Does the GMC Terrain Have 3rd Row Seating? A Mechanic’s Insight

Does the GMC Terrain Have 3rd Row Seating

The GMC Terrain is a compact SUV with a 2-row seating configuration, accommodating up to five passengers comfortably while offering ample cargo space in the rear. So, it does not have third-row seating. The GMC Terrain has made a notable impact in the SUV market. As an auto mechanic, I’ve serviced countless Terrains and seen …

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GMC Sierra Leveling Kit Problems (+How To Fix : DIY Methods)

GMC leveling kit problems

GMC Sierra leveling kit problems are super easy to fix. It’s not like you have to replace a head gasket or anything. But if you’re not sure how to track down any of these problems and fix them, then this is the guide you need to step up your DIY game. We’ll go over some …

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How To Engage 4-Wheel Drive GMC Sierra? – DIY Method!

How To Engage 4-Wheel Drive GMC Sierra : DIY Method

Having a 4-wheel drive gives you a feeling of safety, especially when driving through rough paths. Luckily, a 4WD delivers equal power to the four wheels, increasing your chances of overcoming obstacles. Thus, GMC 4-wheel drive SUVs can get you out in difficult conditions. But only a good driver can maximize its potential. Hence, this …

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How to Change Brake Pads On A GMC Sierra 1500 : DIY Method!

How To Change Brake Pads On A GMC Sierra 1500 By Own

You are on the road with your GMC Sierra 1500. You spot a fork in the road. Or maybe you are upcountry and you need to bring your car to a quick halt to avoid a falling branch. Or worse off, you are in traffic and you need to withstand the trials of consistently having …

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How To Unlock A GMC Sierra Without Keys?

A Compete Guide For Unlocking A GMC Sierra Without Keys

Have you lost your GMC Sierra’s key? If a sinking feeling hits you in the stomach upon the realization that you can’t find your keys. You peek through your car window and there they are; firmly in the driver’s seat. Of course, you can’t drive the GMC Sierra if you don’t access the inside, can …

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