, this product will tightly connect to the throttle body. Moreover, the piping design means nothing extra is needed for the intake system to work.

Additionally, it will fit into the engine bay with no changes required. Furthermore, the car will run perfectly without a tune where optimal performance is guaranteed.

Coming to the air filter, it is located down in the driver’s side behind the wheel. This location is good for more ground clearance but not the perfect one in flooded streets.

When purchasing this product, the OEM battery can be retained. Other than this, the silicone material of the connector will allow for a long-lasting product.

Additionally, the plastic material doesn’t conduct heat. So, it is better than aluminum cold air intakes.


  • Material does not retain heat
  • Perfect design
  • Does not need tuning


  • Location of engine sucks more water
  • Takes time installing


If you want a cold air intake product that is properly constructed, this is the best choice. Besides offering better throttle response, it will increase the auto’s horse power. Moreover, the plastic tubing material is not so prone to heat absorption when compared to a metal one. Nevertheless, remember to drive your auto on dry grounds because of the positioning of the filter.

03. AEM 21-792C Cold Air Intake System – (Best for materials)


Highlighted features

  • Aluminum material
  • Synthetic material for the air filter
  • Air filter requires cleaning after 160,000 miles
  • Dyno-tested
  • Increases horsepower to 9 Hp

Built from aluminum, AEM air intake system offers superior torque and horsepower to Honda civics. Furthermore, it can protect the engine and increase its performance thanks to the air filter and heat shield.

Adding to the features, the aggressive engine sound and throttle response are exactly what car drivers look for.

Every part of this air intake system is designed for a purpose. The weather stripping and heat shield will block hot air but keep cooler air around the engine.

Whereas the air filter is made of synthetic materials which require cleaning after nearly 160,000 miles. Finally, the aerodynamic intake tube can expand to facilitate the airflow and enhance performance.

Not to forget that it is dyno-tested gaining up to 9 hp and 10 tq.


  • Includes heat shield
  • Weather stripping to keep cool air
  • Expandable aerodynamic intake tube


  • Sound needs hard push


This is another ideal product for your Honda Civic. It fits well and the installation task can take about one hour with your typical hand tools. After installation, the sound will become deeper and fuller and the intake power will surge. As it is a high quality product, it can recover the initial investment in the near future.

04. Mishimoto MMAI-CIV-16BK Performance – (Best complete kit product)


Highlighted features

  • Produces aggressive tone
  • Silicone intake arm
  • Venturi design of MAF housing
  • Diverter under the hood to direct airflow
  • Dyno-tested

For increasing the torque and acceleration the Mishimoto air intake will deliver its mission and much more. It is designed to give the engine what it takes for an aggressive tone upon pressing the throttle to the ground.

The Engine sound speaks about the performance. For a cost-effective performance, the intake arm is made of silicone. So, it guarantees a controlled temperature, contrary to aluminum materials.

Apart from this, the venturi design of the MAF housing inlet allows for smooth airflow. Similarly, the air diverter under the hood directs the airflow towards the stock airbox.

Thus, every part works for improving the airflow and consequently the engine performance. The steel airbox is coated with a black powder coat.

Thus, protecting the engine from excessive heat and adding to the cooling abilities of the system. Not to mention the complete kit you will receive when purchasing this product.

It comes with mounting hardware and worm gear pliers all of the highest quality.


  • Comes with a complete kit
  • Temperature is best controlled
  • Black-powder coated airbox


  • Some parts are not of the best quality


After installing, you will notice a slight difference in sound and throttle response. Also, several weeks after installation, you will notice that your fuel usage has gone down. The engine will become quieter and all vibrations will disappear. If you want a cold air intake that works in this manner, this is the right product to buy.

05. Injen Black Cai Cold Air Intake System – (Best horsepower)


Highlighted features

  • Sir and air fusion technology
  • Enhance HP to 21
  • Insulate the engine from heat
  • Increase throttle response
  • Boost acceleration

Backed with sir and air fusion technology, this product is to pull the cold air intake to the limits. Further, with its unique design, Injen Black keeps the densest and coolest air around the engine improving its performance.

Thus, it can enhance the horsepower and increase it to up to 21 HP. Moreover, the system looks so impressive in its place. The vehicle engine and its surroundings will become so attractive.

Nevertheless, its power lies in its ability to keep the engine insulated from heat as much as possible. Similar to most cold air intake systems, it will boost acceleration and increase the throttle response.

However, the delivered output is unique to this product. Injen Black Caj intake system is suitable for Honda civics produced in 2017 and later. It needs no drilling for installation as well.


  • Best torque and horsepower
  • Unique and attractive design
  • No drill for installing


  • Slight decrease in gas mileage
  • Produces less or no sound


The main reasons why most people want a new cold air intake are so they can improve throttle response, fuel economy, and the sound of the engine. This product may not offer all of them at once but it is still worth buying. Furthermore, it is easy to install and will be delivered the soonest as possible.

06. K&N Cold Air Intake Kit, 69-1504TR – (Best air filter)


Highlighted features

  • Durable material
  • Aggressive engine sound
  • Protects the engine from dirt
  • Improve towing and acceleration

K&N has probably nailed it in cold air intake systems for Honda Civics. This second product from K&N is one of the best for the same durability and quality K&N is known for.

Cold air intake systems are meant to increase the power of the engine. This one does not only increases its power but also enhances the sound.

The airflow can reach up to 50% of the original airflow without an intake system. Thus, giving the maximum airflow any air intake kit can deliver.

Another significant feature is the dirt protection this kit offers. The powerful airflow can remove any dirt and debris around the engine. Hence, decreasing the periods between each air filter cleaning.

Actually, the air filter can work for 160,000 miles without the need for any cleaning. When picking a K&N product, you are surely choosing a product that lasts.


  • Easy to install
  • 50% more airflow
  • Air filter requires cleaning after 160,000 miles


  • Does not fit all models


Even if it does not fit all autos, it will be a good choice for your Honda Civic. It is quick and easy to install as the instruction manual outlines all steps in a manner that anyone can understand. If you are looking to hear your turbo more, this one can be a perfect pick for you.

07. AF Dynamic – 2012-2015 Black Air Filter Intake System – (Best value for money)


Highlighted features

  • 5 to 10 HP increase
  • Produces 6% to 8% torque
  • Improves gas mileage
  • Produces sporty engine sound
  • Silicone hose to withstand heat

For an unmatchable performance with an affordable price, AF Dynamic system is the product to choose from. This product comes in a complete kit with everything needed for installation.

Moreover, it has its own heat shield to protect the engine from extra heat. Most importantly, the bolts, locknuts, and washers are made of the highest quality.

In addition, the elbow and hoses are made of silicone to withstand heat and provide better airflow.

On the other hand, assembly is very easy, however, installing is a little bit hectic. Yet, the product will give a 5 to 10 increased horsepower in addition to the enhanced torque.

Other features include the filtration ability which rises up to 95% of the standard filtration. AF Dynamic replaces the original air filter with a better one for enhanced filtration.


  • 95% Improvement in filtration efficiency
  • Affordable price
  • Comes with a complete kit


  • Lacks assembly instructions
  • Not the best quality


This component is a nice pick given the fair price. It comes with everything and functions well. However, you will find it hard to install it personally because of sketchy instructions. You might have to seek professional help from a mechanic if you don’t understand motors that well.

08. K&N 63-3516 Performance Power Equipment. – (Best acceleration and torque)


Highlighted features

  • Air filter requires cleaning after 100,000 miles
  • Dyno-tested
  • Better acceleration and torque
  • Produces aggressive sound
  • Better fuel economy

Most people buy cold air intake systems for sound, but with this K&N product, you have sound and performance. The product replaces all the original intake system parts.

Therefore, the vehicle will have compatible intake system parts for optimal performance. Another significant feature is the Polyethylene Tube which is perfect for smooth airflow.

All these features in one product only require around 90 minutes for installation.

With the state-of-art design, the high-density aerodynamic tube along with the air filter contributes to boosting horsepower. Further, torque and acceleration are really different, drivers will feel it.

K&N intake system also reduces the gas mileage. Thus, saving money, increasing performance and providing sporty sound. Not to mention the effective air filter which is easily washed only after 100,000 miles of use.


  • Easy installation
  • Washable air filter
  • 50% more airflow


  • Not the perfect heat protection in hot weather


Once you install this, or have it installed if you can’t do it, you will notice that the car feels more powerful. In fact, power will shift from 33-35 to 37-38 after installation. In addition, the air filter is washable and can mean not spending more money too soon. The sound quality will improve too, meaning that you will start to hear the turbo.

09. Skunk2 343-05-0100 Cold Air Intake System – (Best wide airflow tube)


Highlighted features

  • Silicone material tubes
  • Quality material for all parts
  • Enhanced engine performance
  • Produces rigorous engine sound

Skunk2 is designed to unlock the powers of the Honda Civic engines. The materials along with the perfect design of the intake system provide smooth airflow.

So, it provides a perfect ride experience. Also, the pro system looks awesome in its place.  Above all, the silicone material of the connector works for heat reduction.

This non-metallic pipe is 3.5 inches which provide a suitable airflow path. Speaking of materials, everything is of relatively good material. Moreover, one can use this air intake system with no need for extra parts.

However, the filter and taps lose it this time. Moreover, the easy installation and the widest airflow open stand for its ranking. The wide-open will draw much cool air to the engine.

Thus, allowing for a massive boom that drivers can feel and hear.


  • Wide airflow tube
  • Comes with all necessary parts
  • Easy installation process


  • Plastic taps and filter material
  • Filter does not connect tightly to the tube


Overall, this item seems not to be so well-constructed. It comes with a 3.5” tube for heat reduction and that’s good. However, the taps are made of plastic instead of metal and the filter does not connect to the tubing properly. K&N has excellent air intakes, yes, but this does not match the quality the brand is known for.

10. PRL Motorsports “Cobra” Cold Air Intake – (Best for race)


Highlighted features

  • Made of quality materials
  • Produces 14 hp
  • Dyno-tested
  • Ensures 50% more airflow
  • Produces heat reduction

PRL cold air intake system brings a powerful airflow as a storm into the engine. The system comes with two MAF housing tubes. One is the standard MAF size and the other is 50% larger for extra airflow and much power.

Thus, adding up to 14 HP in the maximum performance. Also, the product is dyno-tested and comes with all the necessary tools and hardware. Therefore, nothing extra is needed except for a tune.

All materials are taken care of. MAF housing tubes and made of aluminum with a silicone inlet hose. The top inlet has 4 layers whereas the lower has 6 layers.

This ensures heat reduction and a long-lasting intake system. Also, the clamps and other accessories are made of stainless steel and the mounting brackets are powder-coated.


  • Comes with 2 housing tubes
  • Inlet and outlet hoses are multilayered
  • Comes with a complete kit


  • Requires tuning


There is no problem with this item itself. It is well constructed and will do its work as promised. We highly recommend buying it because installation work will be super easy and quick. Also, you will receive two housing tubes and a kit full of all the items you need. The item requires tuning though. If you don’t like this part, then pick a different item.

Buying consideration

While there are many products available, not all of them are suitable for all vehicles. Even for a Honda Civic, each product should come with a guide indicating which model it is suitable for.

Moreover, the systems vary in things such as the horsepower they can deliver, the throttle response, and the air filter abilities.

Before deciding on the Best One, one must understand how it works. The cold air intake systems replace the original airbox and filter.

These original parts are usually designed for moderate airflow to the engine. However, the air flowing is usually hot with lower oxygen percent needed to burn and produce energy.

Here lies the importance of a cold air intake system. It eliminates all these restrictions and cools the air flowing to the engine. Thus, maximizing the oxygen flow and consequently enhancing the performance.

To choose the best cold air intake system, a number of elements should be considered. These elements are:


Most air intake systems enhance horsepower. However, they don’t increase this horsepower by the same degree. The horsepower increases by increasing the amount of air flowing to the engine.

So, a wide airflow inlet is needed for more air to the engine. Thus, the wider the air inlet is, the more horsepower it can deliver.

Some cold air intake systems can double the horsepower. Others may deliver up to 21 HP. In other cases, the system may need an additional tuner or exhaust system for perfect horsepower gains.

Typically, a good cold air intake system is able to deliver up to 10 HP.

Gas mileage

On the contrary to what many people think, cold air intake systems can enhance fuel economy. People think that increasing the horsepower means using more of the gas.

This may be true for poor cold air intake systems. Yet, the well-designed ones will make the engine utilize every portion of the fuel, thus, decreasing the gas mileage.

When energy combustion is improved, the fuel is ensured to be perfectly consumed. However, continuous driving to the highest acceleration may, on the other side, decrease the gas mileage.

So, it is a kind of a bargain. Perfect cold air intake systems will increase the gas mileage on the condition that modest driving habits are maintained.

Throttle response

The most things drivers are looking for in their air intake systems is the throttle response and sporty sounds. Now, sporty sounds are not necessarily linked to better throttle response.

Some air intake systems are designed for producing higher sounds with no real difference in the acceleration and throttle response.

Actually, it is a complete package. Air intake systems that provide better airflow enhance the throttle response and thus, increase the horsepower.

Ultimately, more pressing on the gas pedal should increase the acceleration and produce a more aggressive sound.

Easy installation

This part is very important to consider when buying a cold air intake system. The car driver should be able to install his new air intake system himself following the instructions.

The manufacturers of these products keep in mind the vehicle model it is designed for. Mostly, the system fits into the same original stock box with no need for cutting.

Also, it should be installed with no drilling or other hard processes. Moreover, the best products come with a complete kit tool including all the needed parts for installation.

These may include the locknuts, bolts and washers.

Air filter

A critical part of the air intake system. This filter replaces the original filter of the vehicle which is usually made of paper.

The importance of this filter is to hold dirt and other contaminants from passing with the airflow to the engine.

So, most of the filters come in conical designs to allow air to pass from all directions. Also, they may be oiled to trap more dirt.

Cold air intake systems usually tell when the filter will require cleaning. Most products say it requires cleaning after 100,000 miles. Yet, other products may work for 160,000 before cleaning.

In all cases, it actually depends on the use of the driver and weather conditions. If the vehicle is more driven in dusty conditions, the filter will need cleaning more often. Also, rainy weather means more cleaning.


The material here stands for the material of every part of the air intake system. The filters usually have the same material, however, tubes and other parts have different materials.

Intake arms can be made of plastic or aluminum. Although aluminum is more durable, it is also more prone to heat. So, for hot weather conditions, plastic is better.

The inlet and outlet hoses are usually silicone to allow for more airflow and reduce heat. Silicone is also expandable to fit in different vehicle models.

Another option is rubber which is also flexible but less durable. Other materials to consider are the bolts, tabs and other accessories materials.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How will the performance manifest after installing a cold air intake system?

The first and most noticeable thing is the rigorous sound it produces when pushing the gas pedal. The sound is sometimes the mere reason why some people go for this enhancement to their cars.

Whereas other performance improvements are power and acceleration.

Typically, the air intake system brings in more oxygen to the engine. This oxygen is needed for the combustion process to produce energy.

More oxygen means more combustion and thus, more power. This power appears in higher acceleration abilities, better throttle response, and uphill.

Another noticeable effect is the gas mileage. The cold air intake systems are able to increase the gas mileage and improve the fuel economy.

Also, the filter that comes with nearly all cold air intake systems is a reusable one. This means it can be washed and cleaned every period of time with no need to completely replace it.

Does a cold air intake system affect the fuel economy?

A short answer is yes. A cold air intake system will positively affect the fuel economy of the car. Cold air intake systems, as the name suggests, intake the cold air towards the engine.

This cold air efficiently burns the fuel to produce energy. Since it is a consistent airflow to the engine, less fuel will be required for the same power. Thus, saving more fuel.

Standard air intake systems are not meant to increase fuel efficiency. Their main function is to decrease the engine sound without caring about the airflow to the engine.

Thus, having a cold air intake system will certainly make a difference in fuel efficiency.

 Should I use a short ram or a cold air intake system?

Short ram intake and cold air intake systems both work for the same purpose. Increasing the horsepower and providing better acceleration. Thus, if this is your only goal, you can use either of them.

However, both systems work differently. The short ram intake system shortens the distance the air has to travel to reach the engine.

In most vehicles, the air has to flow through a resonator and silencer to minimize the sound of the engine. So, the Short ram intake replaces these parts with a short-distance airflow path.

Therefore, keeping the most quantity and power of air possible increases the power. On the other side, the cold air intake system does the opposite in terms of noise.

It produces a more aggressive engine sound as it pulls more towards the engine. This also works for the increased performance of the engine.

In addition, it replaces the air filter with a reusable one. Thus, providing a more cost-effective solution. So, for better overall performance, cold air intake systems are the best option.

Do cold air intake systems void the original manufacturer’s warranty?

Cold air intake systems are considered aftermarket parts. These parts are not necessary parts for the vehicle, yet, they improve the performance.

In other words, the vehicle should operate without these parts but drivers prefer to add them for better performance.

So, a manufacturer’s warranty has nothing to do with these parts. If the vehicle has any problem, the warranty guarantees that the manufacturer repairs it with no charges.

Unless he proves that the problem is due to one of these aftermarket parts, he should repair anything.

How do I install a cold air intake system?

Most cold air intake systems come with an installation guide to facilitate the process. However, most air intake systems have nearly the same installation process. Typically the process goes as follows:

  • Disconnect the car battery as a precautionary measure.
  • Remove the original hosing tube or connector that connects the engine with the throttle body. This step needs a screwdriver to loosen the clamps.
  • Remove the bolts and other screws holding the original air filter and air box.
  • Now, you should be able to remove all the factory parts easily.
  • The next step is to install the new air filter in the same place as the previous one. The filter should be tightly attached to the air tube.
  • Finally, tightly install the airbox into its place using the bolts.

What is the best material for a cold air intake tube?

Cold air intake tubes are available in several materials. First, aluminum or metal material is the most durable material with higher long-lasting properties.

Second, is the plastic material which is less durable but does not conduct heat. Another material is silicone which is more flexible and less prone to heat.

Alternatively, some tubes are made of rubber similar to silicone but with less quality. Each of the materials has its advantages and disadvantages.

For the metal tubes, they provide more durability but less flexibility in shape. On the other hand, the plastic tubes have less lifetime. Silicone and rubber tubes have good quality and more flexibility.

Thus, silicone is the best material for tubes. It is also better than rubber as it is more durable. However, this does not mean that other materials are not good.

Actually, all of them work in a cold air intake system. The change in the material usually stands for the change in price.

So, according to the budget and weather conditions, you can choose the best material that works for you.

Do cold air intake systems need tuning?

Generally, you can safely install a cold air intake system without tuning. However, some systems will require this step.

Engine tuning is about changing the values in the lookup table to make the most out of the engine. Since the cold air intake system is designed to improve engine performance, it may need an extra tuning step.

This is to ensure that everything is synchronized and the vehicle performs at its peak. Yet, for usual in-city rides, tuning is not essential for most cold air intake systems.

The system can work perfectly without the need to change anything in the car system. You will also notice the difference.


Cold air intake systems will fill the vehicle engine with the air necessary for optimum performance. In addition, they are easy-to-install complementary parts to add a top-notch engine performance for the vehicle.

Several models and brands are available. However, the Best Cold Air Intake is the one producing more power and saves more fuel.

In all cases, you should consider all the above-mentioned criteria in addition to your car’s model. This will make the choice much easier.

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