How To Make Your Car Louder and Faster?

You might be a car freak who wants to sound their car aggressive while driving. You need to know how to make your car louder for that. Have you ever heard the long roaring sound of any vehicle? Moreover, the sound starts to increase as the car starts to accelerate faster on the highway.

Have you noticed the racing sounds of vehicles when you go to the NASCAR race? Did you ever think about why you need to use earplugs while sitting for a car dyno?

These are all due to the tuned exhaust system. Moreover, the exhaust system produces those overwhelming roaring sounds from your vehicle. Let’s dive into details about how to make your car louder. You need to know what is the work of an exhaust system.


What is The Work of an Exhaust System?

What is The Work of an Exhaust System

The exhaust system of your car is an essential part of your vehicle. Moreover, it releases the waste gases produced by the combustion chamber. You should know that a car has a combustion cycle. Each cycle burns hydrocarbon fuel with atmospheric air with the help of a spark plug. The result is ignition which gives the car energy to drive.

The explosion inside the combustion chamber propels the cylinder. However, the additional fuel along with other wastes needs to exit the chamber. The exhaust system does this part of the cycle.

Moreover, the exhaust systems have valves. These valves are opened in the actual cylinder itself. Further, the stock exhaust systems are quiet and efficient. They are very environmentally friendly and produce less toxic gases.

The manufacturers follow the country law guidelines to produce those stock exhausts. However, you do not want your system to be quiet. The automakers are compelled to follow those regulations to bring their vehicle for sale.

You should note that the emissions are carbon dioxide gas. There are oxygen sensors inside the exhaust. Moreover, they are also fitted with catalytic converters to reduce greenhouse gases. However, catalytic converters dampen the exhaust sound system.

You might ask yourself how to make your car louder. We will discuss it now.

How Can You Make Exhaust Aggressive?

There are several methods to increase the sound of the exhaust. We have listed them below on how to make your car louder.

The Straight Pipe Process

This is one of the ways of how to make your car louder. The straight pipe method is loved mostly by the race drivers. Moreover, this is for those who just want their vehicle exhaust to be louder just by doing the straight pipe process.

Straight pipe is the pipe that connects from the header to the back end of your car. Moreover, these straight pipes are very loud and emit a smell. They might be illegal in your country or region.

Moreover, straight pipes produce flames from your car’s back. You might love this or hate this.  It depends on you.

The straight pipes produce sounds similar to those of the Formula 1 Racing cars. They sound impeccable while driving under the tunnel and will attract the attention of pedestrians.

The straight pipe system might produce an illegal amount of o2 from your vehicle exhaust. So you should fit it after knowing this.

Cat-Back Exhaust System

This is one of the most popular ideas for loudening your car’s exhaust system. Moreover, this is also the cheapest method of making your car sound more aggressive. Further, it still allows you to use your stock exhaust.

This is a plus point for many users as the aftermarket exhausts are not as reliable as the stock exhausts. Car manufacturers spend tons of engineers just to ensure that the stock exhausts meet the quality of the company too.

Moreover, the cat-back exhaust system is not too loud to make you feel dizzy after a long drive. The sound is not crazy loud and is soothing to hear if you are an exhaust sound freak.

From our experience, we will recommend you to go for the cat-back exhaust system. It is much easier to fit in and easier to live with it while driving. The sound of the exhaust will be perfect to satisfy you.

Moreover, the stock exhaust will still be there which is a plus point. This is one of the best ways of making your car louder.

Speaker System

The speaker system is an alternative method of making the car exhaust louder. The car manufacturer uses a microphone to amplify the sound to the car speaker system. Moreover, it has no connection with the engine. Further, nothing is happening on the engine bay or the exhaust system.

There are tons of benefits of using the speaker system to increase the exhaust sound of your vehicle. All the stock exhausts are made by keeping efficiency as the prime factor in mind. Altering or modifying the exhaust system will hamper the efficiency of your vehicle and will result in poor gas mileage.

Moreover, it might also fail the gas emission test. This is very harmful to your environment as day by day the global temperature is increasing along with the greenhouse gases.

However, some people might not like the idea of a speaker system. This is a fake sound and not any real engine sound. Moreover, the driver may find the sound unpleasing due to the fakeness. However, it depends on the individual. If you want the pure sound of the exhaust, tune the exhaust and skip this step.

The Headers

The Headers

Headers can be one of the options on how to make your car louder. They look like an octopus and have tubes visible on a side of the engine block. Moreover, the header is the point from where your car exhaust will go out of your vehicle.

This is the most important place for race cars. The racing drivers free up any resistance from the engine of the vehicle. Moreover, headers are used to increase the gas flow from the car.

It will increase the sound of the exhaust and bump up the horsepower. As a result, you will get an impressive bump in driving speed.

Headers can be expensive and hard to fit. They require specialized mechanics and are not easy to fit in. You should fit in headers in turbocharged cars. If your car is turbocharged, headers are advisable for you. This is one of the ways to make your car louder.

Moreover, this is some kind of cumulative modification system. The process can be cheaper if you have modifications in your vehicle. You can also consider changing the exhaust tips. Exhaust tips also change the sound of the exhaust slightly.

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How To Make Your Car Louder? – A Conclusion!

You know by now how to make your car louder. There are several ways on how to make your car louder. You can use headers for a higher budget. However, you can save some money if your car is already modified.

The speaker system is an efficient way of making the exhaust sound louder. However, you are not getting the real sound of the exhaust which might haunt you. So this choice depends from driver to driver. However, we recommend you to go for the cat-back exhaust system.

You are getting an aggressive sound from the exhaust. Moreover, your stock exhaust remains in your car. This is a plus point as the stock exhaust is much more reliable than the aftermarket exhausts.

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