How to Reset AC on Chevy Silverado? : A Step-by-Step Guide [2023]

SeeIs the temperature outside too hot for you to handle? Relax, turn on the AC in your Chevy Silverado!

Is your AC not functioning well? Or are you having trouble with your AC? Well, there might be many causes that lead to the malfunctioning of your Chevy Silverado’s Air Conditioning system. Are you considering fixing it on your own before taking it to a mechanic? Resetting your Chevy Silverado’s AC system might be helpful to solve the problem.

Not sure how to reset AC on Chevy Silverado? Read on to get the answer to the question.


Why is my Chevy Silverado’s AC not working?

Well, there might be multiple reasons that would stop your Chevy Silverado’s AC from not working. A few of the top reasons are:

Leakage of refrigerant

Leakage in Chevy Silverado is one of the significant problems occurring due to improper designs at times. Over time leakage of refrigerant causes low availability of refrigerant resulting in the AC losing its cooling capacity. In this case, rectification is only possible by taking your Chevy Silverado to the workshop.

Compressor Failure

It is the heart of an Air Conditioning system. If the compressor fails, it is irreparable. The compressor performs the actual task of converting the gaseous coolant into the liquid form to cool your Chevy Silverado. If the compressor fails to operate smoothly, the only available choice is to replace it with a new one.

If Chevy Silverado’s compressor fails due to insufficient lubrication replacing only the compressor would not be helpful. In this case, the entire cooling system needs replacement with the new one. If only the compressor is replaced, the new compressor would also get destroyed soon due to insufficient lubrication.

Electrical Climate Control Issue

Blend door plays the role of managing the temperature of your Chevy Silverado. It regulates air flow and temperature. If the is any issue with the temperature of the air conditioning system, there might be some issues with the blend door actuator.

“It is noticeable if you hear a slight clicking sound under the dashboard or knocking noise that is probably due to a bad blend door actuator. “

After battery change

Sometimes when you replace the old battery in your Chevy Silverado with a new one, you might face AC issues like AC not starting or not giving a cooling effect. It is possibly due to the failure of your system to self-calibrate. In this case, try to reset the AC on your own first. If the problem persists, then call a mechanic or visit a workshop to get your Chevy Silverado AC repaired.

There might be several other reasons for your Chevy Silverado’s AC not functioning well. Such as a Bad Blower motor, Dirty or Clogged Evaporator, Dirty or Clogged condenser, or Dirty air cabin filter. These may occur due to dust, pollen, and various other air particles population several parts of Chevy Silverado.

Accumulation of dirt, pollen, or air particles may lead to your Chevy Silverado’s Air Conditioning system exerting more force and pressure. It would result in poor performance of the HVAC system.

How to reset AC on Chevy Silverado?

Let us try and solve the AC issues on your Chevy Silverado by resetting it. Though it might not always solve your issues, it is always a quick solution to fix AC problems yourself before taking it to a mechanic or workshop.

You might face issues such as AC blowing hot air on one side and cold air on the other due to a dual system. There might be a couple of things resulting in the improper functioning of AC on Chevy Silverado.

Follow these simple steps to reset AC on your Chevy Silverado:

  • Step 1: The first and foremost step is to, Turn OFF the Ignition.
  • Step 2: Find the HVAC/ECAS-10 fuse on Chevy Silverado.
  • Step 3: Remove the HVAC/ECAS-10 fuse for approximately 10 seconds.
  • Step 4: Now, reinstall the HVAC/ECAS-10 fuse.
  • Step 5: Turn ON the ignition.
  • Step 6: Start your Chevy Silverado.
  • Step 7: Drive your Chevy Silverado for 1-2 minutes.
  • Step 8: Turn OFF your Chevy Silverado.

Important points to keep in mind while resetting your Chevy Silverado’s AC

  • Turn OFF the ignition before you remove the fuse.
  • Only Turn ON the ignition after reinstalling the fuse.
  • When you start your Chevy Silverado, do not touch any controls.
  • Do not touch any of the controls during the entire process.
  • The process would only take up to 5 minutes.

If you still face issues after following the above steps, there is a possibility that your Chevy Silverado’s actuator for temperature blend might have failed.

Why is good Air Conditioning required?

Summers are hot and humid, driving during summers becomes quite tiresome. An effective Air Conditioning system is one of the best ways to avoid heat and have a good driving experience during summers. An effective AC maintains the temperature inside the car irrespective of the temperature outside.

Almost all modern-day cars have now accommodated a dual system for temperature control. During the summers, the interiors are cool. Whereas, during the winters, interiors are warm by the HVAC systems.

It also maintains the temperature of our Chevy Silverado’s engine, preventing it from overheating.

Does a malfunctioning AC affect the Chevy Silverado’s performance?

Yes, a malfunctioning or inefficient AC affects your Chevy Silverado’s performance. It is Chevy Silverado’s engine that powers our HVAC systems. If the AC is not working efficiently, it will require more power from the system. It would pull more energy, thereby increasing the performance load on our system.

Does Resetting AC on Chevy Silverado solve the AC problems?

Not always! Resetting your Chevy Silverado’s Air Conditioning system might resolve AC issues sometimes but not always. If the system has not been self-calibrated after the change of battery, or due to some other technical issues calibration has failed, in this situation resetting AC would be of help.

How to detect if air conditioning is not working well?

There are multiple ways to detect improper air conditioning:

  • If there are clicking sounds or knocking sounds coming when AC is ON or the temperature of the AC is changed.
  • Out-of-date software updates.
  • Even if the temperature is high, the dual system outputs hot air instead of cold air.
  • Cold air is dispensed through the HVAC in Chevy Silverado during Winters.
  • Air distribution is not uniform, dense air distribution at one end and sparse air distribution at the other.
  • If you find moisture near the Air Conditioning system.
  • Unusual smells inside the Chevy Silverado when AC is ON.
  • High humidity levels in Chevy Silverado even when AC is at its maximum capacity.

Diagnosing if AC is not working properly in Chevy Silverado

Follow these steps to Diagnose AC in Chevy Silverado for possible AC issues:

Step 1:

  • Turn on your Chevy Silverado.
  • Now start the AC while the car is running.
  • Set the AC in your Chevy Silverado to its highest fan speed setting.
  • If a Max AC is setting choose that option.
  • Check for the “fresh air” coming from the AC vents. Also, check if it is being circulated properly inside your Chevy Silverado.

“Unless the engine is running the AC won’t start. Hence, it is necessary to start your car before proceeding with further steps.”

Step 2:

  • Listen for unusual noise from the system. You might hear a clicking noise near the dashboard, or a knocking noise it is due to the compressor. If noise is heard, the problem is with the compressor and it might need to be repaired or even in some cases replaced.

(Note: If the compressor is damaged due to a lubrication issue you need to replace the entire Air Conditioning system. Replacing only the compressor would result in damaging the new compressor soon.)

Step 3:

  • Place your hands on the vents.
  • Now, feel the air coming out of it.
  • Check if it matches with the settings you have set.
  • If you have kept the temperature of AC low, check if the air coming out is cold enough or not.
  • Reversely, if the temperature is kept of AC high, check if hot air is blowing through the vents.

Step 4:

  • Change the pressure to maximum and minimum settings to check if the airflow is like it is expected to be under normal conditions.

Step 5:

  • Check the smell coming from the vent. If the air smells foul or unusual smell circulates inside your Chevy Silverado, there is a leak.

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Final Words

Now that we have covered the question of resetting AC on Chevy Silverado.  You can first check by yourself for any AC-related issues by resetting it and then call a mechanic or go to a workshop if needed. It would save your pocket from a heavy dent! Do remember one thing, resetting AC will not always be of help. Thus, follow the steps mentioned above to find the probable fault in AC on Chevy Silverado and take action accordingly.

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