Towing Capacity of a Jeep Grand Cherokee – With 2023 Model Towing Chart

In a standard scenario, your Jeep Grand Cherokee’s towing capacity ranges from a minimum of 3,500 LBS to a maximum of 7,200 LBS.

While many aspects play together in unique blends that can vary a car’s capacity, the range remains consistent throughout different trim levels. This is because, like most cars, the Jeep Grand Cherokees also use a certain set of configurations set by the manufacturer that limits the car’s capacity to a certain weight.

Most commonly, it is the engines that play the most important part in deciding a car’s towing capacity. A lot of the other components in a car are fit to accommodate the engine in that specific body!


2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trims and their towing capacity

Here you will get together a quick chart of the 2023 trims.

                          Trim                   Towing capacity 
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE TRAILHAWK 4X4                   7,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L OVERLAND 4X2                   6,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L SUMMIT 4X2                   6,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L SUMMIT 4X2                   6,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L SUMMIT RESERVE 4X4                    7,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L LAREDO 4X2                   6,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L ALTITUDE 4X2                    6,200 LBS
2022 GRAND CHEROKEE L LIMITED 4X2                    6,200 LBS

Confused why these numbers vary? To get a deeper understanding as to what and how these numbers vary, let’s find out.

What is a ‘Trim’ on a car?

What is a 'Trim' on a car

When someone begins to consider purchasing an automobile, it is not unusual for them to have a preference based on the manufacturer or comparable models of the car. The car’s trim is referring to the specific sets of configuration on that specific model of car. Simple enough?!

A certain model with the least amount of features is called a ‘base model’ and the ones with the most configurations- ‘ highest specification’. The differences between trim levels can vary from minor interior details to major changes such as entirely different engines!

‘Okay, but how do I actually determine how much I can tow?’!

Consider you’re in a situation where you’ll be using your car for towing but don’t know how far you can stretch the weight limit.

First things first, the vehicle’s towing capability may be listed in the car. It is also possible to determine it from the VIN plate, where line one represents the maximum permitted mass and line two represents the maximum train mass. Just subtract line one from line two to get the vehicle towing limit. It is also recommended by people who tow more often that the subject being towed be no more than 85% of the tow car’s entire weight.

What are the factors that affect the Jeep towing capacity?

Towing capacity is determined by the weight of the engine, gearbox, cooling capacity, the presence or absence of a trailer brake controller, and the payload of the tow vehicle. So long as the capacity surpasses the wet weight of the towed device, you are good to go!

What to look out for before buying Cherokee, if towing is a priority for you.

Now let’s take into account that you bought a certain model of the Jeep Grand Cherokee with the complete intent to tow. First, we will need to check if your model is compatible with towing the amount of weight it is expected to.

Almost all the models of the Jeep Grand Cherokee that have a towing capacity above 6,200 LBS probably come with an optional customised 5.7L/6.2/6.4 V8 engine with a few extra hundred dollars that will take your car’s towing capacity to 7,200 LBS from the standard 3.6L V6 engine’s 6,200 LBS limit.

For a better understanding, we created a chart that tells us which engine is compatible for towing how much weight-

5.7L HEMI V8 ENGINE7,200 Lbs
6.4L SRT V8 ENGINE7,200 Lbs

How to make towing more efficient?

Need no worry. Here are a few quick tips to ensure smooth towing-

  1. Use an updated version of the brake pads
  2. Install a weight distribution hitch to reduce oscillation and strain on the suspension.
  3. Get stronger axles!
  4. It is recommended that you have an improved cooling capacity. A bigger radiator in this case could be a wise purchase.

You will begin by improving the brakes. They are usually the weakest connection to begin with. When you have improved brakes, you will need to raise the load rating of the tires, which will then require an increase in the suspension. The gearbox and driveline will be the next weak area, followed by the engine- all of which, clearly, is not cheap!

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1. Which  Jeep Grand Cherokee is the best for towing?

The models with a 5.7L V8 engine such as the 2022 GRAND CHEROKEE TRAILHAWK 4X4, and the GRAND CHEROKEE L SUMMIT RESERVE 4X4

2. What equipment do I need to tow? 

J Hooks & Clevises, Chains, Hooks & Fittings, Jump Starters, Lights, Lockout Kits, Ratchets, Slings.

3. What is the Jeep Grand Cherokee known for? 

Impressive fuel economy and enhanced powertrain

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