Chevy 2500HD Leveling Kit Problems: Reasons, Solutions & Tips [2023]

Hello guys! Today we are discussing another important topic on Chevy 2500HD Leveling Kit Problems. Well, many Chevy 2500hd owners love to install leveling kits to their trucks for various reasons.

Some people want to go off-road with their trucks. Thus, the car should be raised a little bit above the ground. Other people would like to attach something to the truck, so, it needs a bit of a high level.

On the other side, many people believe their trucks look more attractive with leveling kits. When the truck is raised above the ground, it looks better and even more, performs better on bumps and uneven roads.

“There are so many reasons for installing the leveling kit. However, sometimes it comes with its problems. So, you need to know the reasons for these problems and how to tackle them.”

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Reasons for leveling kit problems

These problems can result from more than one reason. These reasons include:

Improper installation

Sometimes when you purchase a high-quality leveling kit, and after paying much money, you may decide to install it yourself to save some costs.

However, installing the leveling kit is not very easy. You might do a wrong step that results in improper installation.

In this case, the leveling kit will work for some time but then fails again after a while.

Using the wrong leveling kits

Leveling kits are not universal products. Although more than one car model might use the same leveling kits, this is not the case all the time.

So, take care of the type of leveling kits you install. Also, note that some Chevy and GMC trucks may use the same leveling kits as they are the same manufacturer.

However, it is always advisable to check whether the leveling kit for your particular truck is working or not.

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Low-quality parts

Leveling kits have many types. Always go for the high-quality types even if they will cost you more money. Keep in mind that this part is where your truck rests.

Thus, don’t compromise for the highest quality when it comes to such sensitive parts in the car.

Solutions for Chevy 2500HD leveling kit problems

Now, after you have an idea about the possible reasons for the problem, let’s discover more about the solutions you might tackle.

Install new shocks

As we mentioned before, not all leveling kits work with all trucks. Similarly, the shocks of the suspension system of your Chevy Silverado 2500HD won’t work with all leveling kits.

Thus, when you install a new leveling kit, consider changing the shocks as well.

Now, we aren’t saying that the factory shocks aren’t good quality. However, they don’t always work with modified parts.

“Your truck will run without those new shocks, yet, you won’t experience the smooth ride as you are expecting after installing a new leveling kit.”

Change the rods

Installing the leveling kit means you do a change to the angle of the truck wheels. Thus, you need to consider the tire rods as well.

Similar to the shocks, the factory rods are of good quality and they work well as long as you keep all the factory parts.

Yet, once you change a part of the suspension system (the leveling kit in our case), you need to adjust other parts to be compatible with this change.

If you went for bigger tires, it becomes a must to check the rods as the factory rods may break or bend under this high suspension.


The wheels are the apparent part of the whole system. These are what your car relies on whether they are raised above the ground by the leveling kit or kept on the factory level.

If you experience any problem with the suspension after installing a new Chevy Silverado leveling kit, check the alignment of the wheels.

Also, we recommend you bear close attention to the front wheels because those are the ones usually having alignment problems.

If you want a higher upgrade, you may also install a set of new bigger tires. These will give you a better feeling of the leveling and furthermore, a better driving experience.

After installing bigger tires, don’t forget to do a wheel realignment. This step is a must after installing any pair of tires and it becomes more important when it comes to bigger tires.

Even if you change only the front tires, consider realigning the front with the rear at a professional mechanic. Even if it costs more money, nothing is more important than your safety.

You may need to check your car tire dealer once you decided to change the tires or want to align them.

Check the caster angel

The caster angle refers to the axis that joins the front wheels, the suspension of the car, and the steering axis. This vertical axis is very important to be aligned properly. So, all the parts work together in good synchronization.

The problem with this axis is that it is something you can’t check yourself if you aren’t a professional. Thus, you need to go to a mechanic to check the caster angel.

Also, when you install a leveling kit, ask the mechanic or the car center that installs this part for you to check the caster wheel or angel before they are done.

This step is very important for your safety and for the car’s performance as well.

Buy quality parts

The last thing you might do to tackle the problems is to buy quality parts from the beginning.

Starting from the leveling kit itself to all other parts, everything should be of the highest quality. If you don’t know the right products, don’t hesitate to go back to your local mechanic or ask a professional.

There is no point in adjusting your Chevy Silverado 2500HD to have better look but downgrading the performance as a result of a low-quality leveling kit.

Additional tips

After you have checked all the above solutions and ensured all is working properly, here are a few other tips to consider. These tips are usually not the cause of the problem, yet, they can help improve performance.

Also, doing the below maintenance tips will maintain your leveling kit for a long time.

The brakes

The brakes should be good and sturdy enough to withstand the new upgrade you just made to your truck. You may need to upgrade the brakes along with upgrading the leveling kit, especially if you installed the 3-inches leveling kit.

Further, if you replaced the tires with larger ones to go off-roading, you surely need to upgrade the brakes.

A general rule is aftermarket automotive parts don’t work the same as factory parts. Thus, changing one part comes with changing other related parts.

Install a snowplow

Snowplows are of great help if you live in snowy weather. In fact, many people level up their trucks to attach a snowplow. They usually go for the lowest leveling kits as it needs just a few inches level to attach a snowplow.

Mounting bolts

Mounting bolts are used to attach and fix car parts together. For a leveling kit, bolts used should be of high quality. Also, they need to be firmly fixed.

The best part is that you can check these bolts yourself. Also, if you have a snowplow installed on the truck, check its bolts as well.

Running boards

Running boards are those bars installed at the bottom of the truck to help you climb the truck if it is higher than the ground level.

Running boards come in different types and brands similar to any other car accessories. So, pick something suitable for your Chevrolet Silverado and at the same time, one that doesn’t wear out or rust by time.

Running boards aren’t necessary parts for the car. In other words, they won’t upgrade the performance of the truck, yet, they are functional when it comes to high trucks.

So, think of a pair of running boards if you installed a high leveling kit for your own comfort.

Cost of installing a leveling kit

Chevy 2500HD leveling kits come in different types and each comes at a different price. Generally, they cost something between $100 and $500. The difference in price depends on the type of the leveling kit and the brand you get.

“Yet, the cost of installing a leveling kit is not only about the price. You will need to pay for a mechanic or a professional who will install this leveling kit for you.”

Although some people might do this installation process themselves, it is not always recommended unless you are a professional.

Dealing with the suspension system of your truck is very critical, so, don’t attempt this step unless you really know how to do it.

Another cost is the amendments you will do to get your leveling kit to work properly. You might need to change the shocks, rods, tires, and any other parts of your truck to be compatible with the new level.

At least, you need to do a check to make sure all the parts are good for the new leveling kit.

Types of leveling kits for Chevy 2500HD

There are different types of leveling kits suitable for Chevy 2500HD. You may choose from the available types according to the height you want.

For example, the 2, 2.5, and 3 inches leveling kits can go with a Chevy Silverado 2500HD.

It totally depends on the purpose of installing a leveling kit. Just make sure whatever size you get, it is a high-quality brand and a proper one for Chevy 2500HD.

Here is a quick overview of the leveling kits types

The 2-inches leveling kit

If the purpose of installing a 2-inches leveling kit is to gain some height to perform better while hauling, then a 2-inches leveling kit is better for you.

This kit will make your truck higher on the road, so, when you load cargo over the truck bed, it lowers it a bit, hence, it goes back to the normal level.

Further, this leveling kit is cheaper than others, thus, it is the best option for you if this is the sole purpose. However, if you will haul heavy trailers, you may need a higher leveling kit.

The 2.5-inches leveling kit

A 0.5 inch isn’t a big deal, however, for the leveling kit, it makes a difference. The 2.5-inches leveling kit is the most common one for Chevy 2500HD.

This kit will make an obvious difference to the height of the truck. Further, you will be able to change the truck tires with a bigger one for better performance.

Another feature that comes with this leveling kit is that you can carry more loads and your truck won’t get lower and hit the ground. So, go for this leveling kit if you want better performance and look at the same time.

The 3-inches leveling kit

The 3-inches leveling kit is the highest of all, so, it gives the best ground clearance. Yet, it is more expensive and installation needs changing more of the factory parts.

Thus, go for this leveling kit only if you can afford to amend all the required parts.

Bear in mind that you can’t just install this leveling kit without aligning all the other parts because this will eventually lead to the failure of the suspension system.

The 3-inches leveling kit is also the best option for large tires. For those who want to go off-roading, these kits are the option to go for.


Leveling kit for Chevy 2500HD truck is a good option to think of. Besides improving the performance of the truck, it gives better ground clearance and by extension, a nicer look.

Further, leveling kit can balance the weight of your truck. This is very useful for those who use their trucks for hauling or loading. So, leveling kits are really worth it.

Yet, you may face some problems. So, always ensure you installed everything in the right way and do the maintenance tips to make sure you avoid these problems.

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