How Much Does It Cost To Rebuild A 5.3 Vortec Engine?

Rebuilding a 5.3 vortec LS

This article answers the question, “how much does it cost to rebuild a 5.3 Vortec engine?” This question is what many vehicle owners wish to find an answer to when their 5.3 Vortec engine is at the last stage of its useful life or when it stops working completely. The essence of this question is …

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Chevy Silverado Transfer Case Problems (Common Problems With Solutions)

Chevy Silverado Transfer Case Problems

From time to time, you’ll run into Chevy Silverado transfer case problems. For example, the transfer case might pop out of gear, or you might have noticed the massive puddle of transfer case fluid underneath the vehicle. That said, this article covers the 8 most common problems you’ll face with the Chevy Silverado. You will …

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Chevy 4WD Troubleshooting (With DIY Methods : 2023)

chevy 4wd actuator fuse

This article includes an in-depth section on Chevy 4WD Troubleshooting. Tracking down any issue boils down to testing hundreds of times since there’s just so much that could’ve gone wrong with the 4WD system. For example, you might have damaged wires underneath the driver’s side, or the encoder motor is toasted. Either way, we’re here …

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How To Disable ABS Light And ABS Brakes On Chevy-Silverado?

how to disable abs brakes on chevy silverado

You may notice this annoying light on the dashboard, and you are wondering how to disable the ABS light on Silverado. Luckily, you can do so, but have you ever asked yourself why this light is on? The ABS light activates in certain conditions. It is meant for your safety. So, before you think of …

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Chevy Truck Blower Motor Problems (+How To Fix Them : 2023)

Chevy Truck Blower Motor Problems & How To Fix them

Drivers of Chevy trucks commonly have issues with their air conditioning systems. These problems are usually attributed to the blower motor. Chevy truck blower motor problems can be very annoying, especially on long roads. You might face some of these issues. If so, this will help you. First, let’s understand what the blower motor is …

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How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado?

How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado

We all know that the mass airflow sensor is expensive. Moreover, the Chevy Silverado uses a more advanced mass airflow system. Therefore, the replacement of the mass airflow for the chevy Silverado will cost you even more penny. You might have a cost-effective idea rather than the replacement process. Moreover, you can clean the mass …

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How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado?

How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado

The side mirror of Chevy Silverado is made up of glass. We all know glass is glass and glass breaks. Therefore, you might need to replace the side mirror glass of your Chevy Silverado. Note that you do not need to replace the whole side mirror assembly because the glass is broken. Moreover, the replacement …

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How to Reset Speedometer on Chevy Silverado?

How to Reset Speedometer on Chevy Silverado

The Chevy Silverado is a very well-equipped vehicle. However, no vehicle is perfect and all electronic devices suffer from a malfunction at a point. Your Chevy Silverado might experience a malfunction of the speedometer. Therefore, you might want to know how to reset the speedometer on a Chevy Silverado. Moreover, a speedometer is an important …

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How to install leveling kit on Silverado 1500?

How to install leveling kit on Silverado 1500

For Silverado 1500 owners, check the front and rear sides of your truck. You will find that they are not on the same level. The front side of the car is lower than the rear side. This is not an exclusive feature to Silverado 1500, you will find it in almost all trucks and SUVs. …

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Fixing P0300 Code Chevy Silverado Issues: Stop Cylinder Misfire!

P0300 Code Chevy Silverado

There is no doubt Chevy Silverado is one of the best pickup trucks in the market. Since its launch in 1999, the Chevy Silverado model has come a long way. Now in the fourth generation. As a Chevy Silverado owner, you might be proud of your vehicle. But, what happens when your truck shows an …

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