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Top 10 Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Sierra 1500 (Reviews & FAQs : 2022)

Finding the Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Sierra 1500 is indeed challenging. Choosing the perfect cover is important since they do cost a couple of hundred dollars approximately. We will try to make sure that you get to know every product available in the market.

All of the best 10 products which we have mentioned in this article have their pros and cons. A proper GMC Tonneau Cover will make your truck look sturdy and smart.

Do make an informed decision based on facts that we are about to share. These covers have been made available in both hard and soft options. You will learn many things about GMC Sierra by going through this article.


Comparison Table

Tyger Auto : Tri-Fold
TruXedo : Roll Up
BAKFlip : Folding
Extang : Solid Folding
Lund Genesis : Tri-Fold
DNA : Hard-Solid
Undercover : Hard Folding
Pace Edwards : Switchblade
Syneticusa : Aluminum Retractable
TruXedo : Soft Roll-up


What is the Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Sierra 1500?

The best cover for GMC Sierra 1500 is Tyger Auto T3 Soft Tri-Fold. Its installation doesn’t require any kind of drilling. There are also crossbars (horizontal ones) that provide support.

It also makes it easy to fold it. The cover’s design is also patented by the company. It can keep the truck dry and clean in case of adverse weather.

The time which is required for installation is also just some minutes. You don’t have to be some kind of an expert to install it by yourself.

Why is Tyger Auto the best brand for GMC Sierra 1500?

Tyger auto is the best brand for GMC Sierra 1500 because they design their products while keeping the user’s perspective. Their designs are also patented by the US patent office.

Most of Tyger’s products are easy to install. While many will argue that they aren’t a big brand, they have established themselves as a brand that offers great products at an affordable price.

The growing number of people using tonneau covers made by Tyger is a testimony to their commitment to quality.

01. Tyger Auto Soft Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover | Best Of All Covers


Highlighted Features

  • Soft type tonneau cover
  • US patented design
  • No drilling installation process
  • Watertight by nature
  • Takes just minutes to install

Without a doubt, this is the Best Tonneau Cover For GMC Sierra 1500. Not only is it pocket-friendly, but its quality is also always way better than the big brands that charge a lot more money.

While it may be a soft type, the cover is sturdy and durable even in extreme weather conditions.

Thousands of customers have bought it and reported their positive experiences with it. The secure locking makes things easy as there won’t be any risk of the cover falling off the truck.

Tyger also has the facility for the buyers to get in touch with the local service team.

While the manufacturer might not be a big brand, they have patented the design in the United States.

The proper sealing provision in the product makes sure that water, snow, or dust doesn’t enter the compartment or your luggage.

The installation manual in PDF format is also available for download. Many users have reported that the cover has managed to keep the bed dry even during stormy and rainy weather.

Security isn’t much of an issue if your tailgate is lockable.

They also have different variants available as per the year of manufacturing of your truck as the dimensions vary with that too.


  • Easy installation
  • Has value for money
  • A better alternative to big brands


  • Installation directions can be better

02. TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up Soft Tonneau Cover | Best Pocket Friendly


 Highlighted Features

  • Easy to use
  • Drill-free installation
  • Waterproof
  • Effective in harsh weather
  • Stylish in terms of looks

Installing it is going to be the easiest task which you are going to undertake. While there won’t be any attached installation instructions, one will be able to do that if he or she has a fair idea about how things work.

While its cost might be a fraction of what the big brands are charging, it doesn’t perform or look like something cheap.

“Velcro might have less lifespan”

The product is a great choice if you want value for the money spent. Truxedo is an American company too and has excellent customer support.

Also, many have reported that there isn’t much effect on the cover in terms of functionality or appearance after years of use.

The automatic tension control system is a blessing and a feature that isn’t there in its nearest competitors. Not only that, the cover is going to help you get better mileage too. The gains will be around ten percent or so.

Though you may need to adjust the cover’s tension if the weather changes drastically in terms of temperature to account for thermal expansion and contraction.

The manufacturer has built its reputation by manufacturing quality products like this one.


  • Easy to install
  • Tension control available
  • The fabric of leather grain


  • Sagging issue

03. BAKFlip MX4 Hard-Folding Tonneau Cover (Truck Bed) | Best Hard Tonneau Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Secure like anything
  • Stylish looks
  • Effective against UV damage
  • Doesn’t obstruct the 3rd brake light
  • Keeps cargo dust-free

It is resistant to scratches and finger marks too. The materials used to manufacture the product have been sourced from around the globe. The stylish matte finish also gives it a sturdy look.

A feature that makes it stand apart from others is that you don’t need to remove the cover to get access to the 100% space of the truck bed.

It doesn’t hide the 3rd brake light too in the upright position and hence, you can keep using it in this position if you want.

In case you get confused related to installation, simply search for guide videos on YouTube and your issue will be solved. Those who have installed tonneau covers on their trucks will find the installation process to be quite easy.

Its ease of usage is perhaps the greatest benefit which it has to offer. A lockable tailgate is a must if you wish to keep the cardo secure and safe.

It isn’t 100 percent waterproof but prevents most of the water from entering during rains and car wash.

The best way to ensure it saves most of the water from entering is to fit it properly. The cover can also bear a load of up to 400 pounds. Though it is unlikely that it might be subjected to a load of this magnitude.


  • Quick installation
  • Durable
  • Good functionality


  • Not completely watertight

04. Extang Fold (Solid) Hard Folding Cover | Best Toughest Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Already fully assembled
  • Super tough panels
  • Watertight seals to keep water out
  • Matte black exterior
  • Heavy load capacity

Perhaps one of the most engineered products built specifically for the users in North America, this tonneau cover has all that one needs.

Though care must be taken to properly install it because if it isn’t done, the cover’s efficiency in terms of keeping the water out will not be 100%.

It would also be a good choice to take help from a second person while installing it to make sure the cover fits properly in the corners. One must also ensure that the two wing nuts are tightened properly.

There is no need of using a power drill or any other tool for installation too.

It fairs well when exposed to a regular car wash too. And it is worth every dollar that is going to be spent on it. The installation manual of this tonneau cover is available in PDF too.

The super tough panels made from polymer protect it from any kind of impact load.

This also protects it from getting dents or scratches. This is indeed important from an aesthetic point of view and if we keep in mind the structural integrity of the cover.

It has been designed while keeping in mind the appearance, convenience and utility aspects of the product.


  • Lightweight cover
  • All-weather protection
  • Enhanced security


  • Few plastic-made parts

05. Lund Genesis, Soft Folding Cover (Tri-Fold) | Best Non-Glossy Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Vinyl fabric on both sides
  • Aluminium frame (corrosion resistant)
  • Foldable tonneau cover
  • Minimum 5-mins installation
  • 3 variants available

The thing which makes it unique is that besides being able to control the tension, there is a proper rear locking mechanism too. But during installation, care must be taken to tighten the grub screws.

Also, this tonneau cover probably takes the least amount of time for installation.

The tailgate region which is the most vulnerable one in terms of water getting through also stays dry during heavy rains.

The deal with it being non-glossy is that it gives a more natural look to the truck. Other covers give a king of an artificial look in the name of styling things up.

But remember, do properly choose the bed size before buying it since it is available in different sizes. Another great thing about it is that it is MADE IN THE USA.

That’s right, by buying this product, you will be supporting a US-based business. The cover is also very lightweight as it weighs just 10 pounds.

The corrosion-resistant Al (Aluminium) frame will increase the overall lifetime of the product and the buyer will get better value for the money spent.

If done properly, all it is going to take is just 5 minutes for a complete and proper installation.


  • Easy to remove
  • Stylish in terms of looks
  • Clamping system (commercial grade)


  • Gaskets may come off

06. TTC HARD 006 Solid Cover (DNA Motoring) | Best Heavy-Duty Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Seals of rubberized edges
  • Aerodynamic get better with speed
  • Plated with Aluminium
  • Tension can be adjusted
  • PP & FRP based cover

Would you be surprised if told that there is a cover available in the market on which two people together can stand and it would still stay intact? Well, this is what this product is offering to you.

And it just isn’t about that, you could save a lot of money as a result of increased fuel economy.

“Professional installation is recommended though since drilling is a requirement. The instructions manual could have been better written too.”

The manufacturer has also done a lot of research and development related work before bringing this product to market. This involves testing materials for how long can they last, durability and strength.

There are also extra parts provided with the product package that can be used as replacements.

Minor adjustments are required to be made while installing it or the users might end up blaming the manufacturer.

And products like these are a great alternative to going with the big brands which charge a ridiculously huge amount of money for covers that aren’t even half as good as these.


  • Can bear large loads
  • Improves aesthetics
  • Secures cargo


  • Fitting issues can be there

07. Undercover Hard Folding Bed Cover | Best Stylish Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Three secure positions available
  • Sealed perimeter for waterproofing
  • No need to lift the cover before shutting the tailgate
  • Black glossy finish
  • 100% access to the bed available

While other covers would warrant the user to remove them completely if they aren’t to be used, this one has a fully open position available hence, it will make this hassle-free.

Also, the cover’s panels aren’t made from Aluminium but rather composite material (FRP) has been used which is better since it is resistant to dents, stronger and lighter.

If at all you face water leakage of any kind which is serious, then it will because of improper installation of the cover. The properly sealed perimeter will only work when it is installed properly.

Gaps if left will result in water entering the bed of the truck.

Making use of it will also enable you to have safe storage in your truck. Also, when needed to load stuff into the back of the truck, complete removal of this tonneau cover isn’t required.

Besides water, the sealed periphery also prevents dust, dirt and snow from entering the bed.

As compared to other covers in this segment, the sealing is far better in this one. If one hasn’t installed a bed cover before then the best option is to either get help from a professional or watch a relevant installation video.


  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Latching system (automatic)


  • Isn’t totally waterproof

08. SWC3250 (Pace Edwards) Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminium panels based
  • Has polymer (padded)
  • Retractable top
  • No drilling required installation
  • Easy to install

Made with Aluminium sheets and polymer, it can be taken off 100% in a single step. This is vital if someone wants to load the bed to its maximum possible capacity.

The way it fits the truck is also great that makes it a product that can prevent water or dust particles from entering.

“However, if you don’t want a cover which doesn’t have the functionality of having multiple modes of removal, then probably you should make a different choice.”

The cover is a switchblade type. Drilling too isn’t required when it is to be installed. The tonneau cover doesn’t get affected when you go through a car wash too. If required, you can also take the help of a local technician.

If you do observe any minor leakage with this cover on, it will because of the clearance around the tailgate. This is because the tailgate is the most vulnerable portion of the bed concerning possible water leakage.

The solution to this is properly installing the cover.


  • Affordable
  • The tailgate can be closed with a closed cover
  • Worth the money


  • Rubber seal may get damaged

09. Syneticusa Retractable Bed Cover | Best Smooth Finish Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Slats of Aluminium
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Takes half an hour for installation
  • Resistant to UV
  • Will maintain its finish

The well-textured surface of the cover makes it stand out. Bolts and mounting brackets come with the product for installation purposes. While the design might not be stylish, the tonneau bed cover has great strength.

“Drilling holes is necessary for installation. Might take some time for a newbie to install as well. Don’t shy away from taking help from a professional if you have any doubt.”

One feature which completely stands out from other similar covers is the lock and key protection. Very few brands offer this feature and it is great from the security point of view. The ease of opening and closing is also there.

Though most covers start to lose their finish as time passes, Syneticusa’s cover will maintain its surface quality for a considerably longer period. The surface is resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays is also a bonus.


  • Little maintenance required
  • Classy
  • Lockable


  • Average installation instructions

10. TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up (Soft) | Best Light-Weight Cover


Highlighted Features

  • Available for various models
  • Protects cargo in all weathers
  • Sturdy frame
  • Adjustable cover tension
  • Clamps available for holding

Another affordable tonneau cover that can be bought. As the weather changes in terms of temperature variation, the user has the functionality available to change the surface tension of the cover.

Removing the cover doesn’t require special tools too and is easy as anything.

The leather grain fabric was chosen by the manufacturer to protect the cover from possible weather-related damage.

Care must be taken in case the opening or closing of your tailgate is automatic as it might hit the cover unintentionally.

Another added benefit of using it is savings in terms of money spent on gas. The steps which even newbies have to follow are very trivial and they in themselves will be enough to install the product.

If you wish to make sure that nobody steals your goods, then the cover is a great deterrence.


  • Special installation tools not required
  • Durable leather grain material
  • Latches (dual padded)


  • May fit too tight

Buying Considerations

Sometimes knowing the benefits (pros) and drawbacks (cons) of a given type of product is simply not enough to make a final decision.

This is why, for newbies, this section will be explaining the things to consider before making a decision. So, allow us to proceed and clarify more things concerning your choice regarding the Tonneau Cover for your GMC Sierra 1500.

Ease of installation

This is not the main consideration; however, it does matter when someone is planning to choose the GMC Tonneau Cover that is most suited.

As in, nobody would want to buy a cover that takes way too much time for installation.

While everyone can agree that the installation time has greatly reduced as compared to the products which were available previously in the market.

However, one needs to be cautious about it while making a purchase. This is why we brought to you the best 10 tonneau covers from which a choice can be made.

Ease of removal

Just like installation should be easy, the removal process should be easy too. Otherwise, things might get time-consuming when someone doesn’t want to get their cover on.

Needless to say, these two things are quite important while selecting the most suitable tonneau cover.


While many might not know this, but the year of manufacturing of a truck also affects the dimensions of the truck in some aspects. This is why you need to choose the proper year of manufacturing your truck before buying a cover.

If one purchase without paying attention to this, you will have to return it. This is why as a truck owner you have to be careful.


If the region you live in has a harsh climate like extremely hot or low temperature then the truck-owner must go with a sturdy cover.

This is because no sensible person would want to buy a tonneau cover which will get negatively affected because of the climate.


While it is a fact that these covers aren’t that expensive, if you are having issues with the amount of money which can be committed, then one must go with a cover which has a decent number of features suitable and falls in the possible amount of money which one can spend.

Ease of maintaining the cover in question

If the truck owner lives in an area where dust and particulate matter is an issue, then the maintenance of GMC Tonneau Cover will become an issue.

No one would like to have a cover that takes an impractical amount of time to clean and maintain.


Yes. This can also be a factor for some people since these covers do affect the aesthetics of the truck. You can have a proper look at the suggested products by us above and after factoring in other things.

One can work on the looks after buying the cover too.


Question 01 : Are tonneau covers worth buying for trucks?

Ans. Yes, of course, they are worth buying. They are lockable, their installation is easy, cost-effective and covers also turn the truck into something more flexible and secure.

They can also protect items in case they are being stored in the back of the truck. It is recommended that truck owners buy one.

Question 02 : Is it true that these covers improve the truck’s fuel consumption and reduce it?

Ans. Bizarre as it may sound, tonneau covers do improve the mileage of trucks. Some of those reading this might have already guessed that it due to the reduction of aerodynamic drag.

While the amount of gas money that one can save may not be much, it is the least which can be done for the environment. The reduction in fuel consumption is approximately ten percent.

Question 03 : Do tonneau covers keep the water away?

Ans. Yes, a large number of these covers keep water from entering and spoiling cargo at the back of the truck. This is important if the cargo carried isn’t properly packed and wrapped.

A cover should be kept handy in the rainy or stormy season.

Question 04 : Can a truck be taken through a car wash with its tonneau cover on?

Ans. There isn’t a definite answer to this question. If the cover is painted, then go with a touchless car wash. This is to prevent the scraping of the cover.

This isn’t required when the cover in question is made from hard plastic or fiberglass.

Question 05 : Should I go with a hard tonneau cover or a soft one?

Ans. The answer to this question is that if one wants a super-smooth finish, then go with a soft cover but if you want something more streamlined, then a hard tonneau cover will be more appropriate.

However, one should also check the pros and cons of the product before making a decision.

Question 06 : Do I need to clean my cover regularly?

Ans. If you live somewhere where dust and particulate matter is an issue, the cover will have to be cleaned more frequently than if someone lives in a different kind of environment.

Question 07 : How much time does it take to install a cover on average?

Ans.  While we can agree that the time taken for installation depends on the choice which a person has made, the average time required is usually around half an hour (30 minutes).

However, it shouldn’t be considered that one must choose a cover that takes the last amount of time to be installed.

Question 08 : How should a truck owner choose a tonneau cover?

Ans. The best way to do that is to take a look at the pros and cons of a given product and see if that is what you are looking for. This is what we have done to help potential buyers choose the products mentioned above.

Question 09 : What is the meaning of the word, tonneau?

Ans. The word tonneau means a rear compartment of a vehicle or truck. Another point to be noted is that tonneau cover size isn’t universal.

Implying, different car companies and their models have dimensions that aren’t standardized. Hence, one has to be careful while making a purchase.

Question 10 : Is it difficult to remove a tonneau cover from the backside of a truck?

Ans. No. The removal, similar to the installation is easy. That is, it doesn’t take much effort. However, care must be taken while going with the removal process so that it doesn’t end up getting damaged in any way.

Question 11 : How long do covers like these last?

Ans. Again, this is a very subjective question as many factors affect the lifespan of a cover. Still, it is estimated that a typical cover lasts almost a decade before it has to be replaced with a new one.

Question 12 : Will a cover protect my cargo in the back of my truck?

Ans. Yes. A cover will protect the things which you want to carry in the backside of the truck. And here is a great thing, they don’t cost much too from a financial point of view.

Thanks to innovations in technology, the designers are considering more and more factors before finalizing stuff.


We hope that this post has helped you with finding the Best Tonneau Cover for your truck.

Saving some amount of money as a result of improved fuel economy is a benefit which you are guaranteed to get no matter which covers you choose.

We have laid out the features, pros, and cons and even talked about the things to be kept in mind while buying a GMC Tonneau Cover.

Hope that your truck gets the cover which it rightfully deserves. All the information shared by us is factual and will assist you in making an informed decision.

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