How Long Do Honda Civics Last? – You Should Know!

How Long Do Honda Civics Last? Well, this is a million-dollar question. Everybody wants to buy and drive a car that can last longer. As of 2019, the average lifespan of a light auto in the USA stood at 11.8 years.

Ten years back, in 2009, the average life of the same vehicle was 10.3 years. Besides, most modern autos can longer than 200,000 miles.

Some of the most enduring autos come from Honda. One of the company’s most-bought auto models is Honda Civic.

Additionally, the most long-lasting Honda Civics emerged in 1993.  A compact car, Honda Civic is a machine that most Americans love.

What is more, it keeps being the front-runner in its class each year.

If you need an entry-level vehicle for daily use, there are many reasons to choose Honda Civic.


Honda Civic Background

Honda’s first Civic emerged in 1972.  That’s when Americans got access to it. Besides, this Japanese car producer launched two models in the same year.

People were able to choose between a sedan and a hatchback. Honda made its 1st generation Honda Civic within two years.

Even so, the car won the Car of the Year Japan award for three consecutive years.

These were 1972, 1973, and 1974. The 1974 US Road Test Magazine also chose the Civic as the Car of the Year.

Over the years, the car’s original design has evolved.

It has made it win even more awards. So far, we are on Honda Civic 10th generation. Still, people from all corners of the earth love this car.

Why Honda Civic Last Long?

Why Honda Civic Last Long

Generally, this car’s estimated miles are 200,000. However, in reality, the same car can easily last 300,000 miles. This is why most people love Honda Civic.

Even if you buy a used Civic, it can reach over the 200,000 miles mark.

The question is: what traits do Honda Civic have that contributes to its longevity?

These include the following-

Cheap To Repair And Maintain

Honda cars, including Civic, are easy and cheap to maintain. What you require is a combination of two things.

First, you should learn how to do simple troubleshooting tasks.

Next, you should locate an authorized Honda Dealer near you. Unless your car has severe mechanical issues, the repair cost will be manageable.

The Honda Civic engine’s quality is incredible. It is not prone to severe defects that could be expensive to remove.

As a result, a Honda car is one of the most dependable automobiles in the US.

Its serviceability and reliability help raise the Honda Civic resale value.

Hence, if you maintain your car properly, you could sell it at a reasonable price later on.

Besides, you can enjoy your car for years.

Thorough Vehicle Design

A Japanese brand, Honda made its first Civic in 1972. Over the years, the company has managed to evolve the car’s design.

Similar to other Japanese carmakers, Honda is meticulous and inventive.

Any of its cars undergo a scrupulous building and testing process before the sale.

Spare Parts Are Easy To Find

Lack of spare parts can cause a car owner to avoid maintenance. Honda vehicles are easier to repair because spare parts are readily available.

Moreover, its cars have a simplified design. It means you have fewer parts to repair.

Honda Civic Is Dependable

The one thing that determines a car’s popularity on any market is its reliability.

Honda Civic has massive popularity because it is reliable.

  • It does not break down regularly.
  • Honda Civic has lasted almost five decades now. People want everything to do with it. They will buy it instantly, even if it is a used car.
  • Overuse does not make the Civic severe deterioration.
  • It ranks better than local and exotic cars. According to Consumer Reports reliability ranking for 2019, Honda was position 12. It outperformed some American and European brands.
  • Honda itself loves Honda Civic. It calls it the star of the show.

How Many Years Will Your Honda Civic Last?

A car’s longevity is expressed in terms of the number of miles it can cover over the years. As aforesaid, the average lifespan of a Civic car is 200,000 miles or more.

Nevertheless, a properly maintained Honda Civic can last longer than 300,000 miles. The key here is maintenance.  A proper estimation in terms of years averages to 15 years.

If you maintain and service your car, it may live an extra five years. Hence, you can keep a properly functioning Civic for 20 years.

To answer the question fully, your Honda Civic could last 15 to 20 years. A car that can continue to be efficient for two decades is worth buying.

Even if you decide to sell it, the next owner will enjoy the car’s efficiency and longevity. Hope you get the answer to your question on how long do Honda Civics last.

A Beautiful And Durable Car

Before, there were complaints that Honda Civic was durable but less attractive. The manufacturer heard the cry and enhanced their modern versions.

With its elegant appearance, blended with its ability to last long, Honda Civic is the best.

As a result, Civic is ever on the list of ten most preferred autos in the US.

Once you buy yours, follow its maintenance schedule fully.  And if you do, your auto could easily last 20 years.

The best alternative to Tesla, Jeep, Chevy, and Volkswagen is Honda Civic.

Does Honda Civic Have Problems?

Does Honda Civic Have Problems

Some people can assume that Honda Civic is too efficient and durable to have mechanical issues.

Despite its attractive mileage, the Civic has its negative side.

As there are up to 10 generations, some Honda models have fewer problems.

The cars most people have complained about a lot are-

  • Honda Civic 2001 – In the history of the Honda Civic, the 2001 model had the worst transmission issues. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration received over 1,100 user complaints.
  • 2006-2009 Honda Civics – In these model years, cracked engine blocks were the worst problem. Also susceptible to coolant leaks and therefore overheating engines, these autos were the most hated.

There have been a few complaints about the current Honda Civic models. These modern cars run efficiently, overall.

However, people have found issues with the display screen. It can stop working at any time.

Other than these, there are no more specific issues associated with Honda Civic.

Should You Buy A New Or A Used Honda Civic?

The answer is easy. If you can afford a brand new car, go for it. If you don’t have enough cash to buy a new auto, get an old one.

It is definitely worth your money. Unless you get a car model made in 2001 or between 2006 and 2009, you will be fine.

Buying A Used Honda Civic

As we have noted, either an old or a new Honda Civic is worth buying. However, avoid buying just about any used car.

Some used cars will only bring you more financial stress.  Consider these points:

History Of The Car 

The first thing to ask for from the car seller is the vehicle’s history report. It will contain information about the auto itself and how the owner has used and maintained it before.

A high number of repairs may point to a severe problem. Many maintenances and servicing intervals may mean that the car is fine.

Civic Owner’s Views

The first thing to do is find out what previous and current Honda Civic owners feel about it. As you might discover, some autos have very few parts requiring repair.

Also, people can direct you to the places they obtain cheap spares.

Most Reliable Models

Most models from the 8th generation are more reliable.  Moreover, you can buy them as a used auto.

People said that the 2014 model year auto had paint and body issues.

Don’t buy autos that were made between 2006 and 2009. They have cracked engine block issues.

Avoid 2001 used cars too because of engine leaks and overheating.


The amount of cash you have will determine the type of used car you can buy. If you own 5,000 to 10,000 dollars, check among 8th generation cars.

Pay closer attention to the auto’s trim and overall appearance.

As well, if you have less cash than $5,000, get a Honda Civic that emerged in the late nineties or early 2000s.

Just make sure you avoid the 2001 model year cars.

Buying A New Honda Civic

Honda Civic models have proven their worth. They will last longer and maintain efficiency even as they age.

Therefore, a person who has enough money to buy a new car should do so. The cheapest new Honda Civic may cost around $22,000.

If you have this kind of money, don’t hesitate to buy the latest 2021 model.

Besides, you can pay a lower amount if you shop around for a holiday like Easter. There will be attractive car deals then.

Furthermore, when you buy a new auto, you become the first user you will have. You will experience the Honda Civic comfort, reliability, and longevity firsthand.

Thus, you will have a true story to share with those looking to make a buying decision.

Regular Maintenance Is Mandatory

Do you want your Civic model to last long? You should play your role. This is none other than doing regular maintenance on the car.

It can help eliminate small mechanical issues that can explode if ignored.

During scheduled servicing, the dealer will troubleshoot the car for the problems like leaky gaskets and faulty sensors.

If you have not changed oil or filter for a while, they will replace them for you.  The rule of thumb is to change the oil every 6000 miles you cover.

Additionally, watch out for strange engine lights or warning lights on the car’s dashboard.

How To Meet The Cost Of General Maintenance?

How To Meet The Cost Of General Maintenance

One way is to use pocket cash.  If you have adequate money to run your car without a loan, spend it.

This will be cheaper, and you will be at peace mentally knowing that you don’t owe anybody money.

Other methods are-

  • Routine maintenance plan – The next method most car owners use is a routine maintenance plan. This is some sort of insurance plan that covers the general maintenance costs of your Honda car.
  • An extended warranty – This is a service agreement or a service contract between you and the dealer. You can purchase it at a dealership when buying the auto. Alternatively, you can get an aftermarket offer from a reliable company. This will increase the original Equipment Manufacturers Warranty.

Things To Ponder About Warranties

  • Whether you have an OEM Warranty or an extended warranty, there will be terms and conditions to follow. Make sure you know the costs covered under warranty and those you will personally incur.
  • Your Original Equipment Manufacturers Warranty will expire. When that happens, what will you do? Keep your mind alert to notice when the warranty ends.
  • Moreover, an extended warranty has an expiry date. Don’t sign the contract before you read and understand the policy term. When the time comes to make a claim, you will be successful.
  • Besides, an extended warranty suits an old auto. If you are going to buy a used car, ask the owner about the OEM Warranty. Chances that the OEM Warranty will have expired are high. If it turns out it has, buy an extended warranty to help you meet the vehicle maintenance cost.

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If you are searching for a car that lasts long, choose Honda Civic. As you have seen, its lifespan ranges from 15 to 20 years. It is equivalent to 200,000 to 300,000 miles.

Furthermore, Honda Civic that boasts constant servicing and maintenance can last 20 years.

Without continuous maintenance, the car will be efficient for about 15 years. Besides, you can enjoy high efficiency and longevity even if your car is old.

Another Honda vehicle that can beat this record is Honda Accord. If any of these autos stay in great working condition, they can offer long-term support.

The Honda Civic purchase price is competitive. Whether you buy a new or old auto, the price will be reasonable. What is more, Honda Civic is reliable and does not develop mechanical issues often.

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