How To Unlock A GMC Sierra Without Keys?

Have you lost your GMC Sierra’s key? If a sinking feeling hits you in the stomach upon the realization that you can’t find your keys. You peek through your car window and there they are; firmly in the driver’s seat. Of course, you can’t drive the GMC Sierra if you don’t access the inside, can you?

This leaves you wondering how you can unlock your car without the keys. Well, you don’t have to frantically look for help to unlock your GMC Sierra. There is no need to ring a professional locksmith to unlock it for you. You can be your locksmith.

It is a completely DIY task. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with a few techniques and you will never face the frustrations or embarrassment of struggling to unlock your car door to no avail.

Let’s get started with the first technique, shall we?


How To Unlock A GMC Sierra Without Keys

Technique 1:


  • Plastic wedge
  • Air wedge (Airbag)
  • Remote Control Button Master.

Alternatively, you can use any pole stick with a hook or nozzle at the end.

Preferably two air wedges that you can use because they provide a bigger gap for easy manipulation.

Plastic wedges can be an alternative. you can also use a screwdriver or pin to pry the window. But be careful.

Sharp objects may create a dent on the door or damage the door gasket and window ribbons.

A shoelace or a hanger also can be used.

You need a tool that is thin and will fit through the window space.

The tool used should have the right length so that it can get to the lock.

Step 1: Pry the window using the plastic wedge. The plastic wedge will create a space for putting the airbags.

Step 2: Put the airbags into the space created by the plastic wedge. Once the airbag is in position, inflate the airbag by pressing the pump. Ensure that the airbag is in a good position before inflating it.

Ideally, for maximum performance, ensure you insert it halfway or three-quarters of it depending on the space.

Putting the hydraulic pressure on the airbag is aimed at creating a gap that is enough to insert the pole stick in this case, the Remote Control Button Master.

Using air wedges is ideal because they do not damage the car door. Tweak the air wedges to ensure they are in a good position.

Remember to tighten the airbags every time you tweak them.

Once you have created enough space, this is where the Remote Control Button Master comes in.

When the air wedges are in position, remove the plastic wedges, and tighten the airbags by inflating them more.

This will create a bigger gap.

If your car has vertical manual locks or automatic locks, try to go for either of them.

Step 3: The Remote Control Button Master has a cable and a noose which you can both control using the handle. Fudge in the Remote Control Button Master through the gap and find the right angle.

The curvature of the noose allows you to hook the vertical doorknob of your GMC Sierra. You can tighten the noose to get a better grip of the doorknob.

Step 4: Once you have ensured the noose has a tight grip on the doorknob, simply pull up and poof! The door will be unlocked.

Step 5: Remove the cable and the airbags out of the door to relieve any pressure on the door latch. You can now open the door. Easy, right?

Technique 2:

Technique 2


  • Dental floss

Disclaimer: This technique you can only use to unlock the GMC Sierras with vertical doorknobs.

Step 1: Take out a nice section of the dental floss. The dental floss should be long enough because it has to go in flat into the knob.

Step 2: Tie a slip knot.

Here is a quick rundown of how to tie a slip knot.

First, identify the middle part of the dental floss. The way to do this is to grab both ends and put them together.

Go to the other end and put the middle of the loop and from there grab the back part of the dental floss and loop around the first part of the dental floss.

Grab with your thumb and then grab the back part of the dental floss and tie it together.

Make sure you tighten the knot. You should have a nice slip knot.

Click the link below if you would like a visual breakdown of how to tie a slip knot.

Step 3: Locate the rubber guard and the roof of the car. Pass the knot in between the two. This should be fairly easy because dental floss is very thin.

It can easily navigate through the tiny space left by the locked door.

Carefully work the dental floss down by grabbing the two ends like the way you floss your teeth.

Slowly maneuver and manipulate the dental floss to move the knot into position.

By moving both ends, the knot moves in a circular motion making it easy to put it into position. This is the part that needs the most patience and practice.

Make sure the slip knot gets to the doorknob.

Step 4: Once you successfully get the loop into the lock, pull both ends to tighten the loop.

Tighten as hard as you can because the more grip, the easier it will be to open the lock.

Step 5: Once the slip knot has tightly held the doorknob, all you need to do is pull up and the door will be unlocked.

This might not work straight up so you need to be patient. The trick is to keep trying even when the dental floss slips.

Try it a couple of times and you’ll surely hack it.

The secret of hacking this technique is knowing how to tie a slip knot so be sure to familiarize yourself with that first. This technique can only work if you tie the slip knot properly.

Technique 3 :

This technique is ideal for the GMC Sierra door that has a grab handle in the inside.


  • Wedge
  • Pole stick

Step 1: Jam a wedge into the doorpost. Be careful not to rip the window or the door gasket. Make sure the wedge goes through behind the door gasket so that it does not rip it off.

If you insert the wedge well, you should have enough space to insert the pole stick.

Step 2: Take the pole stick and carefully sneak it in through the gap. Maneuver the pole stick in position to ensure it finds the door lock.

Step 3: Once the pole stick has grabbed onto the handle, pull it and you will hear the lock pop open.

Step 4: Be sure to hold on to the pole stick and the wedge because the door will pop open rather quickly since you have wedged it open. Slowly open the door.

And these are the three techniques to enable you to get into your car once you have locked the keys.

However, the best solution is to have a spare key magnetically attached to the car somewhere or keep a spare key in your wallet.

That way you don’t have to go through all these troubles. Fundamentally, all these techniques are founded on one basis; pry the window frame open, reach in and unlock the power door locks.

However, these techniques are not as easy as in the movies. For some reason, movies always have a way of depicting things and making them look a little too simple.

Without the right tools and an understanding of the locking mechanism, it might get frustrating. So practice and master these techniques.

So the next time you lock your keys in the car, try out one of these techniques and see how it goes.

Some Tips For Keeping Your Keys With You

Some Tips For Keeping Your Keys With You

The frustrating nature of losing or misplacing keys is experienced daily by car owners.

The process is tedious especially when searching for the keys all over the house and not finding them in the process.

The tips delineated below with equip you with knowledge on how to take good care of your car keys.

This will give you adventurous and ample driving time.

Put a tracker on your keys

The advancement in technology has brought many advantages to car owners.

Putting a tracker with your keys has made it easy to track misplaced keys using a smartphone or GPS enabled device.

Get a spare key set

Having a spare set of keys for your car is one of the most favorite suggestions given to car owners.

Keeping the spare key in a known place will give you confidence as well as peace of mind.

Always put your keys in the same spot

This will enhance easy access to the keys. Maintaining this habit regularly is helpful especially if you are forgetful.

Attach the keys to something

Attaching your keys to something valuable will ensure you don’t forget where you place them.

This will help you ensure that you haven’t left anything valuable behind before leaving the house.

DIY Methods You Can Use To Unlock Your GMC Without Keys

For a person with prior knowledge and experience on how to unlock a GMC Sierra without keys, a slim Jim will favorably work for your GMC.

This is possible for those who can deal with the easy features of a GMC. Prior knowledge on how to unlock a car without a key is essential in this case.

This will ensure easy unlocking techniques.

Call a locksmith if you have his number. Adequate preparation on how to bend the car door into shape is essential in this case.

The use of a pump tool and a wedge to pull the door from the body is crucial here.

This process ensures easy access to the inside tool thus effective in enhancing easy unlocking of your GMC without damaging the paint.

The use of long reach tools gives locksmiths with access to the interior of the car.

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Some Important Frequently Asked Questions

1. What impact does shoelace have on locked GMC Sierra?

This task might sound impossible but it is effective in opening car doors in a matter of seconds.
Tying a slipknot on one of your shoelaces or any string and tightening it by pulling the string ends will work for your GMC Sierra.
Sliding the knot over the doorknob will efficiently work in unlocking the car door.

2. What is the use of lockout cars roadside assistance in locked GMC Sierra?

During the lockout, you can use smartphone apps used by some automakers to unlock your vehicle.
The first step is visiting the car manufacturer’s site and download the app if it is available.
The automaker may also offer you with free roadside assistance.
This service may be offered within the first few years of owning the vehicle.

3. How useful is a strip of plastic in unlocking the GMC Sierra?

Equipped with technical skills on how to unlock the door screen upwards rather than sideways, this will be of great assistance to you.

4. What impact does a rod tool have on locked GMC Sierra?

A rod or a wire clothes hanger that has been straightened, you can use during a lockout to save the day.
The first step is using a plank of wood to open a space gently between the front door of the car and the body.
Secondly, sliding the rod through the created opening. Then, you will be required to use the rod to depress the door of the car.
Great patience one should exercise as this may take time to open the door of the GMC Sierra.

5. What role does remote control mega master play in unlocking GMC Sierra?

This is mainly used to unlock the door on GMC Sierra that door handles unlock when pulled.
This tool is essential for professional drivers and professional locksmiths.
It can also be used to fish out keys left inside the car.

6. Which purpose does the Remote control button master serve in locked GMC Sierra?

This is designed specifically to open cars by pulling vertical buttons.
Its flexible, non-abrasive, and non-marring coating protects the doors of vehicles from damage.
The pull at the end is responsible for ensuring that the button is gripped by the loop on the tool.

7. What is the role of the Lightning rod long reach tool in unlocking GMC Sierra?

What is the role of the Lightning rod long reach tool in unlocking GMC Sierra

This tool can light up and glow. The glowing nature occurring inside the vehicle makes unlocking the door adventurous and fun.
This is essential during emergencies. Therefore, the tool is a must-have for professionals doing lockout.
The LED technology used, is crucial in this tool. It ensures that the kit is used in windows that are heavily tinted, at night, and during adverse conditions.
This gives you the ability to direct the tool in the right direction since you can view where it is going.

8. How do you use Stainless steel big max to unlock your GMC Sierra?

This is one of the longest long reaches with a pre-bent feature that makes it essential and useful in most situations.
This helps it ensure the effective functioning of the tool as no modification is required.
It has a scratch-proof coating that protects the vehicles from the removal of the vehicle paint.
Moreover, its long length helps in unlocking locks requiring more leverage.

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GM portfolio has made keyless ignition common in their vehicles.

They are eliminating fobs in the GMC Sierra vehicles.

The introduction of smartphone apps equipped with software to unlock your car has revolutionized the automotive industry.

With the new keyless ignition, locking your keys will be a thing of the past.

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