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Top 10 Best Transmission Cooler For Silverado in 2022

Your transmission is a critical part of your vehicle, which needs attention and proper care. However, most people are unaware that it can be very expensive to repair a damaged transmission due to constant overheating.

To avoid unnecessary costs and future damage to your transmission, you should consider getting a cooler. The latter will protect your transmission from overheating by cooling the fluid, thus, enhancing the unit’s performance.

If you are considering getting a transmission cooler, you may have a lot of questions. For instance, which is the best transmission cooler for Silverado?

Or what are some of the things I should look into when searching for a cooler? If you have any of these questions and many more, then you have come to the right place.

Through this guide, you will find out the finest transmission coolers for your vehicle and factors to consider before purchasing a cooler.

A Comparison Table

AC Delco


What is the best Transmission Cooler for Silverado?

PPE 12406030 is the best transmission cooler on this list for several reasons. For starters, it combines its larger surface area and a black anodized design to cool your transmission effectively. Additionally, it is the perfect product for heavy applications.

Why Pacific Performance Engineering is the best brand for Best Silverado

PPE is the best brand for Silverado since it manufactures top-quality and long-lasting products like the PPE 12406030.

Top 10 Best Transmission Cooler For Silverado Reviews

01. PPE 124060300 : [Best Overall Quality]


Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 04 kilograms
  • Dimensions: 4cm (Height) x7.6cm (length) 35.9cm (width)
  • Cooler Material: Aluminum
  • Cooler Finish: Black anodized
  • No fan included

If you are one of those individuals who like driving roughly, race, or tow, then you need a proper cooling system for your transmission. One great example of the most efficient cooler is the Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) 124060300 transmission cooler.

Heat is always the enemy of transmission, but with the right cooler, the heat has no chance of breaking in. In turn, your transmission will serve you for the longest time possible.

Our top cooler is the PPE 124060300 for several reasons. Firstly, it is a direct bolt-on replacement, which is easy to mount. What’s more, it can lower the fluid temperature up to 20 to 30 degrees – even in the hot weather.

On top of this, with its black anodized construction and design, this product is highly durable and can resist corrosion. Besides, the PPE 124060300 has more surface area and is much thicker.


  • Easy to Install
  • Very Efficient
  • Excellent design
  • Great for older vehicles


  • Quite expensive

02. Tru-Cool Max LPD47391 : [Best Silver Plate Transmission Cooler]


Highlighted Features

  • Cooler Type: Stacked plate
  • Weight: 76 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5” (Height) x 22.75” (length) x 1.25” (width)
  • Cooler Material: Brazed aluminum

Tru-Cool Max LPD4739 is one of the popular auxiliary transmission oil coolers with most Silverado users.  Since it is a stacked plate, it has an ultimate cooling effect, making it the perfect option for heavy-duty applications such as racing and heavy towing.

Moreover, Tru-Cool LPD47391 comes with a brazed aluminum, which adds durability to the product. The aluminum construction also increases its performance level ensuring that it protects the transmission from overheating.

Tru-Cool LPD47391 also has a unique design, which allows the fluid to pass through efficiently through the channels positioned at the top.

When the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) becomes hot due to high temperature, it will head to the core of the cooler. While there, it will cool down, thanks to the efficient cooling technology.

On top of this, what makes this product excellent is that it combines optimal heat transfer with a lube system failure to provide superior protection. Installation is also easy since the product comes with all parts and a manual included.


  • Can drop 40 to 50 degrees temperature
  • Easy installation process
  • Hard-wearing brazed aluminum construction


  • May have small leaks in the hose connector

03. Derale 13700 Electra Cool Remote Cooler : [Best Electric Fan Cooler]


Highlighted Features

  • Cooler Type: 16 pass tube and fin cooler
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Dimensions: 75 x 11.5 x 5 inches
  • Cooler Material: Clear anodized aluminum
  • Electric fan included

Next, up, there is Derale 13700 Electra Cool Remote Cooler. With an electric fan included, this cooler can mount anywhere there is space. Derale is a well-known brand in the auto industry, thanks to its competent and durable products.

Derale 13700 Electra Cool Remote Cooler is a basic tube and fin cooler with its air supply. What’s more, the cooler comes with 16 numbers of cooling rows making it powerful in fuel cooling, transmission, and power steering.

In terms of design, Derale 13700 cooler includes a clear anodized aluminum cover, which protects it from rust and boosts its longevity.

Moreover, it is worth noting that the cooler comes with ½ inches copper tubes and ¾ inches aluminum fins. These pieces also have plastic edge-guard protectors to protect them from damage.

Even better, the cooler combines a Tornado 10.in cooler electric fan plus a high-capacity oil cooler for utmost cooling.

As a result, this top performance will give you a clear mind when you know that your fluids are at the best possible temperature.


  • Highly durable, thanks to its steady structure
  • Nice compact design


  • A gap between the radiator and the fan

04. B&M 70274 SuperCooler : [Best Universal Cooler]


Highlighted Features

  • Cooler Type: Stacked Plate
  • Weight: 76 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11” x 11” x 1.5”
  • Cooler Material: Clear anodized aluminum
  • The number of cooling rows is 48

B&M is another popular brand known for manufacturing top-quality transmission products. The B&M 70274 SuperCooler is a great example of why the company has a solid reputation.

For starters, the transmission cooler measures 11 inches x 11 inches x 1.5 inches. Despite its size, the product produces more cooling and efficient performance as compared to other large coolers.

Besides, this cooler comes with 48 oil flow paths, which ensures maximum cooling effect. B&M 70274 also has an oven-brazed construction that stops vibration.

On the outer side, the cooler has a black aluminum alloy finish to prevent corrosion. Thus, ensuring the structure is free from any damage as well as serves you for a very long time.

When it comes to cooling, the SuperCooler allows only a controlled amount of transmission fluid to pass through. Thinner ATF can pass through the core, where it can cool while thicker fluid returns to the lube.


  • Universal cooler
  • Up to 48 cooling rows
  • Ideal for heavy towing


  • Does not include an installation kit

05. Mishimoto MMTC-DMAX-06SL : [Best Value for Money]


Highlighted Features

  • Cooler Type: Stacked Plate
  • Weight: 98 pounds
  • Dimensions: 29 x 4 x 4 inches
  • CNC-machined adapters

If you are looking for cheap insurance for your Silverado transmission, then you should consider Mishimoto MMTC-DMAX-06SL. Mishimoto is another highly regarded supplier of the best transmission products and the Duramax is one of its best.

Duramax is the ideal transmission cooler for hardworking fleet trucks and any hard-haul applications. To ensure that your transmission remains cool, the Mishimoto MMTC-DMAX 06SL delivers a stacked plate.

Aside from this, the unit features durable construction, which will ensure that it keeps your transmission cool for a very long time. Besides, the cooler has 125% fin surface area and 84% core volume.

Being a universal cooler, users can install it not only on 2006 to 2010 Silverado but also, on GMC 6.6L. Other than that, this unit consists of CNC-machine adapters, which makes it trouble-free to link up AN lines and the cooler.

Moreover, the best part is that the Duramax cooler comes with tailor-made hoses and direct-fit brackets. As a result, the installation process is simple.


  • Can drop temps between 30 to 40 degrees
  • Durable stacked-plate construction
  • Heavy duty


  • Costly but worth the price

06. GM Genuine 20880895 Automatic Transmission Cooler : [Best Finishing Material]


Highlighted Features

  • Weight: 1.04 pounds
  • Dimensions: 1 x 8.3 x 3.3 inches
  • Number of cooling rows: 10
  • Core tube width: 0.1 inches
  • Black coating finish

For those who are searching for a recommended replacement part for their original vehicle component, then the GM Genuine 20880895 Automatic Transmission Cooler is the perfect fit. These products are heat exchangers, which can transfer heat from the transmission oil to the engine coolant.

One lovable feature about the GM 20880895 Automatic Transmission Cooler is that it is manufactured to fit your vehicle just right. Therefore, you can expect the same reliability, durability, performance, and quality, as the original equipment.

What’s more, this is the perfect fit for those who tow or looking for a replacement as that of their Silverado OEM. Installation is also simple and you can do it by yourself without the need of a car mechanic.


  • Good quality
  • Undemanding installation process
  • Great performance – can lower up to 20 degrees


  • Has plastic ends

07. ACDelco 15267484 GM OE Automatic Transmission : [Best Upper Line]


Highlighted Features

  • Product Weight: 12 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 45 x 16.4 x 3.6 inches
  • Replacement component for automatic transmission

A cooling line is an important part of any automatic transmission since it allows the hot fluid from the radiator into the cooler system and returns it into the transmission.

However, a loss of fluid during this process can be quite devastating since it can cause the unit to lose its ability to cool the fluid. Therefore, you will need reliable and leak-free cooler lines that can transport fluid from the transmission to the cooler and back with no problems.

All through our list, we have mentioned some of the best coolers for Silverado, but now let us take some time and check out the best upper line. ACDelco 15267484 GM Original Equipment Automatic Transmission is a cooler upper line, fit for different Silverado transmissions.

It is a metal cooler line that is pre-bent, and ready for installation. Moreover, it is a recommended replacement for your car since it offers the same quality, durability, and consistency as that of OE.

Thus, you can be sure that it will work perfectly as the authentic ones. Installing the upper line is also an easy process, which will take only a few minutes.


  • Free from leaks when fit properly
  • Easy install
  • Nice quality similar to OE


  • May need replacement in the future

08. Mishimoto MMTC-K2-14 Transmission Cooler : [Best Finishing Material]


Highlighted Features

  • Number of cooling rows: 14
  • 25 inches core thickness
  • Cooler Type: Stacked plate
  • Fit for Silverado 2014 and over

Mishimoto appears on our list with yet another top-quality transmission cooler, Mishimoto MMTC-K2-14. According to the manufacturer, this is the ideal upgrade for Chevrolet Silverado from 2014 to 2018.

It is also a perfect fit for other SUVs and GM trucks. Like other Mishimoto products, this one too has a stacked-plate construction, which enhances supercooling and ensures durability for your transmission.

Even though the cost is quite high, the cooler comes with an additional 0.65 quarts and a cooling surface area that is more than 3,000 sq in.

Additionally, Mishimoto also includes a thermal bypass valve delete, which ensures that the transmission fluid flows to the cooler every time even in hot climates.

When it comes to mounting the Mishimoto MMTC-K2-14 Transmission Cooler, you nothing to worry about. With mounting brackets and transmission hoses, installation can be very simple.


  • Durable and effective cooler
  • Direct fit
  • Heavy duty
  • Easy installation


  • Is a little bit costly

09. Dorman 918-213 Automatic Transmission Cooler : [Best OEM Cooler]


Highlighted Features

  • Construction material: Aluminum
  • Weight:9 pounds
  • Number of cooling rows: 10
  • Finish: Black coating
  • Inlet and outlet attachment: Hose barb
  • Direct replacement

Another transmission cooler that is quality-engineered to prolong your transmission life by efficiently cooling the fluid is Dorman 918-213 Automatic Transmission Oil Cooler.

Since it is a direct replacement, this unit works well with Chevrolet Silverado, GMC, and Cadillac car models. Besides this, Dorman 918-213 is a precise OEM trans cooler with durable construction.

The finish is of aluminum material that ensures the cooler is long-lasting, corrosion-free, leak-free, and reliable. On top of this, the product is one of the most affordable coolers on our list. But this does not compromise its quality either.

Dorman 918-213 cooler has also undergone thorough testing to ensure that it performs effectively and efficiently for the longest time possible. Moreover, the test makes sure that this unit matches the product standards.

With 10 cooling rows, this automatic transmission cooler weighs 1.9 pounds. If you are looking forward to owning an OEM quality cooler without spending much then this Dorman 918-213 could be the right choice for you.

With that said, this unit will look, fit, and function just like the original part from the dealer. Therefore, you can be sure that this cooler will prevent your transmission fluid from leaking and overheating. In turn, you can go on your daily routine without any worries.


  • Fits perfectly with no modifications necessary
  • Worth the price
  • Same as OEM
  • Steady and long-lasting construction


  • Not quite a direct fit for some vehicles

10. Parts Galaxy Transmission Cooler : [Best for Easy Installation]


Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum construction
  • Quick connect
  • Compatible with 01-06 Silverado
  • Number of cooling rows: 9

Last on our list is the Parts Galaxy transmission cooler, which is the right fit for 01 to 06 Silverado. When it comes the best transmission cooler, you certainly want one that will serve you for a very long time as well as do its intended purpose perfectly.

Parts Galaxy transmission cooler is one of those products, which your vehicle should not miss. What’s more, the cooler has aluminum construction, like most products from this list. Thus, users can be sure of a heavy-duty unit, free from rust and leaks.

Besides, some of the benefits offered by this Parts Galaxy unit include versatility, easy installation, and high performance. Once you have mounted this part in your car, you will notice its performance especially in long driving hours and hot climate conditions.

Additionally, the cooler can fit precisely with no modifications necessary. But you will have to confirm your car model and the filament of your vehicle to ensure it is the right product.

Most importantly, this Parts Galaxy transmission cooler is designed according to specifications and highest quality standards.


  • Good quality
  • Inexpensive cooler


  • Small leaks

Buying Considerations

Transmission coolers come with plenty of benefits. Firstly, they will keep your transmission from overheating. Secondly, they prolong the life of the transmission. Most importantly, it will save you money since replacing a transmission can be very expensive.

If you have an effective cooler, it will cool your transmission and prevent any future internal damage. This is a well-known fact to many car owners.

However, with so many different brands and products, it can be difficult to pick one for your Silverado. Thankfully, this buying guide will help you pick the best products.

Types of Transmission Coolers

Before purchasing a transmission cooler, you should note that they come in three different types:

  • Tube and Fin: These are the least expensive transmission coolers best for older cars. However, the only downside is that they are not very efficient. But it can be a good option if you have an old car and want something affordable.
  • Plate and Fin: In this type, the parallel plates run across the cooler horizontally. Unlike the tube and fin cooler, it has a larger surface area for the transmission fluid to cool making it more efficient. With this product, the transmission fluid flows through the plate rows cooling it faster.
  • Stacked Plate Coolers: If you are looking for the most efficient type of cooler, then consider the stacked plate coolers. They are similar to the plate and fin coolers, but are modern and have superior turbulators. In terms of operation, the cooler allows air to flow through the transmission fluid much faster, thus, quickly cooling down the fluid. Moreover, they are easy to install in your vehicle.
  • Heat Sink Transmission Coolers: They are not the most common type but are still used in older cars. Unlike other coolers, the heat sink type does not use incoming air to cool the transmission. Instead, it uses its unique finned aluminum structure to do the job. Even though it is cheap and easy to mount, the heat sink cooler is not as effective as the others.

When searching for a transmission cooler, you should check these different types, since each one of them offers unique features to your car. For instance, a stacked plate cooler may not be compatible with an older Silverado car.

Ease of Installation

Not all transmission coolers are easy to install. So if you want an automatic cooler, then you should consider checking models that are easy to install, even if you are not a car mechanic. Note that not all models can be simple to fix.

Some might require a professional to do the work for you. Therefore, you should take your time and do comprehensive research, to find the best cooler for Silverado that fits your installation skills level.


Usually, most people tend to confuse the size of the transmission cooler with its performance. However, this is not the case. Bear in mind that the size of the cooler depends on the car’s model and specifications.

If your vehicle is subjected to heavy towing and loads, then it may need a larger transmission cooler. Coolers can be large, small, narrow, or wide depending on your vehicle and transmission power.


Fans will help to cool down the fluid quickly. However, not all transmission coolers come with fans. As a result, when choosing the product, ensure you check whether it has fans or not. Nevertheless, it is not necessary to have a fan in your cooler, but it can help those who drive aggressively or haul heavy loads.


When going through the types of coolers, you noted that there are different types of coolers, each with its efficiency level. Efficiency will vary from one product to the other.

Thus, when getting cooler, first consider the amount of pressure you are putting on your Silverado. It is only by finding out the demands of your car when you will know the kind of cooler that your car needs.

Materials and Design

A transmission’s cooler main goal is to reduce rapidly the temperature of the transmission fluid. Therefore, you should look for a cooler with efficient heat exchange construction.

Aluminum coolers are usually very costly since they are hard to manufacture. On top of that, due to the black paint on the material, the cooling effect is lighter than other constructions. For that reason, the best aluminum fins design should have a thin coat of paint to work efficiently.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVWR)

GVWR means the maximum weight that your car can handle. It includes the weight of the car itself, cargo, and the number of passengers allowed. Thus, when it comes to deciding on a transmission cooler, then you should note the GVWR of your vehicle.

GVWR varies from one car to the other and those with a higher number mean that they use more fluid. Consequently, it will need a cooler with higher efficiency.


Additionally, you need a transmission cooler that is from the best brands if you want something durable and reliable. Some of the top brands, which manufacture highly efficient and best transmission cooler include:

  • B&M
  • Mishimoto
  • Hayden


  • How do I pick the right transmission cooler for my Silverado?

You should consider several factors before picking a transmission cooler. Firstly, check the model and age of your car. Next, confirm whether the car brand makes specific transmission coolers.

If not, then consider some factors such as the different manufacturers, ease of installation, durability, material, and design of the product. Also, confirm its effectiveness and the reviews of other users who have tried the cooler.

  • How does a transmission cooler operate?

When the transmission fluid becomes hot due to high temperature, it flows through the transmission and into the cooler. While there, air flows from the cooler and to the fluid, lifting the heat away and cool the fluid. Once the process is complete, the cooled fluid goes back to the transmission through the lines.

  • Which is the best cooler for my Silverado?

First, note that there are three major types of transmission coolers: tube and fin, plate and fin, and stacked plate. The main difference between these types of coolers is their reliability in cooling down the fluid.

For instance, the tube and fin style is less efficient and best for older vehicles while the stacked plate is the most effective of the three.


So to know the best cooler for your vehicle, you first need to know the car model and other specifications. Keep in mind that while some coolers are universal, some are made for specific car models.

It is imperative to note that the coolers come in different shapes and sizes. It is better to do some research and keep an idea on which size will be perfect for your car before picking the ideal one.

  • How can I install a transmission cooler?

Most of the coolers are easy to install, which makes it easy for you to do it yourself if you want to. Generally, there are two ways you can install the cooler.

Firstly, the common way is that the cooler can come with fasteners and rods. The rods will go through the radiator and the cooler and then be tied with fasteners.


Another approach, which you can use to set up your cooler, is to use an installation kit. In this kit, there are flexible fixed brackets. These usually go to the mounting points on your vehicle. So, before you go for this type of installation, you need to ensure that your car has mounting points too.

  • How will I know which transmission cooler is durable?

If you are looking for a product that will serve you for the longest time, then consider coolers that are using heavy-duty materials. Ensure that the construction is strong, free from rust, and vibrations. Furthermore, ensure that the material can withstand hot temperatures.


Transmissions are simply the gearboxes of vehicles. Thus, if you are planning to use your car for towing, racing, heavy loads, or more, then a cooler can come in handy. They will ensure that the performance of your transmission is top-notch as well as improve the lifespan of your vehicle.

Therefore, when choosing a transmission cooler, make sure that you have a quality and durable unit that is compatible with your Silverado. Our recommendation is PPE 124060300, thanks to its efficiency, easy installation, and durability.

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