How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado?

Chevrolet is an excellent vehicle manufacturer. They make some of the most reliable cars and trucks. Further, their trucks are full-sized, unlike Jeep Gladiator. A part of its superiority is due to its impeccable computer inside which is intelligent enough. Moreover, all vehicles are made with at least one computer inside to control all the electronics and intelligence.

You may be wondering about the role of a network inside a vehicle. Networks are used inside vehicles to regulate engine emissions and engine faults. They keep an eye on the engine and detect all the malfunctions which are not visible from outside.

However, We all know the computer is an electronic device and all electronic device fails at a certain point of time. Chevy Silverado computer is one of them. Your Chevy Silverado might be suffering from a problematic computer and you might solve it through a reset. But How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado?

Let us discuss your problem below. However, you should know what is a computer doing inside an automotive vehicle.


Why There Is A Computer Inside Chevy Silverado?

The automotive computer is rather a confusing term. People often get confused with the term due to its low usage in our society. An automotive computer is a network present in an automotive vehicle.

However, you might be thinking why there is a computer inside a vehicle? You are not playing any games inside the car engine right? However, a computer is not only used to play games. An automotive computer keeps an eye on your vehicle engine.

Furthermore, it also regulates vehicle emissions and maintains the emission regulation made by the government. However, regulations are done by manufacturers and they set a specific emission during assembly.

The computer gets tons of information from multiple sensors present in a vehicle. Some examples of such sensors are the oxygen sensor, air temperature sensor, air pressure sensor, engine temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, and the knock sensor.

These bunch of sensors plays a vital role in the automotive world. No wonder why vehicles are fitted with so much tech!

But why is there a need to reset the automotive computer? Let us discuss them below.

Why Is There A Need To Reset Automotive Computer?

Why Is There A Need To Reset Automotive Computer

There is a need to know the reason behind resetting the automotive computer before you actually proceed towards the work. This will give you a clear idea of what you are actually doing.

Furthermore, you will see tons of changes after resetting the automotive computer inside your Chevy Silverado. However, what kind of changes will you see?

You need to reset the ECU of your Chevy Silverado after you have fitted the vehicle with something that will impact the ECU. Some examples could be injectors and cutbacks.

This is a mandatory process to reset after fitting them because your vehicle ECU is used to dealing with the old parts. Moreover, resetting the ECU will make it adapt to the newly fitted parts.

Further, you might also see a bump in fuel economy. You will see better gas par gallons. However, the whole fact depends on your vehicle too.

You are here to know How to Reset the Computer on Chevy Silverado. Below, we have given a step-by-step guide of how you can do it without any hassle and hindrance.

How to Reset Computer on Chevy Silverado

We know that your chivy Silverado is precious to you. However, it might become problematic due to a lack of minor ECU reset. Further, the reset will increase your fuel economy, might give you better performance, and behave normally with all the parts of the vehicle.

However, the benefits are not limited to our list. You will find out more astonishing changes after resetting. And we decided to find it on our own!

This process might become complicated for some people. However, it is not that tough to reset the ECU. You just need patience and amateur skills. Below we have shared the ultimate step-by-step solution.

Step 1: Insert the key inside your chevy Silverado keyhole

You need to put the ignition key inside the keyhole of your Chevy Silverado. This is the first step towards the solution.

Now, turn the key in the engine on position. However, do not start the ignition.

Step 2: You need to locate DLC

Open the dashboard of your Chevy Silverado. Now, take a look under the hood to locate the diagnostic link connector.

Step 3: Plug the code read inside DLC

You have successfully located the DLC. Now you need to plug in a trapezoidal plug OBD II code reader inside the DLC. This will turn on the code reader automatically by taking power from your Chevy Silverado.

Step 4: Manipulation by taking help of code reader arrows

You can manage through the menu by following the up and down arrows of your code reader. However, you need to choose read code first.

Step 5: Take a note of the code visible

Now, you need to take a note of the code you see. Further, you can also write the code on paper to use in the future. Now let us dive into the last step.

Step 6: Delete the code

We hope you have written the code on a piece of paper or else you will forget. Now, you need to manipulate by using the help of up and down arrows through the options. Finally, enter the erase codes section to delete the code.

Now, turn on your chevy Silverado using the key. Check if the engine light is on or off.

This is a way to easily reset the computer of your Chevy Silverado. Further, you need the OBD II code reader when you are rebooting the computer of your vehicle. Furthermore, you might need a pen to note down the code. This might come in handy!

This was all about on our today’s topic. However, you might have some questions in mind. We have jotted down some frequently asked questions below. Let’s dive into details!

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Benefits Of Vehicle Computer

Benefits Of Vehicle Computer

A computer inside your Chevy Silverado helps you in multiple ways. There are tons of advantages to having an ECU. Some of the advantages are listed below.

Traffic Avoidance

A car computer enables you to avoid traffic in this busy busy world. Further, the vehicle’s portable computer can guide you through the least traffic routes. This way you will be able to cut down on traffic and reach your destination on time!

Back camera

All modern vehicles are fitted with tons of cameras. The rearview camera assists you to park your vehicle easily without colliding your back car. Further, it reduces the blind spots by displaying the invisible areas which are impossible to see via rearview glass. Moreover, it also provides impeccable safety too.

Very Safe Driving Experience

Modern vehicles are fitted with radars, cameras, and LIDAR scanners to prevent collisions with other vehicles.

Radars and LIDAR scanner provides lane departure assistance. Further, it also provides a safe distance from the front car. The vehicle brake on its own if you cross a pedestrian all of a sudden and forgets to break. This enhances the safety of in-cabin passengers and outside pedestrians too.

These were all about on our today’s topic along with some impeccable pieces of information you need to know. Let us dive into the conclusion now.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is really hard to choose the perfect automotive computer. However, when you have all the questions answered in your mind, things start to get easy!

Below are some answers that might come in handy to you!

1. Why do you need an automotive computer for your chevy Silverado?

Why do you need an automotive computer for your chevy Silverado

You need to understand the functions of automatic computers to understand this question. We call the automotive computer inside your Chevy Silverado an ECU too. Further, ECU means electronic control units.
The duty of automotive networking is huge. They control the transmission system of the vehicle’s engine. Further, the engine works properly with perfect transmission due to the networking. The ECU has a chip that controls all the necessary steps.
There are tons of small things that the ECU does too. For example, it makes your vehicle’s glass window go up and down. You would not be able to unlock and lock your precious vehicle without the help of ECU. Therefore, you need an ECU inside your Chevy Silverado to have a smooth operation of all the activities you make the vehicle do or it does on its own.

2. What is the role of ECU in chevy Silverado?

The ECU keeps an eye on your Chevy Silverado too. It maintains and regulates vehicle emission systems. This is essential to prevent greenhouse gases. Further, the emission system regulates the amount of carbon dioxide releasing through the vehicle exhaust.
However what is a greenhouse gas? A greenhouse gas is a kind of gas that traps heat and causes global warming. This is the reason mountain ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising. Therefore, it is high time to take action. And the ECU plays a big part in it too.

3. How does the ECU work inside the vehicle?

ECU is regulated by microprocessors. However, we cannot estimate how many microprocessors your vehicle needs. Further, the number of microprocessors depends on the type of vehicle you have. This means the car is responsible for the number of computers inside the car.
For example, the latest cars are equipped with very advanced technologies. This enables advanced diagnostic, a reduction in visible cables, advanced safety systems, and impeccable comfort inside the vehicle.

4. How many times does an ECU go bad?

We do not have any specific answer to this particular question. However, we are able to give some ideas. The reliability of ECU depends on factors like a car, manufacturer, model number, and year.

5. When do you need to reset the ECU of your Chevy Silverado?

You may become confused as to when do you need to reset the ECU of your Chevy Silverado. You need to reset the ECU of your vehicle after repairing or fitting in new parts. However, you need to reset the ECU of your vehicle once the check engine light pops up.
The check engine light means your vehicle’s trouble code is still present in the memory. You need to delete the code and reset it to keep it functioning properly again.
You have got some answers to the most FAQs searched on the internet. Now we will discuss the benefits of vehicle computers.

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Some Final Words

We have given all the step-by-step information you need to know about How to Reset the Computer on Chevy Silverado. This will hopefully solve your problem.

ECUs are an essential part of all vehicles. It is responsible for all the electronics inside your vehicle along with the fuel economy and performance.

Present-day vehicles are equipped with at least one ECU computer. They enhance the safety system along with so much more. However, they might become problematic after installing something new or repairing your vehicle. This is because the trouble code is still present inside the chipset.

You need to reset your ECU to make it properly work again in such cases. Further, there might be more questions about How to Reset the Computer on Chevy Silverado. We have listed some more FAQs you might find useful!

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