Silverado Leveling Kit Problems: Common Problems & Effective Solutions

For most Silverado users, Silverado leveling kit problems can be a headache. We have heard many users complain about these problems. However, what they do not realize is these problems are common. Likewise, there is a solution for every single one of them. That is why today we will talk about it. In this article, we will provide the best solutions for each issue. Before we talk about these issues, it is necessary to know about the Silverado leveling kit.


Use of the Silverado Leveling Kit

Usually, a leveling kit can lift the front of your Silverado truck. Adding a leveling kit will come in handy when you install larger wheels.

Most Common Leveling Kit Problems

Wrong Alignment of the Kit

We will start with the most common problem that Silverado users face. Improper alignment can cause some issues for your Silverado. So, avoiding such a situation is the best treatment.

How to Identify the Issue?

After the installation process, if you observe the following issues, you can confidently decide that the leveling kit has some aligning problems.

  • Unusual and strong vibration while driving your Silverado
  • Your truck will pull on one side on a straight road.
  • Tires will wear off quickly.

Damages and Effects

Whenever your truck starts to vibrate unusually, it will make your riding experience uncomfortable. It will also affect badly towards your truck’s interior. In other words, it will decrease your truck’s condition.

How to Fix the Issue?

If you miss checking the alignment after the installation, this issue might occur; the casters in your vehicle will reset the slope. Subsequently, after the new leveling kit installation, you should check your vehicle’s alignment. It will correct any alignment issues that occurred during the installation.

Higher level of Fuel Consuming

This is another issue that most Silverado users have to deal with. Usually, a Silverado comes with poor fuel consumption-this is a well-known fact among Silverado users.

Reason for High Fuel Consumption

To understand the reason behind this issue, it is vital to know a bit about the concept of Physics. Usually, a vehicle gets a large amount of resistance from air. When the exposed area becomes big, the air resistance level will be higher too. In other words, if there is no air resistance, the vehicle can accelerate smoothly.

“But whenever you install a new leveling kit, the above-talked area becomes much larger. So, the air resistance will be higher than usual.”

To fend off that extra air resistance, the vehicle needs to burn more fuel. In other words, the engine will provide more power to your truck.

For instance, when the lift height is higher than three inches, your Silverado truck will burn more fuel. Ultimately, this will result in higher fuel consumption.

In the racing world, they use this theory to good use. They make racing cars closer to the ground. That way, those cars deal with less air resistance.

How to Fix the Issue?

The solution for this issue will depend on your requirement. For example, if you need a 4-inch lift for your Silverado, you might compromise on the fuel consumption. Meaning that your Silverado will burn more fuel or, you can go with more fuel-saving methods like a 1.5 or 2- inch lift. Yet, 2-inch would not be enough for off-road driving. Hence, make your decision accordingly. This is a Silverado leveling kit problem that you can fix effortlessly without much hassle.

Suspension System Damages

This is one Silverado leveling kit problem that you cannot avoid. It does not matter which leveling kit you install; it will put extra strain on your Silverado’s suspension system. Further, the strain will depend on the height of the lift. Most Silverado owners complain about this suspension problem.

Reason for Suspension System Damage

Why is installing leveling kit can cause damage to your suspension system?

Usually, installing a leveling kit affect directly toward suspension systems geometry. It will increase the stress remarkably. After a while, you can see wear and tear on your suspension system.

Damages and Effects

A damaged suspension system can lead to various issues such as instability and imbalance while driving your Silverado. Most owners ignore this imbalance issue. However, they need to realize that a damaged suspension is similar to a broken leg that is easily removable. Yet, there is a higher chance of causing accidents. Do not take unnecessary risks; fix the suspension issue immediately.

Here are some of the disastrous outcomes that can occur due to damaged suspension.

  • You might get into a huge accident
  • Because of the additional vibration, the engine might get damaged
  • Some engine issues might occur

How to Fix the Issue?

To avoid this issue, we highly recommend that you get professional help for leveling kit installation process. When you hire a professional, he will ensure risk-free installation. Furthermore, he will check the vehicle alignment after the installation.

Improper Installation

If you install the leveling kit incorrectly, it will cause serious issues. However, the problem is, most users do not even know that they install it incorrectly. Finishing an installation process, yourself is no easy task; if you are willing to take the challenge, we admire that. If you have doubts about the installation, you should always hire a professional. It might cost some money, but you will save more by not damaging your Silverado.

How to Identify the Issue?

If your Silverado shows the following symptoms, the reason could be the incorrect installation of the leveling kit.

  • Poor riding experience
  • Unable to absorb impacts in a proper manner
  • One side pulling

As we mention in the previous issues, ignoring these problems can lead to more catastrophic outcomes. Therefore, do not save a few dollars; get help from a professional.

Damages and Effects

Improperly installing the Silverado leveling kit will result in concerning consequences; it can mess up your alignment. Besides, it can cause damage to the suspension system. In some cases, the suspension system might fail.

Warranty Issues

Most people hesitate to get a new leveling kit for Silverado because of the warranty. When you get an upgrade for your Silverado, the warranty period might get invalid. Thus the people choose the warranty period rather than the leveling kit, and nothing wrong with that either.

How to Check

In this kind of situation, contact the manufacturer at the earliest. Afterward, ask the manufacturer if they still honor the warranty even after installing the Silverado kit. This tactic is more accurate than asking various agents and suppliers to contact the company directly.

How to Fix the Issue?

As we discussed in the above sections, first get the confirmation about the warranty issue. The answer will be the same as we mentioned earlier. Hence, whenever you install a leveling kit, the company will void the warranty.

Problems with Shocks

This is a common Silverado leveling kit problem; that most owners deal with. When you lift the Silverado, the factory-made shocks will not work smoothly. Sometimes, they get damaged or broken after a few days.

How to Fix the Issue?

There are two different methods that you can try out to fix the shocks problem.

The first one is:

You need to remove the old shocks and replace them with much larger ones.

“Yet, the downside is after new shocks; your Silverado’s performance will decrease notably. It would not function as well as the factory-made shocks.”

The second one is:

Minimizing the lift is another way to bypass the shocks problem. Make sure not to lift too much. The factory-made shocks will perform well even after the leveling kit installation if the lift height is not that higher. Therefore you can use the old Silverado shocks.

Tie Rods Issues

This is very similar to the shock issue. When you install the leveling kit, the angle of the tie rods will change.

“In that case, the angle of the tie rods might change due to the lift. Nevertheless, this issue can be ignored if you are not using the Silverado for off-road driving or not installing larger Beadlock wheels.”

If you use factory-made tie rods after the installation for off-road riding, the tie rods might break.

However, as long as you are not planning off-road driving, the factory-made tie rods would not be a problem for your vehicle.

How to Fix the Issue?

The only solution to this tie rods problem is replacing them with new ones. Hence, we highly recommend changing the tie rods after installing the Silverado leveling kit.

Regular Maintenance Needs

When we change the default mechanism of the vehicle, it tends to act differently. In this case, by installing the leveling kit, we change the Silverado’s stock mechanism. As you can understand from the last two sections; replace the suspension, shocks, and tie rods while installing a new leveling kit.

When we replace the original part with the new ones; most vehicle parts will show more wear and tear than usual. Consequently, this is one of the biggest problems you might encounter as an owner. The maintenance costs will be increased automatically with more wear and tear.

How to Prevent Above Silverado Leveling Kit Problems

You can avoid these problems if you take the appropriate action. Here are some methods that will help avert any problems.

  • Proper maintenance
  • Leveling kit servicing
  • High-quality parts installation
  • Acquiring professional help
  • Using factory-made parts

If you follow the above guidelines, you can prevent most of the problems that occur after installing the leveling kit.

Cost of the Silverado Leveling Kit

For a Silverado truck, a lifting kit is a must-have upgrade. It enables off-road driving and many other factors.

However, for this upgrade, you will have to spend money. The following factors determine the overall cost.

  • Silverado leveling kit price
  • How are you going to install the leveling kit (with or without a professional)
  • How much you are going to lift the truck (when you go above 3- inch mark, you might have to replace a suspension, shocks, and tie rods)

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Will Installing a leveling kit affect the Silverado riding quality?

When you are buying a brand new leveling kit, make sure to buy it from a renowned manufacturer. Most importantly, seek professional assistance for the installation process.
If you do the above two things correctly, you do not have to worry about the riding quality. Nevertheless, your Silverado might burn more fuel than usual.

Is lifting my Silverado worth it?

Yes, it is worth more than you realize. Lifting your truck will give it a whole new angle. Besides, it will provide better protection against potholes which is extremely advantageous during off-road driving.

What are the replacements, you have to do after installing a new Silverado leveling kit?

It depends on how much you want to lift the truck. For instance, if your lift your vehicle under 3 inches, you need to replace only the suspension system. On the other hand, you can save the suspension system if you opt for a proper alignment.
Apart from it, anything above 3 inches will create some performance issues for your Silverado. As a consequence, you will have to replace shocks and tie rods.

Do I have to perform front alignment after the Silverado leveling kit installation?

Yes, you should perform a front alignment. Otherwise, your suspension might get damaged, leading to the following symptoms.
1. Instability and imbalance while driving
2. Unusual vibrations while driving
3. Some minor engine issues

Wrap Up

All things considered, we can confidently say that the Silverado leveling kit is a must-have upgrade for any Silverado model. You will experience Silverado leveling kit problems at most times. You can avoid the above issues if you take the necessary steps and protocols.

Hence, do not let these problems stop you from a valuable Silverado upgrade. Make sure to study the problems before you install the leveling kit. Eventually, it will make your life much easier, significantly enriching the drivability and riding experience.

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