How Much Is It To Wrap A Car: Exquisite Guide [2023]

Cars are a very precious part of our life. Not only do they define our social status, but also give the ultimate flexibility and accessibility of traveling from place to place. However, we all know roads are made up of concrete. Moreover, there are small stone chips on the road which might scratch your car’s precious paint. Further, a repaint job of a hypercar like the Bugatti costs more than fifty thousand dollars. For that reason, we have selected our topic to discuss how much is it to wrap a car.

A vehicle wrap is not only for car paint protection. They are also used to customize vehicles with multiple strips, numbers, and designs. Moreover, a warp can absolutely change the way your car looks.

Now, let us dive into the details about the pricing and some of the options that are available in the market today.

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A Vehicle Wrap; Summary & Overview

It might sound easy wrapping a car. However, they are not as they require tons of detailed work and practice. There are precise layer cuts and shapes that need to be adjusted to avoid peeling off of the wrap from the vehicle along with time.

Before wrapping, the wrap professional might ask you some of the questions listed below. Therefore, you should know them.

When was your vehicle made and what is the model number?

The professional will ask you this question for sure as this is required. The model number and year will help the wrap professional to understand the complex design of your vehicle. Moreover, they will be able to estimate the cost required for your vehicle. The length, detail workings, and shape are some of the factors that impact the pricing of the wrap.

Is there anybody kit on your car?

Custom body kits further extend the work of wrapping. The custom body kit increases creases, special shapes, and unique angles on your car. Further, the wrap needs to be shaped and adjusted just like the special shapes made by the body kit.

What kind of vinyl hue do you prefer?

There are three different types of vinyl hues. The finishes are matte, satin, or gloss.

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Which body parts of the vehicle do you want to get wrapped?

The cost of the wrap also depends on which parts of the body do you want to get wrapped. For example, you might want to wrap the bottom parts only to avoid stone chip scratches. As such, the cost will be less.

However, customers might also want to get the whole body of the vehicle wrapped. For such, it will cost high. Moreover, each body option will cost differently. This is because each part of the vehicle requires different work. There are bends and curves which require much more attention to detail than the plane parts.

Your wrap professional will inspect the vehicle thoroughly before they apply the wrap. They will check for dents and damage to the original body paint. You should note that the vinyl wrap will not repair any dents or damages to the actual paint.

Therefore, it might become very difficult to wrap the vinyl on your car due to the dents and bends.

The surface of the vehicle needs to be very clean and perfect for better vinyl wrap and impeccable fit. Moreover, your vehicle must undergo a cleaning process to remove all the dust, debris, and grime before the vinyl wrap. This will ensure uniform and long-lasting wrap.

So what kinds of tools do they require for vinyl wraps? We will discuss them below.

The Essential Tools For Vinyl Wrap

There are tons of more work to do besides knowing what kind of vinyl wrap you want. Further, the professional uses multiple tools to fit the vinyl on your vehicle. The tools are listed below.

  • A bar of clay
  • A spraying bottle
  • Hand gloves
  • Tapes used for masking
  • Safety cutter for the vinyl called Snitty blade
  • Tweezers
  • Cutting blade
  • Tapes for cutting
  • Lint-free microfibre cloth
  • Chemical for cleaning the surface
  • The heat gun
  • Flextreme
  • And much more.

A team of professionals wraps your car with vinyl. They use these tools and more for fitting the vinyl on your car. They typically need 4 to 7 working days to fit the vinyl. Moreover, the time is dependent on the complexity of your vehicle. They will take more time if the vehicle has tons of curves and creases. Further, the time will increase on the addition of anybody kit on the car.

Mostly, pieces of vinyl can last on cars for over several years. They might last for as long as five years or more depending on the way you use your vehicle. However, there are a few simple steps to maximize the life of your car wrap.

We suggest you avoid automated car wash systems as this will hurt the surface of the vinyl and make them last short. Moreover, you need to wash your car with your hand. This will ensure your vinyl is safe and will last long as you intended.

However, this doesn’t mean you cannot use any jet washer but make sure that you keep the nozzle of the spray to a safe distance to prevent the pressure from hurting your vinyl surface.

Now you know some of the ways you can protect your vinyl. Now, let us know how much is it to wrap a car.

How Much Is It To Wrap a Car?

A compact car and coupe will cost around $2500. Further, a family-sized sedan will cost a bit more starting from around $3500. However, a compact SUV will cost you at least $4000. A full-sized SUV will cost you even more starting from $4500.

You should note that the expensive hypercars or the supercars will cost much more. This is because they have tons of creases and curves. Therefore, the price might range starting from $7000 to around $10,000.


Now you know how much is it to wrap a car. A midsized sedan will cost around $3000. Moreover, a luxury sports car will cost you a ton of more money. However, applying the vinyl is not only an essential work of the owner. They should also know how to maintain it.

Maintaining the vinyl will make it last longer as the wrap costs a huge amount of money. Owners should safely wash the surface of the car with hands. This will prevent the surface of the vinyl from rubbing or harming.

Further, owners should be careful about bird waste on the vinyl. The wastes contain acid which will tremendously harm the surface of vinyl making it last less long.

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