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10 Best Fuel Injection For Big Block Chevy (Review Guide : 2022)

The best fuel injection for big block Chevy ensures fuel is distributed into your vehicle’s engine at the appropriate time. This guarantees maximum efficiency and improves power output in the engine.

The use of the fuel injection system in automobiles started a few years ago. This has now become an integral system in modern automobile designs.

Before the introduction of the fuel injection system, older vehicles make use of carburetors, and this component works in an entirely different way compared to the fuel injector.

The carburetor would first mix both air and fuel before fuel is eventually delivered to the engine.

Carbureted engines were believed to provide low power output. This problem was solved through the introduction of fuel-injected engines.

This guide will discuss some of the top big block Chevy fuel injection systems that you can invest in whenever you consider fuel injector replacement.

Our aim is to provide you with relevant information to guide your purchase decision. This ensures you get the best possible deal out there regarding price, efficiency, and performance.

The top brands or designs of fuel injection systems you can buy for your big block Chevy are Holley, Edelbrock, FI-TECH, FAST, and ACDelco.

Comparison Table

Holley : 550-511K
Edelbrock : 357330
Holley :550510K
Edelbrock : 358500
FI-TECH : 30002
Holley : 550-811
COMP Cams : 3011572-10P
Holley : 550-836
FAST : 3011454-05E
ACDelco : 217-3029


What is the best Fuel Injection for Big Block Chevy?

Holley 550-511K is an excellent fuel injection system that you will love to install on your big block Chevy. Thanks to its high level of responsiveness and efficiency when it comes to fuel distribution across the engine.

Why Holley 550-511K is the best brand for Big Block Chevy?

Holley 550-511K ensures your vehicle attains maximum power during every ride. The installation is easy, and it guarantees a reliable and smooth ride experience.

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Reviews Of Top 10 Best Fuel Injection For Big Block Chevy 

01. Holley 550-511K – [Top Choice]


Highlighted Features

  • 20 pounds in weight
  • Black Ceramic Finish
  • 28-inches in height
  • 5 PSI fuel pressure
  • Installation guide and hardware
  • Multiple fuel inlets

Holley 550-511K comes on top of our list. It is designed for both older and new generations of automobiles.

Suppose you have a vehicle that uses a carburetor, and you are considering an upgrade. In that case, this is a great design you can consider.

This fuel injection system reignites older vehicles’ engine performance, thereby making them feel brand new.

The kit comes with everything you need to enhance your fuel system, thereby ensuring an incredible increase in power during operation.

This design also guarantees a smooth ride, improves the throttle’s responsiveness, and eliminates any form of restrictions or holdbacks on acceleration.

The installation is straightforward. It comes with an instruction manual that provides answers to most of the questions you may have and guides you through the process.

Overall, the performance is incredible, improves your confidence level in your vehicle, and provides great value for money.


  • Eliminates cold start problems
  • Improves engine’s power. More torque and horsepower
  • Easy and straight forward installation


  • It doesn’t come with an oxygen (O2) sensor adapter plate

02. Edelbrock 357330 – [Fuel Injection For Ultimate Performance]


Highlighted Features

  • 34 pounds in weight
  • 550 Maximum HP
  • Bluetooth chip
  • Timing control compatible
  • Multi-port injection type
  • Black powder-coated finish

Edelbrock 357330 comes with the latest features and technology. Some of the notable features include the standard black powder-coated finish manifold and the 37 lbs. /hr. injectors.

These injectors can deliver up to 550 Horsepower and fuel pressure of around 58 pounds per square inch. The engine control unit is also equipped with an advanced processor, and performance is not affected by water.

All of these features make this fuel product stand out among other big block Chevy fuel injection systems on the market. The improved Bluetooth chip aids connection and communication between the E-Tuner app and the Engine control unit.

It ensures the connection remains reliable and uncompromised from time to time. This connectivity allows you to keep a tab on engine performance and make necessary adjustments to the calibration when there is a need to optimize performance.

The E-Tuner app is available for download on your android smartphones and tablets for quick access, and it is free of charge.

The kit contains all the various components you need for a successful installation. It also facilitates efficient fuel distribution to your engine to support maximum performance.


  • Efficient fuel distribution for the ultimate performance
  • Resistant to water
  • Comes with the latest technology and an all-new Engine Control Unit
  • Each hardware/component are well-labeled for easy installation


  • No calibration module
  • The kit doesn’t include a fuel pressure regulator

03. Holley 550510K – [Great Quality Electric Fuel Injection System]


Highlighted Features

  • 5 x 14.5 x 9.5 inches in dimension
  • Shiny Finish
  • Complete hardware
  • 20 pounds in weight
  • Touch screen handheld unit
  • Customizable configuration

This is the second fuel injection system on our list from Holley. This design provides an impressive improvement over a carburetor. It is a design performance enthusiasts will love to have installed on their vehicle.

The kit comes with the necessary components you need for installation. The installation manual is easy to read and understand.

To avoid any form of difficulties during installation, especially when it comes to the connection of wires and fuel lines, ensure you follow the steps as shown or highlighted in the installation manual.

Once installed, the performance of your vehicle will improve, and it will run better than before. The throttle response becomes instant, which guarantees a smooth drive every time, thereby making the experience fun-filled.

Holley 550510K comes with a touch screen handheld unit, and the configurations are customizable.

In case of any issue, download the latest software for this model on your laptop, and use a COM cable to program the software on the touch screen unit to correct the problem.


  • Increases fuel mileage
  • Enhances throttle response
  • Improve the overall efficiency of your engine


  • You need to program a fuel map for efficient performance
  • Installation is a bit complex, especially for beginners

04. Edelbrock 358500 (Pro-Flo 4) – [Complete Engineered Injection System]


Highlighted Features

  • 550 Max HP
  • Made from top-quality aluminum
  • 1,000 CFM airflow rate
  • Oxygen sensor
  • Hardware and installation guide
  • 34 pounds in weight

Like its counterpart discussed earlier, Edelbrock 358500 is also built and equipped with up-to-date features and modern technology.

This design is a top model you can go for if you decide to replace your carburetor with an injection system.

The 35 lbs. /hr. injectors can deliver a maximum of 550 Horse Power under 58 pounds per square inch. The kit comes with a distinct plug-and-play connection distributor.

This distributor is designed to function exclusively on Pro-Flo 4. Each hardware that makes up the connection is well-labeled to avoid any form of difficulties and eliminate frustrations during the installation.

This Pro-Flo 4 fuel injection system is equipped with an advanced Bluetooth chip. The E-tuner 4 app uses a Bluetooth connection to allow faster and uninterrupted communication with the engine control unit (ECU).

This helps to modify the calibration constantly to achieve optimum performance.

Overall, this complete engineered design offers optimum performance and improves drivability and your car’s overall quality.


  • Doesn’t require laptop programming or tuning
  • Guarantees high performance and improvement in the quality of your engine
  • Well-labeled component for easy connection during the installation


  • No fuel pressure regulator
  • No calibration module


05. FI-TECH 30002 – [Easy To Maintain]


Highlighted Features

  • 14 x 11.5 x 7.25 inches in dimension
  • 650 maximum HP
  • Built-in pressure regulator
  • Handheld controller
  • 11 pounds in weight
  • Wideband 02 sensor

FI-TECH is a big name in the world of automobiles. This company is known to deliver top-level products that support optimum performance.

This fuel injection system from this top manufacturer is considered one of the most reliable and advanced models you will find on the market. Thanks to the improved technology adopted during production.

The 30002 fuel injection system is professionally built, well-engineered, and it comes with several mouth-watering features that support top-notch performance at all times.

It has a maximum horsepower of 650, but it can be installed on 250 to 600 horsepower engines.

During operation, it cools the manifold as fast as possible to make the fuel condense in it. Since it takes a longer time for the fuel to move from the throttle directly to the combustion, this increases manifold condensing possibilities.

This fuel injection is not expensive, and it comes with fewer components. Also, the maintenance process is straightforward and guarantees fast and reliable performance compared to a fuel carburetor.

All the fantastic features and attributes of this design contribute to the improvement of your daily drive experience.


  • Offers incredible quick response
  • Guarantees better handling and control of your car
  • The injection system adjusts automatically to weather conditions
  • Very easy to maintain


  • Comes with fewer components
  • Possible risk of excessive burnt hydrocarbon

06. Holley 550-811 – [Multi-Point Fuel Injection System]


Highlighted Features

  • Full color LED handheld tuner
  • 45 pounds in weight
  • Fuel pump included
  • 36 lbs. /hr. injection size
  • 500 maximum HP
  • Airflow rate of 1000 CFM

Suppose you are planning to switch from a carburetor to an electronic fuel injection system. In that case, this model makes the whole transitioning process easy and worth-while. Thanks to its self-tuning technology.

Holley 550-811 fuel injection system was designed with some particular set of people in mind. These people are car owners who simply need a direct fit or bolt-on injection system that can be easily installed on their vehicle without the need for a computer.

This design is packaged with all the numerous accessories and components that you need for installation. The most notable item in the kit is the injection system handheld controlling unit.

It is very easy to operate. Its primary function is to guide you through setting up your injection system in a simple manner. All you need to do is provide an appropriate answer to some of the questions you will be asked concerning your engine setup.

After successfully completing the basic setup, you can fire up your engine and take it through the different RPM stages. This ensures you bring the tuning to perfection.

The self-tuning technology tunes your vehicle automatically while driving, thereby ensuring maximum air to fuel ratio is delivered for optimum performance.


  • You do not need a laptop to set up or tune this system
  • The setup and tuning is effortless
  • You can upgrade this injection system to HP
  • All the components are durable and long-lasting



  • It doesn’t come with a fuel pressure regulator

07. COMP Cams 3011572-10P – [Supports Easy Control]


Highlighted Features

  • 0 pounds in weight
  • 1000 maximum HP
  • Self-learning auto-tuning
  • 40 x 22.5 x 28 inches in dimension
  • 2 fully programmable sequential rev limiters
  • Multi-port manifold/injectors

Cams 3011572-10P fuel injection system is manufactured by FAST automobile engineering company. It comes with numerous features and functions that guarantee unlimited capabilities and modifications.

This design allows self-learning auto-tuning, which is supported by its self-tuning feature. This feature is automated, and it aids in the faster and accurate adjustment of the base tune.

The kit comes with two distinctly programmable sequential rev limiters, which allow staging by providing six different activation options.

The system’s advanced software enables each cylinder’s adjustment, supports fuel pressure modification and supports the use of ignition controllers and turbo control.

The 3011572-10P fuel injection system also makes it possible for users to pre-program about 4 different maps that can be accessed, changed, or controlled with a tap of a button. It allows you to control each injector separately.

The kit comes with a premium fuel system that supports a maximum of 1000 horsepower. The fuel system can be easily and accurately controlled.


  • Durable and long-lasting product
  • Enhances vehicle’s overall performance
  • Allows for the control of individual injectors


  • Absence of fuel pressure regulator

08. Holley 550-836 – [Premium Bolt-On EFI System]


Highlighted Features

  • Made from premium aluminum material
  • Multi-port injection style
  • Includes Wiring Harness
  • 45 pounds in weight
  • Comes with an O2 sensor
  • Full color led handheld tuner

Holley 550-836 is designed to work on both small and big block Chevy models. You can easily swap your carburetor for this premium fuel injection system without any stress.

Irrespective of your engine type- custom-designed, crate, or stock engines, this fuel injection model guarantees ultimate performance at all times.

Irrespective of what you enjoy doing with your vehicle or your driving pattern- driving on the highway or racing and other related adventures. The self-turning capabilities ensure you get the best experience whenever you drive.

The kit comes with notable hardware and components such as the Engine Control Unit, intake manifold, fuel rails, fuel pump, billet throttle body, injectors, and other essential components.

The installation is simple and straightforward. The installation can be completed using the handheld tuning unit that comes with the kit.

The tuning unit is easy to use, allows several modifications of essential parameters, and completely eliminates a laptop’s need. You don’t have to be a tuning professional before you can have it installed on your vehicle.


  • Offers easy setup and tuning
  • Self-tuning fueling strategy while you drive
  • Doesn’t require a laptop computer during installation or for tuning


  • Costly design
  • No fuel pressure regulator
  • Doesn’t come with the MAP sensor

09. FAST 3011454-05E EZ-EFI – [Best Fit For Both Small Block And Big Block]


Highlighted Features

  • Maximum of 550 horsepower
  • 40 x 22.5 x 28 inches in diameter
  • Aluminum fuel rails
  • 103 pounds in weight
  • Multi-port EFI system with EZ-EFI
  • 1,375 CFM airflow rate

Here is another reliable design from Fast. This multiple-port fuel injection system is designed as a replacement for a carburetor. When installed on your vehicle, it improved fuel distribution across the engine.

The kit contains all the components that are required to complete the installation on your car. The most notable accessories are the fuel system and the appropriate size fuel injectors.

These components ensure the engine receives adequate fuel supply, and you get up to 550 horsepower during operation.

The installation process is straightforward. Make sure you make use of the checklist while trying to assemble the various components together. Each part is rightly labeled to ensure a fast and appropriate connection.

All the necessary steps you need to follow during installation are carefully highlighted in the handheld tuning unit that comes in the package.

There are some basic questions you will be asked during the setup to ensure compatibility and best performance. These questions will be displayed on the handheld unit.

Make sure you provide relevant and appropriate answers to these questions. Upon completion of the setup, the fuel injection system tunes while you drive.

You don’t have to know the complete details about tuning, and neither must you be an expert before you can invest in this model. The system is self-tuning, and at no point would you need your laptop.


  • Self-tune. A computer laptop is not needed
  • Improves the performance of the engine
  • Each component and connector is appropriately labeled
  • Enhances the function and style of the engine


  • It doesn’t come with a transmission controller

10. ACDelco 217-3029 – [Best Value]


Highlighted Features

  • 8 x 13.1 x 6.8 inches in dimension
  • Improved bracket and the O-ring
  • Mass airflow sensors
  • 45 pounds in weight
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Exhaust gas recirculation valves

ACDelco is a famous brand in the automobile industry. In case you are replacing your fuel injection system with a new one or upgrading the carburetor with a fuel injection system, this model is a reliable pick. It guarantees the smooth running of your vehicle,

If your vehicle struggles to reach peak performance, lags, or experiences inadequate throttle response, this fuel injection system will give it a completely different feel.

In the end, your engine will gain more power, start quickly, and also experience better fuel economy. All of these benefits are offered at a pocket-friendly price.

The kit comes with all the necessary components you need to install the injection system on your vehicle. The injectors are covered by green plastic sleeves, and they do not fit into the manifold easily unless you push them in as far as they can go.

The installation is a bit complex for car owners conducting the fuel injection system replacement exercise for the first time. You need to understand the process/concept, get the appropriate tools, and have basic auto-repair knowledge to successfully get the job done.

During installation, make sure you pay attention to the wires and the clip. These two components are very close to each other.

They need to be carefully adjusted so that they don’t hinder each other. Since the lines are not that flexible, you will have to handle and connect them with care.


  • Enhances durability, and lifespan of your car’s engine
  • Increase in power and fuel economy
  • Pocket-friendly and easy to install
  • Problem-free performance


  • Installation is a bit complex
  • The lines can break if handled carelessly

Buying Considerations

This section explains some of the critical factors that you must consider while searching for the best fuel injection that you can invest in.

These factors will guide you through the purchase process and ensure you get the best value on your investment.

01. Budget: This is the first factor you need to consider before you start searching for the fuel injection model you want to buy.

There are several big block Chevy fuel injection systems in the market, and each model has its own unique selling price.

You need to have a budget to have a specific amount that you are willing and able to spend on this accessory and then search for brands, designs, or models that fall within this budget.

02. Maintenance: Invest in a product that is not difficult to clean and maintain. You will have to clean your injectors at one point or the other, especially when it gets clogged with dirt.

03. Compatibility: Do not come to a hasty conclusion on the type of fuel injection you should buy. Ensure you do comprehensive research about your choice of product to ascertain it fits your vehicle perfectly.

04. Ease of installation: Go for a model that even a beginner can install on their own by following the installation guide’s instructions.

Some fuel injection systems on the market that a beginner may find difficult to install on their own because of the complexity and the special tools required during this process.

In the end, they may have to pay an expert to install it for them, thereby spending more than initially planned.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

01. What happens when the fuel filter gets clogged?

The primary function of the fuel filter is to separate impurities from the fuel. After several years, the fuel filter may get blocked or start malfunctioning, thereby making it easy for contaminated fuel to get into the injectors.

If the filter is not cleaned or replaced as the case may be, it may cause the injectors to clog.

02. How often should I clean my fuel injection system?

Make sure you check your fuel injection system at regular intervals for impurities. Ensure you check for contaminants in your injectors every 30,000 miles or at least once a year.

This is one of the significant ways to keep your vehicle in a perfect state and ensure maximum performance and efficiency.

03. How do I check fuel injectors?

Open the bonnet of your vehicle. Make sure there is enough light to see through the engine compartment. Check the injectors and study their spray pattern.

In case you notice that the spray pattern is not uniform, that is a strong indication that the injectors are dirty and need to be cleaned.

04. How does the fuel Injector work functions?

A fuel injector is an electronically operated valve whose primary function is to deliver fuel to the engine. This component can be found in the intake manifold of your car’s engine.

The injector gets a supply of pressurized fuel from the fuel pump through the fuel rails. Once the injector receives the fuel, it sprays it directly into the engine via a nozzle.

05. What are fuel additives, and why are they important?

As the name implies, fuel additives are solutions that are added to the fuel tank. The primary function of these solutions is to remove the residual fuel in the fuel injector’s passageways.

Fuel additives are also known as fuel detergents.

06. What is the cost of switching from carburetor to fuel injection system?

On average, an electronic fuel injection kit costs about $2000. Each model’s price is determined by the quality and capabilities of the components and accessories included in the kit.


This article has discussed the best quality fuel injection systems that you can buy to improve fuel distribution and enhance engine performance and lifespan.

We hope that after you must have carefully studied each of the models we have listed in this guide, you will find the best fuel injection for your big block Chevy that you can invest in.

Replacing your fuel injection system by yourself can be challenging, especially if you are conducting the installation for the first time.

With the right information, patience, and appropriate tools, you will complete the installation successfully in a few hours.

Remember, installing the right injection system on your vehicle can make a massive difference in the overall performance.

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