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10 Best Shocks For Lowered Silverado: Review Guide [2022]

If you want to know the best shocks for lowered Silverado, then this in-depth review will provide you with all the information you need.

If you are finding it difficult to swerve your vehicle to avoid hitting a child, an animal, or an oncoming vehicle, it is an indication that your shock is bad and the shocks need to be replaced.

Apart from that, front leaning on the brake, excessive bounce and body roll, rear dip when accelerating all points to a bad shock absorber.


Comparison Table

Bilstein 24238304
Monroe 139105
Bilstein 33-238319
KYB 565104
Rancho RS9000XL
ACDelco 903-035RS
Detroit Axle 139105
Belltech 2212FF
Gabriel 49235
Belltech 25004

What is the best shock for a lowered Silverado?

Having researched deeply into the different shock absorbers out there, we concluded that Bilstein is the best option.

Why is Bilstein the best brand for lowered Silverado?

Bilstein is a popular brand known for manufacturing OE shock absorbers that perform just like the factory-fitted shock absorber or even better.

They have put years into designing shock absorbers and always come up with innovative products that stand the test of time.

Having said that, it’s time to find out the best shocks that you can choose from.

Top 10 Best Shocks For Lowered Silverado Review

01. Bilstein (24238304) Shock Absorber – Best value for money


Highlighted Features:

  • Monotube internal design
  • Zinc plated
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Coilover snap ring body
  • Stem upper mount type

We cannot talk about the best shocks for your lowered Silverado without mentioning Bilstein first.

Designed for SUVs and trucks, the Bilstein 24238304 shock absorber comes with an OE front Coilover type of suspension.

This height and ride adjustable shock absorber is what you need to get your lowered Silverado running smoothly again.

With its grooves that have multiple Snap-on rings, there is room for various positions for the spring seat.

This shock absorber provides up to 0-2.7 inches more lift (in the front) all thanks to its OE springs.

It also features a 46mm digressive piston as well as a valve setting deflective disc that is self-adjusting.

The Bilstein 24238304 monotube shock absorber provides your Silverado with improved handling and added wheel travel.

According to experts’ opinion, the Blistein 24238304 is referred to as the best shock to level out a vehicle, especially Silverado.

No need to worry about the shock altering your geometric angles negatively.

What you get is less body roll and brake dive for a more controlled feel with this shock absorber.

“However, it’s important you know that this shock absorber does not come with all the accessories you need to install it.” 

Nevertheless, if you are looking for a noticeable smoother drive for your Silverado, this is the shock absorber for you.


  • Great option to level out your truck
  • Can easily be installed
  • No more bounce
  • Good stock positioning


  • Does not come with full installation tools

02. Monroe 139105 Shocks and Struts – Complete replacement set


Highlighted Features:

  • Smooth exterior
  • Fit-checked vehicle-specific design model
  • Preassembled coil spring and upper strut
  • Coil spring assemble
  • Complete components

The Monroe 139105 shock absorber and struts feature a ride-tested quick strut assembly that is not just made specifically to suit your vehicle design but also checked to make sure they fit.

This shock absorber is engineered to ensure that your lowered Silverado’s factory ride height is restored.

It also improves ride performance and comes with all the needed parts all in one single unit.

Also, it is an easier, safer, quicker, and complete repair option for your shock absorber replacement.

Unlike most shock absorber and strut replacement, you don’t need a spring compressor with this product.

Additionally, the Monroe 139105 shocks and struts is calibrated to precisely meet the original OE design of your vehicle.

The coil springs are specifically engineered to bring back your truck’s original support and height.

The strut and mount designs of the Monroe 139105 shock absorber optimizes your ability to handle your vehicle while ensuring maximum experience.

No need to worry about it meeting your vehicle profile because it was taken into consideration while making this strut.

Also, it is a preassembled strut, coil spring, and upper strut mount that features OE-style to make sure it performs optimally, functions adequately, and fits seamlessly.

The welded design and superior tube of this design together with the high-quality steel that it’s made of ensures that it is very durable.


  • Restores ride height
  • Complete component replacement
  • Made to last
  • Performs optimally and fits seamlessly


  • Dust cover may be pinched and not align properly

03. Bilstein (33-238319) Shock Absorber – Durable and long-lasting


Highlighted Features:

  • Monotube lower and upper mount type shock
  • Zinc-plated finish
  • Black bellows boot
  • Non-coil-over smooth body

The Bilstein 33-238319 like all Bilstein B8 5100 shock absorber models are designed to fit most SUVs and lifted trucks.

This shock absorber comes with a monotube design so that you won’t have to worry about it fading in a short time.

That means steady fade-free performance. It features a velocity-sensitive unique digressive piston that adapts to different road conditions.

You will notice visible improvement in your ride’s comfort, handling, and ride quality.

Coming in with Bilstein’s traditional technology in shocks, it also has unique applications suited for jeeps, lifted trucks, and most especially, lowered Silverado vehicles.

It also features a superior high gas pressure single tube design for long-lasting product life.

Another feature you get to enjoy with the Bilstein 33-238319 shock absorber is its deflecting disc valve that self-adjusts.

No issue of harshness all thanks to its high-flow piston that eradicates such.

Additionally, this shock absorber is a monotube gas pressure shock absorber construction.

It rebounds independently and has compression tuning.

The working piston area is noticeably larger to ensure you get exact damping.

Superior control for your Silverado’s large diameter tires and is also made to fit originally manufacturer’s lift kits.

The mounting configuration is the same as O.E.M stock specifications.


  • Eliminates wobbling, bobbing, and bounciness
  • Improved ride quality
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces speed bumps


  • Its strut might lose pressure after a while

04. KYB MonoMax 565104 Gas Shock Absorber – perfect for heavy-duty trucks


Highlighted Features:

  • Stainless steel piston
  • Zinc-coated rings
  • Rubber boot dirt protection
  • Monotube shock absorber

The KYB MonoMax 565104 gas shock absorber is made to ensure maximum performance with up to 40 percent more damping power than most shock absorbers.

It is the right choice if you are looking for an upgrade to your Silverado’s suspension performance.

With its truck monotube design, you can expect this shock absorber to outperform most standard shocks.

It also offers optimum protection with its stainless steel, zinc-coated piston rings that serves as a seal for the times you are out with your truck in extreme road conditions.

Additionally, it features a rubber boot to serve as protection for your shaft and to also keep debris and dirt far away from your truck’s seals.

It is tested to specifically fit most trucks. The shock handles tough road conditions while ensuring your truck does not wobble or bounce unnecessarily.

The KYB MonoMax 565104 shock absorber provides that added stability that powerful, heavier, and center of gravity trucks like Silverado calls for.

This monotube shock absorber offers the most control and handling that most truck drivers will come to appreciate. It adjusts to various driving conditions automatically.

We cannot overlook the fact that this product is made to last and offers fade-free performance every time. And this is all thanks to its steel piston ring that is zinc-coated.

However, it is worthy of note that when buying this shock absorber, expect the instructions to be in Mexico.”


  • Dusts off dirt and debris with its boot
  • Steel piston and zinc-coated rings make it durable
  • Provides excellent stability and handling
  • Eliminates bounciness and wobbling


  • Installation instruction is not written in English

05. Rancho Suspension Shock Absorber Kit – The best bet for truck lifting and leveling


Highlighted Features:

  • 9-position tuning technology
  • QuickLIFT strut assembly
  • Extra-large shock package
  • Complete modular assembly

The Rancho Suspension shock absorber kit is made to provide more lifting and leveling for your Silverado truck.

With the presence of its unique QuickLIFT technology, you can expect to regain back that aggressive stance that trucks are known for.

This makes it possible for you to use larger tires and wheels without needing to go for a complete suspension package.

Cut down the installation time with the Rancho suspension shock absorber kit and have your truck up and running in no time.

It levels your vehicle’s front suspension and offers 9 positions tuning technology for the perfect fit.

Each loaded unit of the Rancho shock absorber is gas-charged comprehensive modular assembly.

It comes with a coil spring that is specifically installed with applications.

No need for guesswork because the upper mounting plate of this shock absorber simplifies installation.

Additionally, it’s uniquely engineered exclusive 9-position adjustability improves your truck’s performance.

It also offers you the opportunity to manually tune your ride to match your preference and road condition.

This advancement in shock absorber provides your truck with more hauling and towing power.


  • Great for hauling, towing, and off road-use
  • Offers more vehicle control and handling
  • More consistent and cooler performance
  • Improves ride quality


  • May cause vehicle squeaking and clunking

06. ACDelco 903-035RS Suspension Strut – best quality suspension strut


Highlighted Features:

  • Individual lip seal
  • Spring seat
  • UV resistant brushing
  • Gas-charged ReadyStruts
  • Coil spring

Coming from the stables of General Motors OE equipment part known for its years of innovation, experience, and quality, the ACDelco 903-035RS shock absorber with suspension strut is a popular choice for many truck drivers.

This product comes with a pre-assembled kit that is ready to install and safer than single components.

Made from good carbon steel, micro-finish ground, high-quality chrome plates, and straightened strut rods, this product performs even better than the original vehicle strut.

Experience smooth operation of your seal and piston with its tube bore micro-finished product.

Made for precision tolerance the metal pistons are highly powered to ensure crisp and clean blow-off valving.

Its hydraulic oil is high-performing and modifies friction.

The anti-foaming agents make sure there is a steady damping force for whatever temperature your vehicle goes through.

This professional pre-assembled ReadyStruts comes with a coil spring, strut mounts, and all the packages you need to install your suspension strut.

You don’t need any unique tool to install since all that is needed for the installation is contained in the pack.

Not only that, you will find that the package includes a brake hose for brackets, mounting points for the vehicle, and spring seat all in their right position.

Its components and pistons are powder-coated with brushings that are UV resistant.

The OE paint is also lead-free and the seal is a single lip. For the pressure tubes, what you get is a seamless one and not a monotube.


  • No special tool needed for installation
  • Hydraulic oil to modify friction
  • All needed component in one assembled kit
  • Consistent damping force


  • Some of the hardware may be missing

07. Detroit Axle Front Struts 139105 – Good value, good strut


Highlighted Features:

  • 3 new nuts
  • Front quick ready-to-install strut assembly
  • Mounts, springs, coil, and strut
  • Complete shock and struts kit

The Detroit Axle 139105 is a complete front strut assembly that serves as a replacement for lowered Silverado and other trucks.

It is fully equipped with coil, strut, mounts, and springs so that you can easily install it on your vehicle after unboxing.

This shock absorber is a complete kit assembly that is designed to restore your Silverado’s original handling and improve its ride quality.

With their 10 years in the market offering quality OE products, their struts and shocks are known to increase the height of your truck suspension.

Expect to experience a noticeable feeling on the road whether you are driving with asphalt or not when you install this product.

For a vehicle that runs a lot of miles every day, the Detroit Axle 139105 shock absorber and strut will handle whatever road condition it is faced with and still offer you smooth driving.

And it can be used on a 3-inch suspension lift as it has space below and above the strut to give it a lift without affecting the strut assembly.

With the new bolts that come with this package, you will have just what you need to make up for the spacing.


  • Easy to install
  • Complete kit strut assembly
  • Restores original handling and height
  • Comes with coil, strut, mounts, and springs


  • May lower the front part of the truck

08. Belltech 2212FF Shock Absorber with Street Performance – Better damping control


Highlighted Features:

  • Oversized construction body
  • Silver body compartment
  • OEM ride quality
  • Guaranteed fitment

The Belltech 2212FF shock absorber is the product you need when you are considering lowering your SUV or sport truck, or in this case, your Silverado.

It features an oversized body construction that provides a vehicle with more damping power control.

This product is designed and tested to make sure it fits the specified vehicles.

No need to worry about it fitting a larger OE as it has been confirmed to work well.

Also, there is a provision for tire packages and aftermarket wheels to increase the tire contact area.

It also maintains original OEM ride quality so as to ensure maximum performance, comfort, and control when driving.

Say goodbye to excessive vehicle wobbling and roll with the Belltech shock absorber technology that is known for their expertise in tuning suspension for many automobile manufacturers.

Handing bumps and having your truck running smoothly is what you get with this shock absorber.

Additionally, it is very easy and straightforward to install them.

But more importantly, you will notice an improvement when taking a turn, launching, or braking while driving.

And there will be no issue with tire bouncing or the feeling of carrying overload when you install the Belltech 2212FF shock absorber.


  • Offers smooth and improved ride quality
  • Easy to install
  • Eliminates bounciness and wobbling
  • Great for lowering trucks


  • Might lower a lowered truck even more

09. Gabriel Hijacker 49235 Shock Absorber – Ideal for hauling or towing heavy loads


Highlighted Features:

  • Chrome-finish piston rod
  • DOM tubing
  • Piston rings with leak-proof
  • Up to 1,100lbs leveling capacity

The Gabriel 49235 hijacker is an air-adjustable shock absorber designed to give your vehicle that “jacked up” look that is perfect for hauling heavy loads or towing.

It features a piston rod that is super-finished with chrome so as to provide high corrosion resistance so that your shock lasts longer.

It is ideal when you are looking for a strut that will towboats or haul heavy loads temporarily.

What you get with this product is reduced bottoming out risk and poor handling.

With up to 1,100lb for every leveling pair capacity, you can’t go wrong with this product.

Additionally, Gabriel 49235 is made to specifically fit and ensures suitable seal lubrication and steady wear surface.

The piston seal is also leak-proof for extended product life.

This product also comes with Drawn-Over-Mandrel (DOM) tubing for reducing internal wear and is designed to work hard no matter the environment.

It is the ideal choice for better performance and for more control.


  • DOM tubing for long-lasting life
  • Piston rod chrome finish protects against corrosion
  • Lubrication for proper seal
  • Perfect for hauling or towing loads


  • Valve filler is made of plastic instead of steel

10. Belltech 25004 Shock Absorber – Perfect for Lifting and Lowering


Highlighted Features:

  • Lifting and lowering strut
  • Lackluster handling
  • Shock Street Performance technology

The Belltech 25004 shock absorber is your ideal choice when you are looking for shocks that will replace your factory-fitted front-end lean.

It is the shock absorber that will put an end to that heaviness drivers feel when their shocks are bad.

Whether the issue is aftermarket wheels or the need to get a lowered stance for that Silverado truck, this model is the solution without any need to worry about handling.

Both for factory struts and lackluster handling, the Belltech 25004 shock absorber will correct issues with the front ends of compatible trucks.

Utilizing its unique valving technology, this product is designed to meet with its Shock Street Performance line that ensures that you enjoy better handling and control when driving.

It allows up to 2 inches lift when adjusting your frontend ride height. This makes room for some leveling of the factory front ends all the way to the rear brake.

It also allows up to 3 inches lowering in the case of half of an inch increment.

And the components needed are all contained in the Belltech 25004 package.

With Belltech 25004 shock absorber, there is noticeably improved ride quality with better valving than that of the vehicle’s original factory fitted one.

Additionally, it eliminates the bounciness and wobbling of your truck so that you enjoy a smooth ride.

Whatever the situation of the road, this shock absorber allows for better control and maneuvering.

Installation is easy and very straightforward such that anyone can finish installing it within minutes.


  • Easy to install
  • Better damping and valving
  • Superior performance
  • Improved ride quality


  • Screws may not match like that of your truck

Buying Considerations

Lowering, leveling, and lifting

You definitely want to know beforehand if the shock absorber you are going for will be able to level out your truck.

It is best to go for a product that will allow you to lower or lift your truck to your desired level.

Ease of installation

As with most things that have to do with installation, most people will opt for a product they can easily install.

If you are such that don’t like fixing things, especially in your vehicle, you can very much not consider this option as an important factor.

An automobile factory personnel will do the job for you. But if you would like to save some money, you are better off with a product that is easy and straightforward to install.

Bounce, joggling, and wobbling elimination

Certainly, you want to be sure that the shock absorber you are going for will take care of any wobbling, bonce, and joggling you experience while driving as a result of a weak shock absorber.

This is a must and should be top of your list.

Complete replacement set

A shock absorber replacement set that offers you all the components you need is preferable to one that does not offer such.

It makes everything easy and removes the guesswork. It’s better to look out for the assembly kits as they usually come as ready-to-install kits.

Factory tested to fit

Getting a shock absorber that has been tested and confirmed to be compatible with your vehicle type and model is better than going with a popular choice.

This will save you both time and the need to return the product.

Monotube design

While other designs may still work perfectly, a shock absorber with a monotube design protects against fading.

Improved ride quality and control

This is another thing to look out for when buying the best shock for lowered Silverado.

The whole essence of changing a weak shock absorber is to regain original ride quality or even better.

And to also have better control when driving.


A stainless-steel piston or chrome-finished piston rods will serve out well than the others. Such protects against rust and corrosion.

More hauling and towing power

If the shock absorber will give you more hauling and towing power, you should consider it.

And if it is such that makes provision for you to use larger tires and wheel, by all means, go for it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a shock absorber?

A shock absorber is a device in your vehicle that reduces or damps spring oscillations.

Without it, the springs in your vehicle will bounce or wobble excessively each time it takes a turn or hits a bump.

It allows the vehicle springs to adapt to different driving conditions and still return to their original ride height.

Also, it improves handling, gas mileage, and helps the tires to maintain contact while driving.

Is there a difference between struts and shock?

These two words – struts and shocks- are always used interchangeably.

These two are different but perform the same function of stopping oscillation and damping movement.

With that said, you cannot replace a shock with a strut or vice versa. You can have shocks on your vehicle’s rear and struts on its front axle.

What makes up a strut assembly?

A strut assembly usually contains a spring, strut, spring seat, bump stop, and mount.

You may also find other parts like mount bearings, spring isolator, coil spring, strut upper mount, and boot.

What is the best shock for my lowered vehicle?

Lowered vehicles perform better and appear more attractive. Lowering a vehicle even when it was not originally lowered improves its braking and handling.

But you need to install only the shocks that are compatible with the lowered suspension in your vehicle.

When it comes to going for the best shocks, settling for any available shock might result in low ride quality, unsafe handling, and premature wear.

Using the wrong shock can lead to the vehicle bouncing on the road.

How will I know when to replace my shocks?

It is important to inspect your shocks once your vehicle hits 50,000 miles.

And then after that initial checking, you should also check after every 12,000 miles to see if there are wears on it.

Neglecting signs of wear in your shock can lead to a significant drop in braking distance and general safety.

You may not necessarily see signs of wearing on your shocks.

But, if you start noticing your vehicle bouncing on the road, cupped tires, hydraulic fluid leakage, wobbling, grinding, or popping sound when driving, it may be an indication that you need to replace your shocks.

As a safety precaution, you should look into changing your shocks when you hit 50,000 miles.


When it comes to lowered Silverado, it is always important to get a good shock absorber to ensure that your vehicle continues operating smoothly and effectively as it should.

To avoid rendering the OEM shock absorbers of your vehicle useless, it is advisable that you invest in a good product to avert many unwanted and unavoidable experiences while on the road.

If you want to change your shock absorber and improve your vehicle’s ride quality among many other benefits, our review of the 10 best shocks for lowered Silverado is a good place to start.

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