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Top 10 Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 (Review Guide: 2022)

Sometimes choosing The Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500 becomes very difficult for the users. Some are not a suitable choice from the list of different shocks that could fit on a GMC Sierra.

Shock absorbers will fail to provide expected performance on the street if you choose the wrong one.

In this review, we will shortly discuss 10 shocks for GMC Sierra 1500 users to try out.

From Bilstein to ACDelco, Rancho, Monroe, KYB, Fox, and more are available in this review.

You can choose the right one by reading this review.

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Comparison Table

Bilstein : 24238304
ACDelco : 530-301
Rancho : RS55265 & RS55198
KYB : 565104
Bilstein : 24-186643
Monroe : 34504
Bilstein : 33-238319
ACDelco : 903-035RS
KYB : SR4079
Fox : 2.0

What are the Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500?

Bilstein has won a reputation as the best shock for the GMC Sierra 1500 due to its durability.

Asides from that, it also promises an improved level of comfort when driving by balancing up the vehicle.

Why Bilstein is the best brand for GMC Sierra 1500?

Bilstein can be described as the best brand for the GMC Sierra 1500 because all the features it offers are only seen in high-quality options such as this.

They are easily installed and are resistant to both corrosion and rust.

Top 10 Best Shocks For GMC Sierra 1500

01. Bilstein 24238304 Shock Absorber – Best for the GMC Sierra 1500


Highlighted features:

  • Improves ride quality.
  • Aids wheel alignment.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Zinc coated design.
  • Fits the GMC Sierra 1500

Blistein 24238304 is a shock absorber that helps in improving the quality of a user’s ride.

After installation, it helps elevate the shock from the ground and gives it a better amount of distance from the ground.

When installing the absorber, there is usually no need to hire a professional or even modify the edges.

From the factory, it has been designed to fit into the vehicle easily.

“Another significance of the shock absorber is the zinc coating that protects it from getting scratched easily”

With this, users are offered a more durable design.


  • Designed to last.
  • Can be installed easily.
  • Helps in aligning the vehicle wheel.
  • Offers more comfort.


  • Not available.

02. ACDelco 530-301 Shock – Best Gas Charged Absorber


Highlighted features:

  • Includes Piston rod.
  • Self-lubricating technology.
  • Reduced fluid aeration.
  • Scratch-resistant frame.
  • More control.

ACDelco 530-301 Gas-Charged Shock Absorber provides better control when installed on a vehicle.

Using the gas-charged shock absorber means that you have a self-lubricating component that goes into your vehicle.

With this, the shock absorber is highly resistant to corrosion and the effects of rusting.

Designed with a hardened but chromed piston rod, the shock absorber has an ultra-smooth surface that looks good on the vehicle.

With consideration to the chroming feature, it does a great job of resisting scratches on the surface.

Even when used on terrible roads, the surface stays the same and still looks as new as it can be.

When looking for a shock absorber with a better seal life, this one makes a list. Inside the shock comes minimal internal friction that helps to keep it highly durable as well.

ACDelco 530-301 comes with a gas charge that allows for lesser fluid aeration. What this offers is a better response time and a reduced amount of foaming, among others.

“For a shock absorber, this one provides more control than those that are non-gas charged”

With this package comes an o-ring hydraulic piston seal that helps achieve a minimized level of piston blow.


  • Comes with more control.
  • Designed to be durable.
  • Offers a better response time.
  • Resistant to scratches.


  • Could be stiff sometimes.

03. Rancho RS55265 RS55198 Absorber pair – Best for a 4WD


Highlighted features:

  • Comes as a pair (front and rear).
  • Includes protective boots (red).
  • Specific tuning features.
  • Designed for a 4WD.
  • Velocity-sensitive valving.

Rancho designed this package to come as an absorber pair to cater to the vehicle’s front and rear areas.

An advantage of this is that it takes out the need to make a different purchase of shock absorbers for each vehicle area.

Another distinguishing feature of the shock absorber pair is that it comes with a pair of red protective boots.

Those boots are an addition that users love to see when they purchase shock absorber pairs.

To give users the luxury of turning the shock to fit their vehicle’s particular needs, the Rancho pair is a desirable choice.

These tuning features are enabled by a ten-stage velocity-sensitive valving that was built into the design.

Knowing that the GMC Sierra 1500 is a 4WD-enabled vehicle, this shock absorber was designed specifically to fit the vehicle.

“As a result of this, for users that own a 2WD, this is not the most suitable option that they could adopt for their vehicle.”


  • Works best with the GMC Sierra 1500.
  • Allows being tuned.
  • Comes as a pair of shock absorbers.
  • Comes with a protective boot.


  • Not suitable for a 2WD.

04. KYB 565104 MonoMax Absorber – Best for Monomax


Highlighted features:

As a shock absorber, the KYB 565104 MonoMax Absorber is the perfect upgrade to go in a vehicle.

KYB 565104 offers forty percent more damping performance than may not be found in other shock absorbers on the market.

If there is a need for a shock that would provide the optimum performance upgrade, this would be a good choice.

For a vehicle that needs more suspension for your vehicle, the shock also provides an upgrade.

In the shock absorber comes a truck mono-tube design that functions better than other standard options on the market.

Even when users have to navigate through extreme conditions, the shock holds its integrity.

All of this is enabled with a zinc-coated and yet stainless steel piston ring that makes up the shock.

An advantage of this property is that it is highly resistant to moisture and other terrible conditions.

The shock absorber comes with protective rubber boots for dirt and debris that may be on the road while driving. They do the job of protecting the shaft and keeping the seal safe at all times.

“When driving, it does not provide as much smoothness as may be expected.”

After purchase, the installation process comes easy and does not take time.

Users also do not need to hire a professional to install the shock absorber on their vehicles.


  • Comes with a protected piston ring.
  • Provides more suspension.
  • Keeps dirt and debris out.
  • Works under extreme conditions.


  • Not very smooth.

05. Bilstein (24-186643) 5100 Series – Best for Shock System


Highlighted features:

  • Made from steel.
  • Provides vehicle firmness.
  • High-end construction materials.
  • Includes protective boots.
  • Easy installation.

Bilstein 5100 series is one shock absorber that helps in optimizing the effectiveness of the vehicle.

For the sake of offering users a level of strength that is not gotten with other types of shock absorbers, it is made of steel.

With the stainless steel frame, it is less susceptible to corrosion and the effects of rust.

Another distinctive feature of this shock absorber is that it gives the Sierra enough stability to work on unstable roads.

“Some users have discovered that though this shock absorber can be highly effective on regular roads, it does not work for off-roading functions.”


  • Designed with stainless steel.
  • Resistant to corrosion.
  • Provides balance for the vehicle.
  • Comes with a protective boot.


  • Not suitable for off-roading.

06. Monroe 34504 Shock Absorber – Best for Gas-Magnum


Highlighted features:

  • Reduced operating pressure.
  • More fluid operation.
  • Consistent performance.
  • Uses non-dust shields.
  • Offers long service life.

Monroe 34504 Gas-Magnum is a gas shock absorber that helps bring down the pressure needed for a vehicle to perform.

With the shock, the vehicle would boast of a better working life span due to the reduced pressure.

All of this is made possible with a one-inch bore unit that comes with the design.

Inside the shock absorber comes a reserve tube that measures two inches. What the components offer in the shock absorber is a more fluid and spontaneous operation.

For a shock which shock, users are given a more consistent performance while installed into their vehicle.

Another distinguishing feature that comes with the Monroe shock absorber is a 5/8 inch piston rod.

For the users to have a more durable shock absorber, this piston rod is built to be a heavy-duty nitro-carburized rod that stays protected from extreme conditions.

Users of the GMC Sierra 1500 can use this shock absorber in their vehicles without running into problems.

All of this is made possible because the shock was designed especially for such a vehicle.


  • Designed to last long.
  • Uses a heavy-duty piston rod.
  • Ensures a more fluid operation.
  • Comes protected from dust.


  • Difficult to get a return order.

07. Bilstein 33-238319 Shock Absorber – Best for the elevation


Highlighted features:

  • Stays sturdy.
  • Improves the vehicle feel.
  • Includes a front leveling.
  • Durable designs.
  • Fits the GMC Sierra 1500.

Bilstein 33-238319 is a shock absorber with strong components that can last even under intense situations.

With such a peculiarity, they remain sturdy when out on the road. Unlike other shocks that could get noisy due to the unstable placement that it is compelled to adopt.

At the front of the vehicle, the shock absorber provides some sort of leveling. With this, it becomes possible to drive, and the Sierra stays balanced on the road.

For the leveling functions, the elevation is designed to be at least two inches high.

Another advantage of the leveling is that it takes the vehicle a bit higher from the ground. What this does is reduce the contact it makes with speed bumps and the ground in general.

They both ensure that the vehicle does not get damaged when going through rough terrains.

“As a durable shock absorber that has been designed to withstand intense conditions, this one makes it a waterproof absorber”

Even when driving in an area that is slightly flooded, the shock absorber does a good job of going through the area without being susceptible to corrosion.


  • Designed to be waterproof.
  • Comes with a front lift.
  • Stays stable while in use.
  • Lifted from the ground.


  • Not enough review.

08. ACDelco 903-035RS Spring Assembly – Best for performance


Highlighted feature:

  • High carbon steel construction.
  • Chrome-plated design.
  • Offers precision tolerance.
  • Includes anti-foaming agents.
  • Smooth operating surface.

ACDelco spring assembly is one of the best shocks as it promises the vehicle a remarkable performance after installation.

In the package comes a pre-assembled kit that beats the need for the individual component.

Pre-assembled installation saves the general time that would have been used in coupling the shock in the first place.

Being made of steel, the shock is highly resistant to rust and corrosion. Users can use this shock in areas that are prone to flooding without the shock losing its strength.

For durability, the steel was chosen to be also high in carbon properties.

For users to have a convenient experience while using the shock on their GMC Sierra 1500, the design comes with a special tube bore.

When considering the tube bore, it is a type that has been micro-finished. What they do is ensure that the piston and seal operate smoothly.

Another thing that the shock offers is a high-performing hydraulic oil feature that comes with comes friction modifiers.

With this, they are able to have a remarkable level of friction.

“ACDelco shock absorber comes with anti-foaming agents that help in consistently damping the force of the vehicle”


  • Highly resistant to rust.
  • Comes with an anti-foaming agent.
  • Tolerates a crisp blow-off waxing.
  • Controls the temperature range.


  • Comes with missing hardware.

09. KYB SR4079 Strut Plus – Best assembled set.


Highlighted features:

  • Fits the GMC Sierra 1500.
  • Optimizes the vehicle’s height.
  • Better handling capabilities.
  • Pre-assembled fitment.
  • Corrosion-resistant.

KYB SR4079 Strut is a shock assemble that belongs to the OEM range of high-definition struts.

As a result of this, the shock absorber is one that is suitable for the GMC Sierra 1500.

They ensure that vehicle operates with better control and stability.

When making use of this shock absorber, users are allowed to have a shock that optimizes the height of the vehicle.

In some cases, it can help lift the vehicle further away from the ground than it normally is.

Even those that are in search of professional results can make use of this shock absorber due to several reasons.

One of the reasons is that it is designed to fit in exactly, and it also comes pre-assembled.

Pre-assembled shocks are easier to install and save users some time in installation.

Another thing that stands out in this shock absorber is that it has been fatigue tested.

With this, it comes with a better coil spring and is expected to offer more in terms of durability.

They are also coated to withstand corrosion and stop it from rusting even when used in a wet area.

“If there is a vehicle that is designed with an electronic safety system, then this is a choice of a shock absorber for such a need”


  • Engineered to fit without modifications.
  • Works with ECS designs.
  • Offers better handling.
  • Resistant to corrosion.


  • Comes with a hole in the box.

10. Fox 2.0 Performance Shock – Best for multiple uses.


Highlighted features:

  • Comes as a set (4).
  • Includes necessary accessories.
  • Re-usable mounting bolts.
  • Fits the GMC Sierra 1500.
  • No mounting plates.

Fox 2.0 is a performance shock that provides users the opportunity to but one that can serve more than one area at a time.

As a shock, it comes in a set of four that covers the front and rear areas of the vehicle.

With this, there is no need to purchase a new one for each area of the vehicle.

“If the vehicle that has this installed goes off-road, it could perform quite differently. Users have noticed that it went a little harder and faster than it should normally operate”

When making use of this shock absorber, users don’t have to worry about purchasing accessories to go with it during installation.

In the package comes a washer, mounting bolts, bushings, reservoir clamps, and more.

For the mounting bolt, it can be reused when the need occurs.

All that may be needed is to lubricate the bolts, and then they would hold your new shock with the same strength as the last one.



  • Runs a little harder when off-road.

Buyer’s Consideration

When picking out a suitable shock absorber, it is important to pick out the one with the best qualities.

They ensure that your vehicle has the right support to function while being used on the road.

In this section are some of the things to consider before picking out the best shocks.

Check them out below:

Mounting Accessories

Installing the Shocks on a GMC Sierra 1500 is something that has to be considered during purchase.

They are important because one that is hard to install would cost the users more time and then even require the help of a professional-getting professional means that the user has to spend extra money on paying for their services.

Also, check out the package and how it arrives. Even those that can be easily fixed by the user need certain accessories for the mounting process to be successful.

Some of the accessories involved in such is a washer, mounting bolts, bushings, reservoir clamps, etc.

With all of this, it is easier to install the shock absorber with much ease.

Note, there are some that may not explicitly lay out the properties, but they are still a good choice.

Some shock absorbers are packaged with the accessories already pre-installed, and then all that is needed is just to fix it into the right place in your vehicle.


A durable shock absorber can function even under extreme conditions without functioning less than it normally should.

However, a sign of durability is the type of components that are used in making the shock absorber in the first place.

Some of them are created with strong metal components that cannot break easily while being in use.

Also, they are coated with paint to keep water out and protect it from corrosion.

Ordinarily, when a metal frame is constantly exposed to water, the quality begins to depreciate, and then it becomes less effective.

Such situations are caused by making use of a shock absorber that has not been coated, so rust finds its way into the absorber.

When on the market for a shock absorber, ensure it is properly coated and has the ability to stay safe from the effects of corrosions.

With this, users don’t have to purchase a new one so frequently, thereby saving them some cost expenditure.

The better the quality, the longer it stays in use.

Shock boots

Shock absorbers are constantly used on the road, and during this period, it is only normal for it to pick up dirt, dust, and debris along the way.

Such things happen the most when the vehicle is driven off-road or in areas that are not so clean.

However, these dirt and other components could go into shock and then ruin the performance.

For this reason, it is important to pick out one that can solve this problem without extra effort.

Shock boots are made of plastic or any other mild component that can be used in covering up the shock absorber.

They ensure that none of those harmful particles get into the shock, and then it functions as effectively as it would in a normal situation.

When picking out a shock absorber to go with the GMC Sierra 1500, ensure that it comes with a shock boot.

They would take out the possibility of the shock needing frequent replacement, unlike the other options.


Users of a GMC Sierra 1500 may not always have the same budget, and so the shock absorber they would choose would differ as well.

For this reason, it is always important that you go for one that is within your budget.

There are several on this review, and so any one of them can be a suitable choice because they are equally effective.

Note, a shock absorber that is bigger than your budget would end up costing you other things.

If the price goes too deep, then it could even require that the user takes advantage, and that is something that should be avoided.

Performance level

In this review, it has been noted that certain shock absorbers improve how the GMC Sierra 1500 would function.

Well, having a better suspension is a desirable quality in every vehicle.

So, as a buyer, it is better you go for one that would offer these kinds of properties.

They would be maximizing the purchase and making it easier to have a highly functional vehicle at the end of the day.


How can users identify a worn-out shock absorber?

Once the shock absorber starts making noises that were not there in the first place, then it is probably having problems.

Noises in the shock absorber could be because of something that has gotten into the area and obstructed the functions.

Some of the particles could be dirt and debris that the vehicle picked along the way.

They could get intense enough to even restrict the functions of the shock in the vehicle.

Check them out, and then clean out the area to ensure it is free from anything.

Another sign that a shock absorber is worn out is when rusts begin to build around the metal frame.

Rust could be caused by water that has consistently found its way around the shock absorber.

Normally, the shock absorber should have a coating that keeps the water out, but if it doesn’t, then you should check it if it becomes weak.

What are the ways to maintain a shock absorber?

Maintaining a shock absorber is something that users should always pay attention to.

Part of the reason is that it helps ensure that the absorber stays functional for a long time.

For maintenance’s sake, ensure that you check the shock and then lubricate it.

Also, check for any clogs that may have found themselves in the area.

If they are already hardened, then make use of a scraper to break through the dirt that may be difficult to remove ordinarily.

Create schedules that would help in ensuring you constantly check the area for any irregularities.

Can the shock absorbers work for off-roading duties?

Well, when off-roading these shock absorbers may not be the best option because of how they are built.

Even though some have the durability for being used under intense roading functions, they would not be advisable.

For such a duty, check out those that are specially designed for such a situation.


For the sake of getting a new shock absorber for a GMC Sierra 1500, it is better to have the best available on the market.

Finding the best is not something that could come easy, but with the right direction, it could be achieved.

In this post, all the best shocks have been highlighted, with what makes them distinct.

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