Car Exhaust System – The Expert’s Guide You Need to Know!

Our article below gives a summary of vehicles’ exhaust systems from the point of view of an expert. Did you ever ask yourself “how to make vehicle exhaust note sound higher?”

Further, how can you be sure that the exhaust discharges a moderate amount of waste?

However, the answer is very easy which is the car exhaust system.


What is the Exhaust System in a Car?

You can consider the exhaust system to be one of the four fundamental parts of a combustion engine. Further, this system is a very important part of your vehicle too.

There are harmful gases produced from the combustion chamber by combustion. However, the vehicle needs to eject the gases from the chamber.

And the ejected gases are exited from the exhaust system. Further, there is a catalyst present mostly platinum or rhodium in the exhaust system.

The catalyst makes those harmful gases react with it to produce less harmful gases. Now, those less harmful gases get emitted from the exhaust system.

Moreover, the exhaust system also has soft limiters which limit the noise from the engine reducing the disturbance of passing pedestrians.

The exhaust also releases those purified gases all thanks to a catalyst inside the exhaust system known as a catalytic convertor.

The combustion chamber produces tins of heat. Further, it might burn your skin if you are near it. However, the exhaust system helps by reducing the amount of heat emission.

Therefore, you are remaining safe near the car. Your car’s engine might also fail due to a failing or damaged exhaust. Therefore, take close care of the exhaust system of your vehicle and repair it if broken.

However, what does the exhaust system consists of? Let us discuss them below.

The Parts of the Exhaust system of a Car

The Parts of the Exhaust system of a Car

There are tons of parts inside the exhaust system of your vehicle. And why not? The exhaust system does tons of work therefore it needs the appropriate apparatus to function properly.

Exhaust Pipes

The exhaust pipe consists of a link along with a basement. This is where the catalyst is located. Moreover, here all the parrots of the exhaust system are located.

Further, it separated the engine to avoid any kind of damage to the exhaust system caused by the turbulence of the engine.

Catalytic convertor

The catalytic converter is located between the manifold of the exhaust and the muffler. They reduce the harmful gases released due to combustion.

However, the harmful gases are due to the incomplete combustion inside the car engine.

The combustion chamber is compact and eventually lacks oxygen to have combustion. This is when incomplete combustion takes place.

Further, the product of incomplete combustion is carbon monoxide paired with nitrogen oxides and unburnt hydrocarbons. The unburnt hydrocarbons are noticeable as soot from the exhaust pipes.

The converter has a catalyst to react and changes the harmful products to less harmful like carbon dioxide and oxygen.

Exhaust Muffler

The muffler is located on the rear side of the vehicle. It is responsible for the exhaust note that all the car freaks love to hear. However, it also silences the amount of noise coming from the engine.

Therefore, it dampens the amount of sound to not make it extremely loud. Furthermore, the muffler is also responsible for the assistance of fuel intake.

Moreover, there will be more fuel intake if your car is emitting louder noise.

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The Manifold

The vehicle manifold is attached to the engine. There are multiple cylinders inside a vehicle depending on the model and car.

Moreover, the manifold takes the exhaust gases from two or more cylinders and emits them through the exhaust pipe.

The Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor is located on the manifold of the exhaust. Further, the sensor is an important part of vehicle emission.

The oxygen sensor regulates the amount of oxygen that is emitted from the vehicle exhaust. Moreover, the sensor adds less or more fuel depending on the amount of oxygen present.

However, an excessive amount of oxygen indicates that your vehicle is not using sufficient fuel for combustion.

Moreover, a decreased amount of oxygen means that your vehicle is using much more fuel than intended. Therefore, it means less fuel economy.


The gasket or clamp whatever you call seals the exhaust and enhances the durability. Furthermore, it is essential for a healthy long-lasting exhaust system.

However, there are more components of the exhaust system like the resonator. The resonator acts as a mini muffler.

They minimize the vehicle noise and enhance the sound coming from the exhaust.

There are also the headers which are mainly found on high-performance vehicles like hypercars and supercars and headers work just the exhaust manifold.

However, what is the functions of an exhaust system? Let us know them below.

The Application of a Smart Car Exhaust System

The Application of a Smart Car Exhaust System

The most important part of an exhaust system is the collection of exhaust gases. The exhaust gases are collected from the exhaust manifold which is connected to multiple cylinders.

Moreover, the gases are released through the exhaust pipes.

Another important part of an exhaust system is it regulates the amount of sound outputting from the vehicle engine.

The exhaust system reduces the loud noise of the engine with the help of a muffler. Further, the muffler dampens the exhaust note and makes the sound more suitable.

A car exhaust system also enhances engine performance. This means a faulty exhaust might damage the engine of the vehicle.

Moreover, a faulty exhaust system will lead to less oxygen supply inside the combustion chamber. This means the engine will get less amount of oxygen, therefore, less energy.

A high-performance exhaust will make more exhaust gases exit. Therefore, more oxygen will be supplied. As a result, your vehicle will get more energy and result in enhanced performance.

The duty of the exhaust system is also to reduce the amount of toxic pollution coming out of your vehicle due to combustion. Therefore, it also plays an important part in the environment.

How Can You Improve The Exhaust Note?

There are tons of factors that play a role in exhaust sound. However, the most central factor is the size of the engine. A higher engine capacity will lead to louder exhaust notes.

There are restrictions on the exhaust. Therefore, the level of sound also depends on the amount of restriction in the exhaust.

However, some exhausts are made with high noise level restrictions. Therefore, a restriction in exhaust noise means that there will be less power to the engine.

You need to increase the exhaust sound of your vehicle in order to make your exhaust louder. There are multiple ways you can do so.

You can eventually replace the exhaust muffler to make your vehicle’s exhaust sound louder. However, you can also replace the tip of the exhaust and increase the width or diameter of the exhaust pipe.

Moreover, you can take a look at the catalytic converter and the muffler if you think the exhaust sound is way too high. The catalyst and muffler are responsible for exhaust notes too.

Why Do You Need an Exhaust System?

The exhaust system is a vital part of your vehicle. Therefore, it means that you cannot drive your vehicle without the exhaust system as the engine will fail to work properly.

The exhaust system removes all the harmful gases produced by the internal combustion engine. Further, it also controls the amount of engine noise coming out.

Moreover, there is a catalytic converter that changes all the harmful gases to less harmful ones.

It provides a vital part in greenhouse gas maintenance. The exhaust system also enhances the performance of the engine and the fuel economy.

There is an oxygen sensor that regulates the amount of fuel intake too.

Where is The Catalytic Converter on The Exhaust System?

The catalytic converter is located under the car. Further, it is located inside the exhaust system because the catalytic converter is a part of the exhaust system too.

However, the converter is practically fixed in the middle section of the exhaust systems pipe. Further, to be precise it is located in between the muffler and the manifold.

Further, your vehicle exhaust system has two types of catalytic converters named bang A and bang B.

Moreover, Bang A consists of the manifold, and bang B is situated in the middle section of the exhaust system. They are also connected with the help of indicators.

Why Do Some Cars Consist of Four Exhaust Systems?

A number of exhaust systems depend on the engine size. Multiple exhaust system has a larger engine volume.

Moreover, multiple exhaust systems will allow for better free flow. Thus, there will be a bump in engine horsepower.

A four-channel exhaust system has around a 4.5 liters engine. However, there is a downside to it. Multiple exhaust systems will result in more engine fuel consumption.

Therefore, you will get a degraded amount of fuel economy. This means your vehicle might suck 10 liters of fuel per 10 km drive.

What is The Role of Muffler in Exhaust Systems?

What is The Role of Muffler in Exhaust Systems

You know the fundamentals of the exhaust system. However, what role does the muffler play in the exhaust system?

Does Your Car Require a Muffler?

It is very easy to diagnose if your vehicle is missing a muffler or has a damaged muffler. You will hear a louder noise from the exhaust system if your vehicle has a damaged muffler.

Therefore, you need to buy or replace the existing muffler.

Is It Possible To Drive Without a Muffler?

Yes, you can drive your vehicle without an exhaust muffler. You know muffler dampens the engine noise.

However, you will get louder unusual sounds from the exhaust system if you are driving without a muffler. This means the pedestrians might be disturbed.

Will It Harm My Vehicle If I Drive Without a Muffler?

Yes, it might or may harm your car if you drive without a muffler. Further, you can see a bump in fuel consumption too. Plus, there will be unusual sounds from the exhaust system which might seem disturbing.

However, this does not hamper any engine horsepower or performance.

Some Precautions

  • There are several precautions and steps which can ensure the better health of your exhaust system. Let us see them below!
  • Make sure your car combustion system is working perfectly.
  • Always clean your exhaust system to prevent unwanted rusting and corrosion.
  • Wipe up all the excess fluid from the exhaust system after vehicle usage.
  • Keep your car away from contact with salty water.


Below we have some frequently asked questions related to the exhaust system.

1. What is the repairing cost of the exhaust system?

The whole answer depends on the vehicle you are using. A cheap car like Toyota Corolla will cost around $250.

2. What is the cost of a new car exhaust system?

This also depends on the vehicle you are using. An estimated cost of a cheap exhaust system like the Toyota Corolla will cost around $500.


Now you know all the fundamentals of the exhaust system. Further, there are tons of complicated mechanical parts which are working together to give you a seamless output.

Exhaust system plays multiple roles starting from minimizing the harmful combustion gases to an increase in fuel economy.

Further, it also enhances the sound of the engine to give you a soothing acceleration sound.

There are multiple parts like the muffler which dampens the loud engine noise to give a soft note.

You should note that your vehicle is not drivable without the exhaust system. Therefore, you should always take care of it!

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