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Top 10 Best Shocks for Chevy S10 (Reviews: 2022)

Zealous for adventurous rides, then the best shocks for Chevy S10 would be your perfect companion. Add more comfort, smoothness, stability, and safety to your driving experience.



Who does not relish going on long drives with loved ones? From on-road to off-road expeditions, some inevitable disruptions such as bumps can occur anytime. Hence it can be quite undesirable, especially if you have fragile things in the cargo bed.

While driving on bumpy or rough surfaces, one tends to encounter annoying vibrations as well. To make the overall driving experience a more stable, smooth, and comfortable one, all you need are the top-performing shocks for Chevy S10.

These eliminate the unwanted spring fluctuations and other disruptions to make your driving experience a safe and pleasant one. Besides, shocks stabilize the ride, thereby boosting the machinery life. Ultimately it limits the body movement of the vehicle and provides the user with optimum control over driving.

A Comparison Table of Top 10 Shocks for Chevy S10

Bilstein : 24-018197
Monroe : 58523
ACDelco : 519-21
Belltech : 10102I
Bilstein : 82-032WD
ACDelco : 504-535
Bilstein : 24-187428
Monroe : MA759
Competition Engineering : C2600
KYB : 565047

Which one is the best shock for Chevy S10?

24-018197 Rear Shock for GM by Bilstein is one of the best brands for Chevy S10, among others shortlisted in this blog. These shock absorbers deliver a more reliable, uninterrupted, and fade-proof performance with a monotube design.

Why 24-018197 Rear Shock for GM by Bilstein is considered as the best shock for Chevy S10?

24-018197 Rear Shock for GM by Bilstein is the best brand among others. It offers optimum performance in the long term and enhances handling while driving. Also, it maxims the level of your comfort.

Top 10 Best Shocks for Chevy S10 (Review Guide: 2022)

01. 24-018197 Rear Shock for GM by Bilstein: Best Fade-Proof Application


Highlighted Features

  • Monotube design
  • Fade-resistant application
  • Digressive and velocity-sensitive piston
  • Reduces sway in the rearmost end
  • Yellow-colored durable paint
  • Straight and smooth blue surface

These shock absorbers are crafted as a straight fit upgrade to OE shock absorbers for SUVs and light trucks of stock height. In addition to this, they feature an innovative and velocity-sensitive piston that is digressive as well.

Because of such an exceptional integration, the piston is reactive to dynamic road conditions.

Each of the shock absorbers facilitates tuning for every particular application. Eventually, it provides optimal performance in long-term use.

Other than this, these absorbers deliver improvement in ride quality. Further, they are highly efficient in enhancing the handling while you drive, thereby maximizing the comfort level. Such striking features make them suitable shocks for Chevy S10 in the segment.


  • Offer perfect fitting
  • Hassle-free installation process
  • Ideal for prolonged use
  • Ensures comfortable driving experience


  • It does not include front shocks
  • Not much suitable for heavy-duty performance

02. 58523 Load Adjust Shock Absorber by Monroe: Best All-Weather Fluid System


Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with special modifiers
  • Auto-adjusting valve system
  • Fluon banded piston for a strong sealing
  • Calibrated spring alongside the heavy gauge
  • Handles loads of up to 1,000 lbs
  • Adaptable to weight and road extremes

For a consistent performance throughout the year, this shock absorber comprises an all-weather fluid system. Eventually, it has specialized modifiers that reduce the friction efficiently, thereby ensuring the rod’s smooth functioning. Thus it makes this shock absorber suitable for use in all types of weather conditions.

However, the valving also adjusts itself automatically to the road conditions to offer more steadiness while driving. Likewise, a fluon band provides reliable sealing amongst the pressure tube and the piston for excellent control.

Yet, it also increases the life of the product. There is a calibrated spring with a heavy gauge or stable and comfortable ride. Most importantly, the shock absorber would work well for the light trucks and tow trailers.


  • Hard-wearing buildup
  • More comfort and ride stability
  • Enhances the control
  • Friction-free performance


  • The installation process is a bit complex
  • Fitting is not up to the mark

03. 519-21 Specialty Rear Spring Assisted Shock Absorber by ACDelco: Best Stability and Height Maintenance


Highlighted Features

  • Black-colored buildup with red springs
  • Front coil springs of persistent rate
  • Rear coil springs of adaptable rate
  • Tubing with drawn-over-mandrel design
  • Chromed and highly finished piston rod
  • Withstands daily wear and corrosion

With front coil springs of constant rate, the pair of shock absorbers improve the control and stability. In addition to this, it maintains the ride height with better efficiency and consistency.

For extending the service life of the shocks, there is drawn-over-shaft tubing with a seamless design. Consequently, it helps in protecting the internal components against damages.

Apart from this, the chromed and ultra-finished piston rod makes the application of the product more durable. Similarly, it is resistant to corrosion and offers a more unswerving wear surface.

On top of that, it properly seals the lubrication as well. Another significant part about these shocks is that they are tested in the real world to offer reliable application and a proper fit for the intended vehicles.


  • A combination of spring with shock
  • Reduces the loss of ride height
  • Better strength and dependability
  • Long-lasting performance


  • Lacks a comfortable grip
  • No inclusion of lower hardware

04. 10102I Shock Absorber by Belltech: Best Damping Control


Highlighted Features

  • Twin-tube internal design
  • Top-notch damping control
  • Oversized body of 55mm
  • Gas-charged application
  • Black-colored and rubberized bushing
  • Engineered for street performance

For an additional and unmatchable damping control, this shock absorber features an oversized and durable construction. Most importantly, the internal design consists of twin tubes to deliver a power-packed and consistent performance.

Thus it makes the shock absorber the ideal one for handling the vehicles such as sport trucks-further compression characteristics of low-speed assist in controlling the function of pitch and roll.

On the other hand, the advanced rebound tuning integration enables the user to utilize the bigger aftermarket wheels. Moreover, it also makes the ride smoother and firmer, thereby granting optimum control and stability to the user.

Some of this shock absorber’s striking integrations are piston rods of 15mm, vehicle-particular damping tunes, and 35mm pistons. Likewise, there is a shock body of 55mm that aids in delivering the best-in-class ride experience.


  • Suitable for heavy-duty application
  • Great control and steadiness
  • Swift installation process
  • Provides vehicle-specific fitting


  • It does not come along with a boot
  • No function for auto-adjustability of valving

05. New Bilstein Front and Rear Shocks by Southwest Speed: Best Control and Cargo Safety



Highlighted Features

  • Innovative and patented design
  • Sleek yellow-colored surface
  • Comfortable blue grip
  • Smooth exteriors
  • Best-in-class cargo protection
  • Optimum ride control

These shocks offer optimum consistency. Further, this product contains four shock absorbers, of which two each are for rear and front respectively. Therefore, it helps in improving the overall ride performance of the vehicle.

Another significant thing is that these shocks are quite versatile as one can use them for van, truck, or SUVs. Compared to the other conventional substitutes, these deliver higher control to keep the cargo protected against the inevitable deteriorations.

With the unique and patented design’s help, the dampers permit the vehicle to move smoothly overall road surface types. At the same time, it even maintains the general commands for reliable and comfortable performance. For longer-term durability, the construction of these shocks comprises premium-quality materials only.


  • Versatile application
  • Efficient for prolonged use
  • Works well with extreme road conditions
  • Effortless installation process


  • Lacks special modifiers
  • Does has any specific functionality for weather-proof performance

06. 504-535 Specialty Rear Air Lift Shock Absorber by ACDelco: Best Lightweight Construction



Highlighted Features

  • Adaptable air pressure of 25 to 200 psi
  • Hard-wearing construction
  • Black-colored premium design
  • Sleek surface with a thick grip
  • Contains vital hardware

If you require shocks for handling short-term conditions, then these shock absorbers would be the ideal pick. If a vehicle is hauling a heavier load or towing a trailer, these shocks deliver efficient performance in all situations. Besides, they possess a customizable air pressure that ranges from around 25 to 200 psi.

In addition to this, these shocks have a maximum load-carrying capacity of 1,100 lbs. each pair. While loading the vehicle, the shock absorbers assist in maintaining the height level of the automotive. For this, they add or release the air as per the requirement.

These shocks also stabilize the alignment angles, thereby reducing the supplementary suspension module wear. Likewise, it provides better handling and lessens the risk of bottoming out. To sum up, these shock absorbers are exceptional for transitory load hauling or towing trailer conditions.


  • Quick and effortless installation
  • Resilient buildup
  • Consistent application
  • Made for heavy-duty use


  • The bolt adjustment system is inconvenient
  • Lacks high precision fitting

07. 24-187428 Front Shock for GM S-Truck by Bilstein: Best Suspension System


Highlighted Features

  • Digressive and velocity-adaptive piston
  • Auto-adjustability to road extremes
  • Sleek yellow-colored surface
  • Specific tuning for varied application
  • Suitable for on and off-road expeditions

These shocks have a superior suspension system to deliver a power-driven performance in the segment. Besides, these are suitable for both on and off-road driving conditions.

There is a 46mm monotube design to ensure a fade-free and reliable performance in all conditions. Similarly, the components for gas pressure are tuned particularly for the stock-height automotive.

It contains essential mounting hardware that is OE-certified as well. On another note, these shocks are engineered for use with OE springs along with factory suspension.

One can utilize these shocks for SUVs and stock-height light trucks or pick-ups. Above all, the piston is adaptable to versatile road conditions to ensure an unswerving performance. Bilstein B6 4600 shock absorbers provide regular and optimal performance.


  • Efficient suspension system
  • Inclusion of boot
  • Convenient installation
  • Improves the braking performance


  • The housing of the shocks is not well-built
  • Not capable of handling bigger bumps

08. MA759 Max-Air Adjust Shock Absorber by Monroe: Best Consistent and Long-Lasting Performance


Highlighted Features

  • ½ inch hardened piston rod
  • Modifiers for all-weather performance
  • Valving range on extension and compression cycle
  • Air pressure of 20 to 150 psi.
  • Efficient for heavy-duty application
  • Classic white-colored design

These shock absorbers provide a consistent application. More to say, these are long-lasting too, which makes them ideal for long-term and uninterrupted usage.

For all-weather performance, the shock absorbers have advanced modifiers that help in reducing friction. Ultimately, it leads to the smooth functioning of the rod.

The shocks have a well-equipped valving system to ensure maximum ride comfort. Similarly, there is a greater valving range on both the unit’s extension and compression cycles.

Most importantly, the shock absorber is designed especially for vehicles that tow a trailer or haul heavier loads. Besides, it aids in maintaining the level height of the vehicle. Furthermore, the shocks can adjust the air pressure from 20 to 150 psi to inflate or deflate as per the requirement.


  • More comfortable and smooth ride
  • Uninterrupted performance throughout the year
  • Contains essential hardware
  • Long-lasting and resilient shocks


  • Quality of valve stem is dissatisfactory
  • The installation process is slightly tough

09. C2600 Shock Absorbers by Competition Engineering: Best 3-Way Adjustability



Highlighted Features

  • 3-way customizable drag shocks
  • Power-coated exteriors
  • Monotube internal design
  • 1″ extended length
  • Customizable valving system

Well-designed with innovative 3-way adjustability, these shock absorbers meet the changing driving conditions. Consequently, it helps in ensuring a safe and smooth ride, especially in extreme situations.

One can customize these front shock absorbers in three ratios such as 60/40, 90/10, and 80/20. Further, these ratios determine the percentage of force needed to compress or extend the shocks. On the other hand, the rear shock absorbers are adjustable in the following proportions: 50/50, 70/30, and 60/40.

The efficient valving system enables the vehicle’s front end to rise quickly during the initial launch. Thus, it helps create optimum weight transfer and superior traction to the vehicle’s rear tires.

Alternatively, the user can adjust the shocks by compressing them and then rotating to the required setting. Both the shocks’ rear and the front ones work in sync for a smooth performance.


  • Delivers steadfast application
  • Ideal for racing purpose
  • Adaptable to dynamic driving conditions
  • Better traction and weight transmission


  • No inclusion of boot
  • Not much suitable for heavier automotive

10. 565047 MonoMax Gas Shock by KYB: Best Durable Construction


Highlighted Features

  • Rubber boot for protection
  • Monotube design
  • Fade-free application
  • A stainless steel piston rod
  • Zinc coating for durability
  • 40% extra damping performance

Experience the optimal performance upgrade along with 40% better damping functioning with these shock absorbers. Compared to the standard ones, these shocks are ideal solutions for boosting the suspension power. Arriving with a monotube design provides more stability, control, and comfort during the ride.

Such integrations make these shocks suitable for handling the powerful and heavier automotive. To deliver a fade-free application, the design of these shocks adjusts automatically to the present driving conditions. Additionally, a rubber boot safeguards the shaft and keeps the debris and grime away from the seals.

For unmatchable durability and resiliency, the piston ring is made of stainless steel alongside a zinc coating. Ultimately, it ensures a positive seal even in extreme situations.


  • Offers additional steadiness
  • Built for handling trucks
  • Long-lasting and sturdy shocks
  • Resistant against the deteriorations


  • The installation process requires the extra tools
  • It lacks an excellent valving system

Buying Guide

With the varied choice of shocks available in the market, it is challenging to get the most applicable and competitive one. Some shocks vary in durability, function, etc.

Hence, it is vital to assess the features linked with your purchasing. Following buying considerations would assist you in picking up the best shocks for Chevy S10.


Firstly, you need to decide on the kind of shocks that would be apt for your vehicle. There are diverse shocks in the market with various functions. The two most common styles to consider are Mono and Twin Tubes.

Mono-tubes have only one tube and they are separated into gas and oil, whereas the twin-tube absorbers consist of three styles.

Monotube is split into two chambers, oil and gas. Twin-tube shock absorbers consist of three types: Gas Charged, Twin-tube, Acceleration Sensitive, and Position Sensitive Damping.

  • Gas Charged Twin-tube comprises a gas-charging function that reduces the hydraulic aeration.
  • The position-sensitive damping shocks are built on the valve and enhance relaxation.
  • Acceleration-sensitive damping shocks highlight the effect of the density controller while speeding up. For a better and smooth driving experience, they automatically adjust to the present road conditions.


Before purchasing shocks, it is mandatory to examine their robustness and safeguard. Furthermore, prefer durable aluminum or metal shocks.


The affordability of shockers plays an important role. Hence, it would help if you make a vital assessment and compare the best shocker variations to get the best ones.


The material quality is important. Likewise, the presentation and durability of shocks depend on the quality of the material used. You should always tend towards shocks made of durable material. It will help if you go for steel shocks or aluminum shocks to get leading quality.

Installation Process

If you want the help of an experienced professional, the installation process is easy. Nevertheless, if you want to install it yourself, you must pick up easily installable shocks. It is recommendable to go through the directions and proceed consequently.

Driving Requirements

The life of the shocks is determined by driving on roads. Standard shocks are not applicable for adventurous off-road rides. Heavy-duty shocks are fit for streets full of grime and pebbles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How a shock absorber plays a vital role?

The absorbers play a crucial role in not only offering a noise-free and safe ride. Moreover, this decreases the heat by damping the motion of the body and axle. Also, exterior tanks for shocks provide extra space for the hot oil to spread.

What is the suitable time to replace the shocks?

The shocks can be replaced or installed in a short period, i.e., within 2-3 hours. Besides, you can take the help of essential hardware tools. If you need to reduce the installation time, then look for a competent professional.

Is it possible to replace all shocks at the same time?

There is no need to replace all four shocks unless these are in worse condition. You can swap all four shocks if their performance does not meet the criteria.

How can you change the shocks on the Chevy S10?

You can change the shocks on the Chevy S10 by following these tips:

  • Park your vehicle on an even surface
  • Use a floor jack for lifting the vehicle
  • Lose the holding nut and take out all the left out bolts
  • Remove the old shocks and fix the new ones
  • Stiffen all the bolts and fine-tune them accordingly with your hand

State the long-lastingness of shocks 

Maintenance and driving conditions define the durability of shocks. Preferably, most of these can last up to 50,000 miles or even more. On the other hand, heavy-duty shocks last for long.

How does the performance of your vehicle affected by shocks?

The light-duty shocks can affect the performance of your vehicle to a certain extent.  On the other hand, heavy-duty shockers are one of the preferable options if you drive on roads full of pebbles.

More: Best Tuner for 6.7 Cummins.

Which shock is the best option?

The type of shock entirely depends upon the driving conditions. Both the monotubes and twin tubes have different kinds of functions. Monotube shocks offer optimal checking as compared to twin-tube shocks. Moreover, the oil capacity is less in twin tubes and high in monotubes.

Monotube shocks are crucial in rapidly dissolving heat. Hence, you should pick up the right shocks for Chevy S10 as per the driving conditions.

Wrap Up

The product reviews mentioned above would help you in choosing the best shocks for Chevy S10. However, you should consider all the features and quality.

Putting in poor quality shocks can affect the driving experience. Also, there are varied shocks; pick up the one that fulfills the criteria of your vehicle. After all, safety is essential.

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