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10 Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra | Review Guide [2022]

The best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra should remove harmful engine gases. In addition, it should control auto noise, transmit gases, improve fuel economy, and enhance engine performance. Once the exhaust pipe corrodes, it can start to leak. As a result, the vehicle can begin to develop poor performance. Also, the auto performance would worsen if the corroded pipe also raptures. As a result, low engine power, poor acceleration, terrible noise, and more fuel consumption can occur. If you have noticed that your Toyota Tundra has a damaged exhaust system, change it today. We can help you select the best exhaust on the market through this detailed review. As well, we have a buying guide right beneath our top 10 exhausts for your Toyota Tundra. So, feel free to check these out.


Comparison Table of The Best Exhaust System for Toyota Tundra

01. Flowmaster 817692
02. MagnaFlow Exhaust 15306
03. Borla 140332
04. Toyota PTR03-34101
05. Flowmaster 817708
06. Borla 140638
07. Flowmaster 817664
08. Borla 140238
09. Gibson 60-0023
10. Walker’s 18954


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Top 10 Best Toyota Tundra Exhaust System

01. Flowmaster 817692: Excellent performance


Flowmaster 817692- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • 65 to 70mph on the highway
  • Easy installation
  • Hardware included
  • Sturdy steel construction
  • Better sound

Product specifications

  • Brand: Flowmaster
  • Model: 817692
  • Weight: 72pounds
  • Dimension: N/A

Product Description 

First of all, Flowmaster Inc. is one of the best Performance Technology companies. Its exhaust systems and kits also have unparalleled quality. The Flowmaster 817692 is just one of the over 350 exhaust systems that Flowmaster has made. Also, it is a long-lasting exhaust system featuring stainless steel construction. Moreover, the Flowmaster 817692 is the best choice if you are searching for a distinct sound. As well as being the best sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra, the item is affordable. According to the manufacturer, the Flowmaster 817692 exhaust would work better with its performance air intake kit.

So, you should consider buying both items to enhance the sound of your car. Besides, the Flowmaster exhaust system comes with hardware tools for easy installation. The instructions are also there to make the process easier and fun. All the same, you need some mechanic skills to complete the task. If not, it might take you hours to figure out everything. After that, the car will generate an aggressive sound like a racecar. The Flowmaster 817692 exhaust is for any 2010 to 2019 Toyota Tundra model with a CrewMax cab and Short bed.

“Although the Flowmaster 817692 will fit several auto models, we do not like it that it is a misfit for the 2007 and 2008 models.”


  • It generates a deep, muffled sound
  • Also, it comes with installation hardware
  • As well, it is a high-performance exhaust kit.


  • Not ideal for towing autos or those trucks that do regular road trips
  • Also, it does not fit the commonest 2007 and 2008 Toyota Tundras.


If you want the best 2016-2019 models, choose Flowmaster 817692. Although installation can take a few hours to end, the resulting sound will be great.

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02. MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 15306


MagnaFlow Exhaust Products 15306- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • Street Series exhaust
  • Easy, bolt-on installation
  • Cat-Back Performance
  • Stainless steel construction

Product specifications

  • Brand: MagnaFlow Exhaust Products
  • Model Number: 15306
  • Weight: 70pounds
  • Dimensions: N/A 

Product Description

Magnaflow Exhaust Product has been running for more than 35 years. As a result, it has a considerable collection of top-quality exhaust systems and kits. One of these is the Magnaflow 15306 system. It is a street series performance exhaust for enhancing the power and exterior sound of an auto. At the same time, the exhaust does not alter the interior noise levels in a way that causes disturbance. Additionally, it consists of mandrel bent pipes with larger mufflers that can minimize exhaust restriction.

As well, the mufflers can enable enhanced noise levels without exaggeration. If you own a Toyota Tundra from 2014 to 2021, this is the best item to buy. Due to thorough testing and dyno-proven power, the Magnaflow exhaust can replace any factory-calibrated component. When it comes to installation, this is a bolt-on choice. Magnaflow uses modern 3D scanning technology in its research and development process. As a consequence, it comes up with exhaust systems that will fit and outdo the factory equipment.

“Although this is the case, installation is not as easy as the manufacturer promises. We dislike the fact that you need to configure your auto structure first. Even if there is an installation guide to follow, many people would rather not do the work.”

As Magnaflow 15306 exhaust system features stainless steel construction, it is durable. Additionally, it can resist corrosion because stainless steel does not rust. For quality fitment, the MagnaFlow exhaust system has CNC precision robotic craftsmanship.


  • It has excellent quality and power
  • The MagnaFlow exhaust produces a smooth deep tone
  • Easy to install
  • Durable.


  • You might have to configure your auto structure before this exhaust can fit


MagnaFlow uses premium quality components and modern technology to create high-performance exhausts. The MagnaFlow 15306 exhaust system has the excellent quality, adequate power, and a smooth, deep sound.

03. Borla 140332


Borla 140332- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • Multi-core technology
  • More power
  • Better fuel economy
  • T-400 series
  • 2009 to 2017 Toyota Tundra

Product specifications

  • Brand: Borla
  • Model Number: 140332
  • Weight:64
  • Dimensions: N/A

Product Description

Are you searching for the best exhaust for Toyota Tundra? If so, choose the Borla 140332 exhaust as it makes a good choice. Also, it is superior to the T-400 series. Further, the exhaust system consists of patented, straight-through, multi-core technology. As a result, it offers higher exhaust velocity. In turn, the increased velocity leads to a higher power and better fuel economy. To the user, this can also mean spending less money to operate their truck.

As a result of having ultra-smooth mandrel bends, the Borla 140332 exhaust improves flow and power. Also, it is not every 2009-2017 Toyota Tundra model that will use this exhaust. Instead, the best models should be Toyota Tundras with either the 4.6L or 5.7L engine. Although this muffler does not produce a loud sound, it can growl when you want. Still, it has the best quality stainless steel construction that increases its life and quality.

Furthermore, it has no restrictions anywhere in the United States. And as long as you choose it for the right auto, the component will fit quickly and tightly.

“We like this exhaust system from Borla. However, we think it is more expensive than products of its caliber. The value it gives is unmatched all the same, which is one reason why you should buy it still.”

Lastly, you will also get an installation guide you can use to install this exhaust system easily.


  • It is an ideal upgrade for your factory exhaust system
  • This exhaust can fit several Toyota Tundras
  • It can be ideal for use anywhere in the USA
  • This is a durable exhaust system.


  • It is costlier than similar exhaust kits
  • The exhaust should be louder than it is.


We would recommend this to you only if you have enough money to spend. This muffler works but it is expensive.

04. Toyota PTR03-34101


Toyota PTR03-34101- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Valuable muffler
  • Sound-proof material

Product specifications

  • Brand: Toyota
  • Model Number: PTR03-34101
  • Weight: 50.2pounds
  • Dimensions: 72inches by 15.9 inches by 11.3inches

Product Description

The best one can be this one from Toyota itself. In addition to having just the best dimensions, it is not as heavy as comparable exhausts. Besides, it comes from the same brand that made your Toyota Tundra. Thus, it will produce the same sound as the original exhaust that came with your Tundra. According to Toyota, this exhaust generates a sound that is not noisy and annoying. Instead, the sound lacks unneeded vibration.

Moreover, this exhaust will suit all types of trucks. Even if yours is for towing, the muffler will fit it well. Thus, when you replace your current exhaust with this one, you will continue driving your auto as you always do. Since the Toyota PTR03-34101 has a top-quality muffler, it cuts back the exhaust emissions. Likewise, the Toyota muffler comes with an exhaust nozzle coating that reduces noise and emissions.

“Regarding installation, you can use old bolts and gaskets or buy new ones. This item does not come with them.”

Nevertheless, as soon as you have all hardware, the installation will be quick and easy. Some people claim that they completed the task without using a jack to lift their auto. That implies that the whole installation task is effortless. 


  • Excellent performance is a must
  • It has noise and sound control components
  • It is an exhaust system for all Toyota Tundras.


  • It is an expensive exhaust system
  • You need to buy some items separately.


The Toyota PTR03-34101 exhaust system for Toyota Tundra is the best. As construction is from high-quality stainless steel material, this exhaust system will last longer. However, you need to find an installation kit yourself.

05. Flowmaster 817708, Public demanded


Flowmaster 817708- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • Good construction
  • Increased loud sound
  • Better muffler technology
  • Kits, tips, headers, and mufflers

Product specifications

  • Brand:Flowmaster
  • Model Number:817708
  • Weight:32ounces
  • Dimensions:N/A

Product Description

Flowmaster products have good quality. As a result, the Flowmaster 817708 is an exhaust system that you can choose for your Toyota Tundra. According to Flowmaster, this exhaust will produce an aggressive, loud sound when you install it. Thus, you need it if that is what you need. Besides, the Flowmaster 817708 sounds better when at higher RMPS.

But when it is at idle, the sound compares to that of stock sound. If the old muffler on your truck has rotten or broken down, you may choose the Flowmaster 817708 today. Similar to other exhausts of the same level, this one is easy to install. It comes with all things like headers, tips, and kits.

“Even if the company says that the car will have an aggressive sound, in reality, it is not the exact case. Most people could not achieve the level of sound they wanted after installation. The exhaust did improve the sound but not to everyone’s expectations.”

Concerning installation still, you might end up buying some brackets. Nonetheless, if you do the job well, the exhaust might run for a long, long time.


  • The exhaust will fit well
  • It is a high-quality exhaust for your truck
  • The kit has most of the items you require for installation.


  • The sound is still not loud enough for some users
  • You might have to buy some things separately.


Flowmaster 817708 performs well, although not to the expectation of some users. We are not sure if it is worth the high price because you might have to buy other things individually. Consequently, it is up to you to decide if you will buy it.

06. Borla Exhaust Products 140638


Borla Exhaust Products 140638- Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • USA-based product
  • Extra power
  • Extra torque
  • Durable craftsmanship
  • Rust-proof stainless steel

Product specifications

  • Brand: Borla
  • Model Number: 140638
  • Weight:51pounds
  • Dimensions:N/A

Product Description

The best sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra is the Borla Exhaust Products 140638 option. The Series Cat-Back exhaust from Borla guarantees good performance. That is because Borla is a renowned manufacturer with excellent quality products. As well it comes from the USA, where quality is almost a guarantee when compared to China. Also, this is an attention grabber because of being loud. Hence, it is an adorable exhaust system to have if you want deep, rumbling noise from your new exhaust.

Furthermore, the sound will not have unnecessary interference. In addition to the smooth deep sound, the Borla 140638 muffler is durable. As a result of having stainless steel construction, the Borla exhaust is durable. Also, it is rust-proof and will endure all types of road trips. As a dyno-tested muffler, the Borla exhaust can improve not only horsepower but also torque. As a consequence, it can function better on the road than similar exhausts can.

“Despite being one of the best exhaust systems from Borla, the Borla 140638 is hard to install. Most users can deal with the problem, but a select few will not.”

Lastly, choose the Borla 140638 exhaust as it can boost the power of your auto. It can also endure daily abuse.


  • Can offer better performance
  • Better fuel economy after installation
  • Increased power for the truck
  • Higher exhaust velocity.


  • Installation of the Borla exhaust is not easy.


Borla exhausts are always dependable. As well, the Borla 140638 is not an exception. We would recommend buying it if you do not mind a difficult installation task. As a valuable product, it will last longer and recover the initial cost. All you require is a proper way to install the exhaust.

07. Flowmaster 817664


Flowmaster 817664-Exhaust system for Toyota Tundra


Product Features 

  • Easy installation
  • Hardware and parts
  • DOS or DOR
  • High quality
  • Deep sound

Product specifications

  • Brand: Flowmaster
  • Model Number: 817664
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Dimensions: N/A

Product Description

If you want the best exhaust for Toyota Tundra, choose the American Thunder 817664 model. Also, it is reliable because it is a cat-back exhaust system. As well, select it only if you have a Toyota Tundra model from 2011 to 2014. Ideal for pickup trucks with either a 5.7L or 4.6L engine, the Flowmaster 817664 also produces an aggressive sound. As well as a high noise level, this component also has the benefits you would expect to get from the Flowmaster.

In addition, it is a Dual Out Rear or Dual Out Side (DOR or DOS) bolt-on stainless steel exhaust. Hence, it consists of dual 2.5 inches tailpipes and 3.5 inches polished tips made of stainless steel. It is, therefore, the best dual exhaust for Tundra. Additionally, this exhaust is for regular cab, CrewMax, and double cab models. Besides being durable because of the premium construction materials, this is a USA-made product. For that reason, buyers can trust it more and expect high performance from it.

Furthermore, it comes with installation hardware and components. Due to this, installation is an easy task that ends fast. Apart from boosting the performance of the whole truck, the dual rear is easy to customize. Moreover, the stainless steel material is sturdy and does not succumb to rust. As a result, it will last longer.

“This is a good exhaust system. It is also easy to install with the provided hardware and parts. Regardless, we dislike the high price. Also, we hope that the provider can discount the price a bit as many people will afford the product.”


  • This is a sturdy and durable exhaust
  • Stainless steel exhaust does not rust
  • Easy-to-install truck muffler
  • Hardware and parts are available.


  • It is an expensive exhaust.


We highly recommend this exhaust by Flowmaster. As hardware will be in the kit, the installation will be easy. Unfortunately, it is not a cheap exhaust for your Toyota Tundra.

08. Borla 140238



Product Features 

  • 2007 to 2008 models
  • 5.7L V8AT/MT 2
  • Drive 4DR Crew Max
  • Pipe size:2.25-inches
  • Split side tip exit
  • Single rolled Angle Cut tip

Product specifications

  • Brand:Borla
  • Model Number: 140238
  • Weight: 52 pounds
  • Dimensions: N/A

Product Description

When searching for the best exhaust for a Toyota truck, consider quality, fit, fuel economy, and sound boost. About this, there is one product that deserves your attention: the Borla 140238 exhaust system. First of all, Borla is a reputable auto parts maker. Secondly, since the product’s construction material is high-grade stainless steel, it will be durable. Likewise, the exhaust system will resist corrosion no matter how you use your truck.

And if it does not rust, it could last longer and become economical in the long run. Another thing is that it has smooth exteriors, which improves aesthetics and style. As for performance, the Borla 140238 can produce a strong sound with no traces of interference. Regarding the installation process of the muffler, the process will be easy if your truck is among the acceptable ones. In short, you should ensure that you have a 2007 to 2008 Toyota Tundra model with a 5.7Liters engine. In addition to a highly-performing exhaust, you can expect better burning of fuel and increased fuel economy.

“As a result of long gas mileage, this is an exhaust system that everyone should consider buying. Despite this, we dislike the packaging because it is poor and exposes the item to dust and debris. We, therefore, wish that the company can improve its packaging methods.”

Installation should be straightforward if you possess some mechanic skills. Even if you end up hiring somebody, the whole purchase will be worth it.


  • This exhaust system is easy to install
  • You can expect to have longer engine life
  • It offers better fuel efficiency
  • It has a smooth exterior that looks beautiful
  • Strong sound


  • Many people dislike the high price.


If you don’t mind the high price, buy this product today. Without a doubt, you will not regret it. Besides being easy to install, this Toyota Tundra exhaust system generates a loud sound that does not disturb. So we recommend it if you have money to spend.

09. Gibson Performance Exhaust 60-0023



Product Features 

  • Better sound
  • It comes as a kit
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Better Truck appearance.

Product specifications

  • Brand: Gibson
  • Model Number: 60-0023
  • Weight: 36 pounds
  • Dimensions: 37 x 22 x 8 inches

Product Description

This exhaust is well known in America and is one of the most popular ones when Toyota drivers need to replace their exhausts. It is also one of the most reliable and high-quality exhausts on the market. Also, there are several reasons for that. First, it is a combination of ceramics and top-quality steel. Secondly, it also provides an exceptional experience once fitted to the truck.

Sporting the Metal Mulisha logo, It is a split rear dual exhaust. As a result, this can assist with the performance. In addition, a muffler supports high flow, and this will help the exhaust function effectively. Sound is also essential to all truck owners and the noise as a feature is probably only beaten by fuel efficiency in topping the list of required features. Add to this the fact that the exhaust is aesthetically pleasing. Moreover, it is one that no one should quickly overlook.

Another area to praise is strength. Once installed, the Gibson performance exhaust will not break easily and should not need a replacement for some time. It is clear why most people see it as the best exhaust for Toyota Tundra.

As it comes in the form of a kit form, there may be concerns that it will not be easy to fit, but this is far from the case. Users have had bigger problems removing the old one. As this is no welding required, this will mean it should be possible for most truck owners.

In addition, it comes with a lifetime warranty. For that reason, it makes sense to purchase this when making upgrades to the truck.


  • Noticeable fuel saving
  • It will not cost a great deal to purchase
  • Look great when fitted
  • Performs to an extremely high standard
  •  It can be easy to install at home.


  • For some people, it is considered too loud.


We have no reason to dislike the Gibson Performance Exhaust. It is easy to install at home, the same way it simplifies the work of boosting how the vehicle sounds. If you can handle aggressive sound, then this is an excellent choice.

10. Walker’s 18954 



Product Features 

  • Durable exhaust
  • Zero corrosion
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Aluminized Steel construction

Product specifications

  • Brand: Walker’s
  • Model Number:18954
  • Weight: 8Ounces
  • Dimensions: 88 x 18 x 12 inches

Product Description

If it is a top-quality exhaust system that you need, the Walker’s 18954 is the one you should select. There are two tubes and two partitions, which will ensure that the truck will present peak performances. Featuring aluminized steel construction, Walker’s exhaust looks like it is top of the range. As well, aluminized steel is also long-lasting. It could therefore outperform a low-carbon steel muffler.

Spot welded brushings ensure that the exhaust will not become loose and also support and stabilizes the system. The interior joints are incredibly durable. And once fitted, the truck will perform way above and beyond what would be acceptable. The drainage system inside will make sure that there is no corrosion. Also, the risk of corrosion will be low because moisture will not stay between the layers.

As everybody would hope, installation is easy due to brackets and pipe routings. As there is no welding required, it will save costs as many truck drivers will fit these themselves. In addition, there will be no radiated noise anymore, thanks to louvered tubes. Additionally, the truck’s sound quality will surpass other similar models’.

“Drivers are particularly happy with the idea of the extended life the muffler receives. All in all, this is a top-quality muffler at a more than reasonable price.”

In case you are a driver who was going to select a lesser muffler, it will be a false economy. The risk of corrosion will be removed as moisture will not be able to stay between the layers. Temperatures can be better dealt with thanks to the partitions.


  • Helps the truck to reach top performance
  • Cost is incredibly competitive
  • Installation is easy to carry out
  • Length of use will prevent the need for regular changes.


  • Engine performance may be affected if the installation is not carried out properly.


This is a good exhaust system to have. However, you have to be sure that you can do the installation work well. If you cannot, you had better hire someone who is an expert to avoid engine damage.

Buyers Guide

Wanting to upgrade the truck in a hurry can result in you making the wrong decision. It will not be good having the Toyota Tundra off the road. However, before rushing to purchase, there are some things you should consider. Some may seem obvious while others may not occur to a lot of drivers. Read through the information below and it should be clear that there are a lot of issues to consider when replacing an exhaust. To get the best exhaust system consider the following:


There are a lot of brands selling exhaust systems and there will be a wide range of options for the Toyota Tundra driver. If there is a preferred brand, it makes sense to look at that one first. This is especially if it is also easy to find. It does not however mean that you should ignore all the others in favor of that one. Deciding what is most important should be the first step. It could as well come as a surprise to see that a brand that would not normally come into consideration is the one that provides everything that is required. With so many providing top-quality performances, it could be a harder decision than you may think. Just remember – don’t rush in just because there is a brand that is normally purchased.


Is there a particular material that you consider preferable? Most are made out of steel or stainless steel. When the material is steel, it will be stronger than when it is made from stainless steel. There are times when this will be the deciding factor. Stainless steel is less likely to rust as it has high chromium content. In addition, it provides a coating that covers the surface. If rusting and corrosion are concerns, then it should be a stainless-steel model.


As mentioned, most are made of high-quality materials. It will be worth doing a bit of research to see what previous users have said about each item. If they are incredibly happy, they are likely to say so. And in the same way, they will vent frustration at products that cause them problems. It can be difficult to tell just by looking, so it may need the input of others to give the full picture regarding the pros and cons. The reasons for requiring quality are many. So many aspects of the running of the truck depend upon a good and effective exhaust.

We cannot emphasize enough that quality is the thing to go for. If the exhaust works well, there will be less fuel used and the driving experience will improve. Braking will be smooth and there will not be vibrations. It will prevent there being the smell of gas – and that is inside the truck as well as outside. Finally, quality will prevent there being a loss of power when driving.

Muffler Size

Sound can be particularly important to truck drivers, and some will like other road users to know they are there and to hear their vehicle. If this is the case, then the size of the muffler will be the thing to go for. A smaller muffler will give a louder sound and will achieve the desired reactions. A bigger muffler will have the opposite effect and reduce the amount of noise that the vehicle produces. The area where the vehicle you will use your vehicle should help you make this choice. Loud noises in built-up areas will not be popular, for instance.


In an ideal world, one would not consider the cost when buying an exhaust system. The reality is different, however, and it is here that there may have to be a compromise. As with many things truck-related, it would be a good idea to buy as good quality as you can afford. This is not to say that if you purchase a cheaper exhaust it will not be any good, but the dearer ones often have more to offer.


Safety is going to be a big issue. There are so many areas of vehicles that can lead to the driver or passengers being in danger. So, the exhaust does not have to be one. Additionally, the big issue when it comes to the exhaust system is ensuring that the tip does not protrude ahead of the rear bumper.


Being able to fit the exhaust at home rather than rely on a garage to do it will save a lot of money. Even a garage that has competitive costs will prove to be more expensive when carrying out the job. Check that the price paid is just for the item and not fitting. It could work out expensive to not realize fitting was included in the price. This is because you would have to arrange for a private fitting.


Some drivers think that the sound of the exhaust is indicative of the performance. The reality is far from this. It is also not possible to tell how effective the exhaust is just by listening to it. As well, you cannot ascertain quality from the sound. While it can cause people to like your truck, it won’t improve the performance. Consider whether or not it will be necessary to fit an extra silencer. If this happens, there will be very little sound coming from the exhaust. Power gain will also come from a modified system and the truck will have the best sounding exhaust for Toyota Tundra.

Check the Kit

If you will buy and fit the kit at home, it is important to check that all the parts are there. A lot of time and effort could be wasted if that were not done correctly. As long as you are intending to buy the kit, there should be no problem checking it before leaving the store.


The choice here will be between a single exhaust and a dual exhaust. As you can attach various nozzles to the muffler, this should be considered as a shape. And the diameter can differ. Whatever the outcome, also ensure it is the best dual exhaust for Tundra or the best single exhaust.


Does a loud exhaust consume more fuel? 

No, as long as the muffler is in good shape and does not obstruct gas flow. Even if noise increases, it will have no direct effect on fuel economy.

What size of muffler should I choose? 

The standard size of the tube should be about 3 inches. However, if your auto’s factory muffler diameter is around 2.25 inches, you should select it instead. Still, make ensure that you check vehicle specifications before buying online.

How difficult is it to install my new exhaust system? 

Installation of the exhaust will depend on the brand you select. Some mufflers are hard to install while others are easy to install. However, if yours requires welding, you might require external help. Note that poor installation can affect engine performance and the overall behavior of the pickup.

What material do most manufacturers use to make an exhaust system? 

The most common exhaust systems construction material is stainless steel. This is because it does not corrode easily. Besides, stainless steel is as durable as steel metal. In particular, manufacturers choose either 309-stainless steel or 409-stainless steel. Sometimes they also use aluminized steel, which is not such a good choice.

How well will a new exhaust system improve my pickup truck? 

Again, the result will all depend on the exhaust brand you choose. Flowmaster as well as Borla, and Toyota seem to have reliable exhaust parts. In addition, you should consider reading customer reviews before buying an exhaust. As well, ensure that you choose an exhaust that can fit your vehicle. If not, you will have to do difficult moderations to the auto itself before installing the new muffler. Lastly, you should pick one that suits your Toyota Tundra model.


When it comes down to the best exhaust system for Toyota Tundra, it is an especially important choice. Learn about the vehicle first. After that, go get what could work best for it. Do not be afraid to spend more than some would cost as long as it will do the job you want it to do. Sometimes it will come down to compromise. The one with the most strength may not be the most attractive, so something has to give. The details available should satisfy your curious mind and help you select the best one in the market.

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