How To Turn Off Apple CarPlay? [+Easy Tips Included Here]

We all know what apple car play is. Further, Apple products like iPhone have apple car play integrated inside the system. This enables your vehicle stereo to connect to the phone operating system.

Moreover, Apple CarPlay gives all the important controls you desire to have in your vehicle stereo. This is like having an iPhone on a vehicle display.

Starting from listening to songs, using Siri which is apple’s voice assistant, you can do almost anything using the handsfree mode.

This comes in handy while driving and gives you the accessibility to focus on the road rather than phone.

However, you might want to turn it off. You might want to try something different or just disconnect your phone from the vehicle stereo.

How can you do that? Let us know below how to turn it off from the vehicle stereo. Before that, you should know some other things too like how does the Apple CarPlay work.

Further, there are even ways to turn it off temporarily. There are tons of options out there and you just need to find the one you desire to have. Let us dive into the details below.


How Does The Apple CarPlay System Work?

How Does The Apple CarPlay System Work

Apple CarPlay doesn’t work with magic. There are things that need to work before getting connected to your vehicle stereo.

Firstly, you need to connect your iPhone to the vehicle stereo. Deepening on the stereo model, it might have the option to be connected through USB or Bluetooth.

Link your iPhone to the vehicle stereo by linking your iPhone to the stereo. There is an option in your iPhone settings for Apple CarPlay.

This will get your work done. However, make sure your iPhone has the latest software and your vehicle stereo is updated too. Most importantly, you need a stereo that is Apple CarPlay compatible.

This is how the system works. However, you need to turn off it. How can you turn it off? Let us discuss them below.

First, let us know how to disconnect them temporarily.

Disconnecting Temporarily

There are tons of reasons why you might want to unlink your iPhone to the stereo. The most important reason is that you are done listening to music or using the functionality of Apple CarPlay.

Now, you just want to turn Apple CarPlay off safely. This is fairly simple to do.

There is an app in the car stereo in the form of Apple CarPlay. You need to exit the app on the stereo first. This is safe because there might be data loss if you do not quit the CarPlay app on the stereo first.

Now, you just need to turn off the Apple CarPlay option on your iPhone. This is very easy to do and this is how you are good to go.

If you are using a Bluetooth wireless connection to connect to Apple CarPlay, just disconnect the Bluetooth from iPhone. This will make your work done. Easy right?

However, you just need to unplug the USB cord if you are using USB to connect to the car stereo from your iPhone.

You can even switch to multiple iPhones fast. All you need to do is get out of the CarPlay app and repeat the steps listed above for your iPhone.

Now, you just need to connect to the iPhone you want to connect to. This is just that easy and has no complexity out there. Further, you can connect the new iPhone just like you did with yours.

There are two possible options to connect. Wired connections and wireless connections. Wireless connection will use Bluetooth technology whereas wired connection uses a USB cable to connect iPhone to the car stereo.

You can pair a new device by pressing and holding the voice control button on your vehicle’s steering wheel.

So there are three steps to temporarily disconnect your iPhone from the car stereo. First, you need to quit the Apple CarPlay app on the stereo.

Then you need to disconnect your iPhone and turn your car off. This is how it works.

However, there are other cases too. How to turn off it for other cases? Let’s discuss them below.

Other Ways of Disconnecting

Other Ways of Disconnecting

There might be some different cases where you need to disconnect CarPlay from your vehicle. Further, you might just want to use the stereo but charge your iPhone too without using the Apple CarPlay through a USB drive.

Note that you need to install the latest software for your iPhone before heading out to try this method. At first, connect your iPhone to the USB of stereo.

You will see that CarPlay starts automatically. Now, head over to setting on iPhone and go to screen time and then to content and privacy restrictions.

Now, go to the Allowed apps section and disable the Apple CarPlay toggle switch. This will allow your iPhone to be charged without letting it connect to Apple CarPlay on the vehicle stereo.

However, there is a different approach if you want to disconnect Apple CarPlay for a longer time. Suppose you do not want to use Apple CarPlay for many days.

All you need to do is go to setting and go to Apple CarPlay options. There you will see your vehicle stereo. All you need to do is to unpair the device from your iPhone.

Further, this will prevent your iPhone from automatically connecting to it when you connect to USB for charging.

Note that there are tons of stereos out there. Further, different stereos have different functions on how to disconnect Apple CarPlay from vehicle stereo.

However, note that there are specific stereo models like the ones in Honda.

For Honda vehicles, you need to go to the stereo settings and go to connections. You will find a smartphone connection there. Further, select Apple CarPlay and choose your iPhone from that list.

Select delete devise. This will disable the vehicle stereo from automatically connecting to your iPhone’s Apple CarPlay.

There are models like the ones of Hyundai where there is an option to totally disable Apple CarPlay Settings. All you need to do is go to the connection settings and select CarPlay preferences.

There is an option to disable the apple CarPlay function. This should do all the work you need.

Note that we are not indicating any specified models. Your vehicle might have different settings. However, all iPhones have the same option.

Therefore, we recommend you disconnect the apple car play option from your devise.

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There are multiple ways to disconnect from your vehicle. Further, we hope this answers your question.

Apple CarPlay is a handy feature only accessible to the iPhone users out there. However, you might not need to use one for which you need to disconnect it from the stereo.

We recommend you follow Apple CarPlay disconnecting option from the iPhone.

This is much more hassle-free and should get your work done properly.

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