Privacy Policy

In Jack Harris Music (JHM), available at, we care about your privacy. Our purpose is to gain your confidence by providing an honest and non-intrusive service as an informational website and affiliate site. For that, we follow a selection of rules in regards to our collection and handling of data.

Be aware, everything disclosed within this privacy policy relates to JHM ( and all its sub-pages. The way other websites handle and collect information is not in our dominion.

What is JHM About

We are an informational website that provides info content to help people make better decisions and solve their niche problems. We explain how this website functions and why it is so essential to understand its functionality:

Amazon Affiliate Disclosure is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon, the Amazon logo, AmazonSupply, and the AmazonSupply logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates.

JHM’s whole purpose is to provide readers with more in-depth information about products or services, using testimonials and reviews from genuine buyers and clients.

FTC Disclosure

All the operations within JHM follow all the latest FTC guidelines. From reviews to completely informational content, they all match regulations to ensure a safe and legal experience. For that reason, we need to explain that:

  • JHM’s sole purpose is to deliver informational content to help readers more informed decisions, saving them money, time, and effort. We use the web information from manufacturers, distributors, and customers of every product or service we talk about.
  • As an Amazon Affiliate, we may earn fees from every purchase made through the website. This includes products and services we review and any advertisement that displays on the page and its sub-pages.

Testimonials and Information

As mentioned before, we use testimonials and information from various sources to deliver truthful, genuine, and valuable content.

Most of the testimonials we use as sources come directly from buyers, customers, and/or buyers from the products and services we mention. Not one is obliged nor pushed to give their testimonial or personal information to the website. More importantly, everything is publicly available and free to use without drawbacks.

All the information we handle regarding products and services comes from third-party websites. This includes and its affiliates or manufacturing companies. We don’t take information from unreliable sources.

This builds up the reliability necessary to provide content that allows our readers to make better purchasing decisions accordingly.

How JHM Handles Your Data

Below, we explain how JHM ( and all its sub-pages may gather data from every reader. We also explain how the website handles and stores this data.

Understand that treatment of all this data depends heavily on regulations and rules, as explained above. They may also change to fit the best practices in the industry and prevent unwanted behavior from third-party hands.

Everything we are going to disclose below pertains only to JHM ( and its sub-pages. Third-party websites, including Amazon, affiliates, and manufacturers, is not in our jurisdiction. Look for the Privacy Policy of each of those websites for more information.

Data Collection

Some of the data we collect is of personal nature. Meaning, we may collect full name, address. email, and other relevant data. But this is only when you release such data to use. We don’t gather any of this data without your permission.

The only way we collect this type of data is when you sign up to our newsletter, send a message using our contact form, or eventually make a request that demands you to share such data. In any other scenario, we won’t collect any of this personal information.

Cookie Technology

While we don’t collect personal data without your permission, technologies like cookies and similar tracking features from the browser may collect some data automatically. This data, however, is not of personal nature, so there’s nothing to worry about.

This data is collected with the sole purpose of providing a more personalized experience. This often means fitting the website and advertisements to match your preferences and browsing history. Having said that, cookies can be disabled directly from your web browser if necessary.

Once again, it is worth nothing that cookies only provide general data used by the browser. They don’t gather or store personal data that could be used against you.

Handling of Information

In case any governmental entity asks us for your personal data, we are in total obligation to give up the data as necessary. This is only if governmental bodies require the data and only when subjected to pertinent laws. In case no law pertains to the collection of the data, and we don’t find ourselves in the obligation to provide it, we won’t do so.

Here are some of the cases in which we may need to give your data away to government institutions:

  • In case the law of a specific jurisdiction in which we operate obliges us to.
  • For situations where the data is used to protect you against or prevent unwanted behavior (illegal transactions, fraud, theft, etc.).
  • When the data is going to be used for investigation, as long as it is subjected to the laws in the areas we operate.

We do not provide any personal information to any institution, business, or entity apart from those directly linked to governmental power. And even in that case, it will be only for fruitful and preventative measures.

Safety Commitment

Every single piece of data we collect, store and handle is entirely safe. We put in place encryption and storage services that prevent any unwanted handling of the data so you can rest assured none of it will be put to wrong use.

In case the data needs to be revised or handled manually, only authorized officials or agents with NDA (non-disclosure agreements) can access it. No one apart from official members of the team from security authorities will access that data.

Children Protection

Apart from making sure all your data is secured and properly managed, we also make sure not to collect, store, or handle any data from children under 13.

In these cases, the handling of the data could happen due to automatic processes. As soon as the data is detected to belong to underaged children, it will be permanently deleted.

Be aware that we are not responsible for any mismanagement and/or misuse of the internet in children’s hands.

Contact Information

In case you want to chat with us regarding all our data management system and way of handling the information, you can always chat with us.

Use the Contact Us page to send us a message. Remember, all the data you give us will be collected and stored only as long as you are aware of it.

We reserve the right to change all these politics, agreements, and rules depending on the situation. However, changes will be posted and explained as needed.