How To Disable Alarm On Dodge Ram Pickup- A Perfect Guide

It’s no shocker that the Dodge Ram Pickup arrives with a highly developed alarm system that helps against it being stolen. Sometimes an alarm system cannot differentiate between a thief and the vehicle’s owner.

As a Dodge Ram pickup owner, you might need to disable the alarm system in situations like this, especially when you have a pressing need or an emergency. You will need knowledge of how to go about disabling the alarm system.

This article will give you the information you need to successfully disable the alarm system on your Dodge Ram pickup.


The Dodge Ram Alarm System’s operation

The Dodge Ram alarm system consists of an array of sensors, a control unit, sirens, a battery, and radio receivers. 

It guarantees that the alarm system’s information comes from various sources. 

These sources offer safeguards against theft or messing with the vehicle’s system. The alarm in the automobile may be activated and deactivated remotely using a controller. This controller controls other parts of the vehicle, like the ignition. However, there are several ways to disarm alarms on a Dodge Ram.

In some complex alarm systems, the alarm system powers part of the electrical door lock. It is accomplished by using a Central Timing Module, which triggers the car doors and other theft deterrent systems. These theft deterrent systems include ignition, window control, and other systems. It provides effective security in the case of theft or tampering. It also provides enough response time and establishes a tamper-proof alarm system.

How to disable the alarm on Dodge Ram Pickup

If you ever need to disable the alarm system in the case of an emergency, here is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it;

Turn off the Alarm Relay System

Pull on the clasp that opens the hood of your Ram while inside your vehicle. Always make sure the prop bar is securely fastened. Locate the battery under the hood since it has the key to disabling the Dodge Ram’s alarm.

Locate the negative terminal of the battery and lock the socket onto it. Flip this socket while carefully rotating it counterclockwise. This motion is necessary for loosening the socket on the terminal. Do not push the terminal aggressively since this might cause damage that can affect other systems in the vehicle.

Connect the connector to a free portion of the hood. Pull the terminal upwards and away from the battery’s negative pole once the socket is loosened. You may also hold the terminal away from the battery for around five minutes. It provides enough time for the alarm to restart its timer.

The next step is to look for the relay box beneath the Dodge Ram hood. Find the relay box and open its cover on the side of the fuse box or engine. For this stage, use a flat-head screwdriver to flip the lid open. A circuit layout with labeling is positioned on the inner cover of the lid. Locate the Dodge Ram alarm relay using these markings. Pull the relay gradually away from the relay top.

Reinstall every item in the relay box and shut the lid after this final step. Then, find the free negative terminal and replace it in its original position. The alarm system is therefore taken down, but you can still operate your Dodge Ram, like the ignition.

Earth the Alarm System

The alarm system may also be earthed to disable the alarm on a Dodge Ram.

  • Locate the driver kick panel inside the vehicle.
  • A plug, mostly black, may be found in a Dodge Ram. You can find an orange or green wire at this plug(That’s the system disable wire, which is used to disarm the alarm system from the manufacturer)
  • Splice gently within this wire, not exposing too much of the inside.
  • Insert and splice further into the wire with another gauge of the same gauge as the first wire.
  • A part of the wire used to splice should dangle outside the disarm wire. Connect this section to the Dodge Ram’s chassis. As a result, the alarm is effectively disabled.

Fortunately, this method does not destroy the alarm system and can be easily recovered if necessary.

Safety precautions to observe while disabling a Dodge ram alarm

Assume you decide to turn off your Dodge Ram alarm. In that scenario, you should take action because having a working alarm system will always be in your best interests.

  • You may readily reverse the procedures for deactivating the alarm system. It would be best to reverse it to restore the alarm system to full operation.
  • If this is not a possibility, use supplementary anti-theft or anti-tampering measures. These measures include parking in secure places or securing your car in a protected garage.
  • Finally, always plan to reinstall the alarm system, as this is the best method of theft control. Any damage to the car or its components might be expensive. The alarm system is the best approach to defend against such losses.


1. How do car alarms work?

The shock sensor detects an impact when someone breaks a window in your automobile and sends a signal to the alarm’s computer. The vehicle alarm is then turned on. Shock sensors occasionally inadvertently activate. They activate since they sound your car alarm anytime any collision happens.

2. Is it safe to disable the alarm on dodge ram?

The security system will be compromised. Additionally, your vehicle won’t be able to stop the criminal from taking your Dodge Ram. Therefore no, it is not secure.

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There are additional ways to keep your Dodge Ram truck safe and disable an alarm system. Using a remote starting system is another option. Making your Dodge Ram appear occupied can help dissuade potential thieves. It can dissuade potential thieves and give you more control over your car while moving.

Before you turn off the alarm on your Dodge Ram, be sure you know where it is. Make sure you are inside your car before initiating a remote start device. Always double-verify your security measures in case you overlooked something.

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