New Year’s Resolutions…

And then a hand moved across the top of a clock face and nothing changed save the sky, momentarily a gaudy mess of flame.

The cynic in me has to fight hard not to write this way about a lot of things. Often, he’s successful. Sadly though, a wariness about New Year’s Eve is something by which the cynic in me abides. He just doesn’t get it, and neither do I.

Well, let’s not be hasty. I like friends, parties and alcohol, and NYE is a sure excuse for all three. I even had a good time this New Year’s: good people came over and we played parlour games and danced erratically to 80s pop. At the allotted hour we sang Cohen’s Hallelujah, changing the chorus lyric to ‘Happy New Year’. It works, give it a try. And I admit, it was fun.

However, the symbolic currency of New Year’s Eve is something I struggle to get on board with. Here seems to be the idea that everything’s about to change for the better as a direct result of the arbitrary passage of time; that having taken some solemn and portentous stock, we reinvent ourselves as better, more rounded people, and move on accordingly into brighter things.

Well, I call the excrement of your choice on that.

(Incidentally, the cynic in me is closely related to the pessimist in me. They’re cousins I think, and good friends. They never get invited to parties.)

But now I’m almost definitely being hasty. Self-improvement, self-reflection and contemplation are all good things, so leaving aside for a moment that the proper time to turn to them is when you realise you ought to, not when some Gregorian milestone says so, I’m throwing a few resolutions in with the common lot. I’m trying here, folks. Bear with me.

The main aim is just to write more; songs, stories, stage routines, and indeed, this blog. Take a look back at some older entries. It starts regularly, then tails off. I must remedy this, and I will. Once a month from now on. I’d like more people to read it, just to stay close with those who’ve been good enough to give my songs a spin. I appreciate that more than anything. Okay then, writing more: so crazy it just might…

We’ll see. Meantime, cynicism aside, I do wish all those who’ve read this, and the rest of you, a happy, healthy, deeply interesting new year.