Ford Ranger Won’t Start Just Clicks: 13 Reasons Your Ford Ranger Won’t Work!

You wake up early in the morning to meet up with an urgent appointment only to discover that your usually reliable Ford Ranger won’t start just clicks and stops.

How frustrating and let down you will feel. The sudden breakdown of a vehicle happens every day, so you should expect it because vehicles and their parts are machines that can develop unexpected faults at any time.

Whichever model of Ford brand you have, you will intermittently experience problems like the 2003 Ford Ranger won’t start just clicks or Ford Ranger starting problems electrical, it is your responsibility to expect problems eventuality and handle them when it occurs.

If you are reading this article, you are probably having a Ford Ranger problem, and you need help in fixing it. There are different Ford Ranger won’t start problems, fixing it, therefore, relies on identifying different Ford Ranger click problems.


Knowing your clicks

After reading this part of the article, you will discover how to identify the different ford clicking problems and fixing options. First, what is the reason for Ford car clicking issues?

Polaris Ranger won’t start just click issues and tips

Polaris ranger won’t start just clicks issues and tips

Clicking sounds in automobiles like the Ford Ranger is usually an indicator of underlying car part problems(s). The click can be a single click to rapid click, each pointing out Ford Ranger problems that may or may not require immediate fixing.

For instance, rapid clicking occurs when the car starter releases a quick click when trying to crank your car engine. Low battery is the culprit for rapid clicks.

When the battery power has reduced, its hold on the starter spindle becomes too weak to crank the Ford range engine.

The motor gear(s) and solenoid cause endless clicking noise when attempting to connect to a matching engine’s gear without success.

Single clicks Ford won’t start issues

Single-click or intermittent click happens your car emits single clicks at the interval.

If you have experienced irregular clicks issues, then you are familiar with the frustration and helplessness that comes with it, especially if it is an advanced tech diesel engine with a complete electrical plug, sensors, and other parts.

This section is for you if you are experiencing a condition where your ranger engine starts well this minute and stops the next minute.

Troubleshooting with the assumption

Assuming your new battery is tested and is working optimally, electrical plugs are checked and sprayed, all battery terminals cleaned without any corrosion, and the ground link is secured and safe.

What then could be the problem; why is your car releasing clicks without starting?

The possible culprit is a dead starter motor or a gradual dying glow plug. You also may need to check your glow plug transmit if the intermittent clicks are fast becoming worse.

The question is, how can you know if your Glow plug relay is working fine? The answer is to check whether your battery earth connection is functioning fine.

Battery earth connection troubleshooting

It is a fast do-it-yourself technique that involves using jumper lead or a broad cable to connect the battery straight to the engine block.

If your car engine block starts, great! But if it doesn’t, there is no loss because the culprit is now exposed.

13 other Reasons your 2003 Ford Ranger won’t start:

13 other Reasons your 2003 ford ranger won’t start

A problem with a faulty weak Ford Ranger battery is a sign of different underlying issues on your car.

One of such issues is a feeble light, a fundamental vehicle issue that virtually everyone knows how to fix. What if you try to jump-start your Ford, and it can idle?

01. Ford Jump start trouble

The likely problem is the alternator. When your car is running, the alternator should boost your battery. If you start noticing gradual fading lights, it means your alternator is damaged.

02. Defective charging problems

Faulty charging problems can hinder your driving experience and make you frustrated.

If your car is not charging and showing charging issues like displaying a red battery signal, or after a few revs, your light dip and glow at intervals, check your charging systems, its performance may not 100% functional; additionally, look at your battery life and alternator.

03. Irregular starting troubles

If your Ford Ranger starts irregularly, the reason could be connected to a dire earth link to the engine. The body and the engine are connected through a broad earth band.

Like every car part, the strap could slacken or disconnect slightly from the engine, leading to erratic starting issues.

04. Battery earth connection

“You are not alone when your car battery gives you trouble. One of the main reasons for roadside assistance is battery failures. Most of the complaints are during the summer season.”

The best troubleshooting tactic for a faulty battery is to locate the wire linked with the positive connection and direct it to the solenoid.

The diesel pump where you can get the solenoid is by the engine side, after the connection, the bypass will indicate the source of the battery earth connection problem.

05. Ford won’t start no click problem

Your Ford indicates no clicks when it has starter and failed solenoid issues. No click means that the Ford Ranger won’t start no clicks; this is different from the actual troubles.

Now that you know how to isolate 5 common Ford Ranger problems, next is to discuss the 2000 Ford Ranger won’t start just click issues.

06. Ford Ranger automatic emission problems

Do you possess a systematic transmission for the ranger that infrequently won’t start after parking it and inserting the shifter into P?

Try to examine the column shifter. Sometimes the column shifter may have loosened and become sloppy with multiple plays; what can you do?

The simple fix, fortunately, needs no specialized or advanced fix. All that is required is a size thirty-Torx screwdriver to solve this crisis.

“No Crank is a frequent issue with Ford Column shifters as they get loose and don’t go fully into Park.”

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07. Weak fob battery

Does your Ford Ranger have a stop or push start button, it is probably possible that a weak or faulty fob battery is the cause. But don’t despair because all hope is not lost.

Your car can start as the fob battery is exclusively utilized for transit lock or unlocking signals. Therefore, the reason your car is not starting is because of an empty fob battery.

An empty fob battery means the car door will not unlock or lock once the button is depressed.

Starting a Ford Ranger fob battery

Do you possess a Ford Ranger having a key fob that uses a start/stop button with no insert keyhole? Just position the key fob near to the stop/start switch and start the car?

After inserting the key into the hole and the car wouldn’t start, the next alternative is to resort to your automobile manual guide that comes with the purchase, search for the precise fob key placement, as it could differ based on your Ford range model.

08. Damaged starter motor

Damaged starter motor

“Your car’s starter motor takes a real hammering from having to get the engine running in all weathers.” This is why you need to always check the starter motor.

The starter is utilized for cranking your ranger’s engine. The starter’s normal life span ranges between 100,000 to 150,000 miles, and the life will shorten if you start the engine more frequently.

The indicator that your car has a damaged start motor problem is if you hear a clicking noise after you have turned the key to start the engine.

The source of the sound is a damaged starter motor. If the battery is working fine and the starter isn’t working, the suspect should be the starter. However, if the starter still fails, the best alternative is a replacement – get a new starter.

Fixing a bad starter

If your Ford Ranger starter is bad, you can either replace or fix it. If the engine refuses to come on because of a faulty starter, the Ford’s engine may crank if the key is turned while beating the motor starter with a metal instrument or a stick.

This is an effective alternative fix when the interior car parts are trapped together or the gears are feebly unaligned.

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09. Faulty Ford Ranger alternator

The alternator is an important part of a vehicle, and its responsibility is electricity production. So, should you be experiencing electricity issues, the first this is to check the alternator.

If you are experiencing this issue, a faulty alternator could also be the culprit.

Apart from the car not producing electricity when the alternator fails, the battery will be uncharged leading to battery failure like a Ford car won’t start.

When there is battery failure, the next best solution is a replacement because even if you charge the battery, it will run out fast, and the vehicle won’t start.

Factually, it is rare to experience alternator breakdown problems, especially now that new cars now have more than 250,000 mileage.

Although the alternator hardly becomes faulty because its mileage has significantly increased, it can however break down, but the damage is determined by its usage, and the age of the alternator if the car is used. Unfortunately, if an alternator breaks down, the only alternative is to change it.

10. Clogged filter issues

If you have clogged Ford range filter problems, this is the section for you. Like other mechanical parts, Ford rangers hardly depreciate, though airborne particulars and dirt can clog or block it after continuous usage.

When the filter porosity drops, the fuel force will reduce too. The reduction of the fuel force does not affect the engine badly as a dirty filter.

This is because the dirtiness of the filter can reduce the engine’s performance and in some cases, prevent complete engine function

11. When fuel pump stops functioning

In case the fuel pump of your car fails, the engine will stop functioning. The work of the pump is to effectively direct fuel into the injection set up of the engine with adequate force.

Usually, problems related to fuel pumps don’t occur suddenly, it gradually becomes evident through regular breakdown of the engine, reducing engine performance, jerks, and difficulty starting.

These signs are sufficient for any sharp-eyed person to notice and take action accordingly.

12. Ford blown fuse problems

In uncommon cases, this condition could be the reason for a Ford Ranger breakdown. If your Ford Ranger doesn’t work, a blown fuse is the offender.

To avoid the situation where you cannot start your car because of a blown fuse, always examine all significant fuses required to start the engine.

13. Damage by rodents

Damage by rodents

Rodents are pesky animals that are capable of crawling and wriggling into any corners and holes of your car and destroying sensitive parts like wires and cables.

When the cables and wires are damaged, it could affect the vehicle set up, oil, fuel, and power oil supply. You can see the destruction instantly if you investigate the engine box.

The bites from the rodent are fortunately repairable, but in a Ford Ranger workshop where you can access Ford Ranger repair services.

The 13 reasons your Ford Ranger won’t work no click stated above is by no means extensive, but it is just a few among many other basic vehicle faults that could occur unexpectedly and how to identify them.


There are multiple reasons your Ford Ranger won’t start just clicks and they range from the weak battery to alternator problems, and so on.

In Ford Ranger, clicks might not usually be an indicator of a problem. For example, blown fuse car issues do not make click noises if cars don’t start.

In other to avoid Ford Ranger damages, carry out regular car 2020 Range Rover checkup and maintenance at the workshop.

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