How To Disable ABS Light And ABS Brakes On Chevy-Silverado?

You may notice this annoying light on the dashboard, and you are wondering how to disable the ABS light on Silverado. Luckily, you can do so, but have you ever asked yourself why this light is on? The ABS light activates in certain conditions. It is meant for your safety.

So, before you think of -how to disable the ABS light on Silverado, let’s first introduce you to this system-knowing how the ABS functions will help you determine the problems your truck might face with it.

Here you will find all that you wanted to know about the ABS, the ABS light, and how they function. You will know how to diagnose problems and fix them. At last, you will learn to disable the ABS light on the Silverado.


What Is ABS?

ABS is short for an anti-lock braking system. ABS has been added to most cars recently for safety measures.

The Chevy Silverado is one of the vehicles which have this system. ABS prevents the locking of the wheels of the truck when braking. Moreover, it aids steering when braking and helps with traction control. An anti-lock braking system typically consists of the following parts:

Sensors: These are located near the wheels of the vehicle. They determine the speed of the wheels when rotating.

Pumps: Pumps are responsible for applying pressure to the brakes. They are filled with hydraulic fluid for this purpose.

Valves: Valves are the gateway to this pressure. They allow or prevent pressure.

They can also release pressure, according to their position as they have three positions.

Controller: This is what controls the whole system. It receives information from the sensors and decides whether to allow the pumps to apply pressure on the brakes or not.

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How Does ABS Work?

How Does ABS Work

Anti-lock braking systems are different for different vehicles. In general, the ABS works when the driver brakes suddenly and abruptly.

The sensors on the wheels detect the speed of each wheel. If one is moving at a slower speed than the other, this wheel will lock. The sensors send a signal to the controller to prevent this wheel from locking

After that, the controller sends orders to the valves to open and the pumps to apply, release, and reapply pressure on the brakes. So, the wheels don’t skid, and the driver gains control of his vehicle.

You may think your car will skid before all of the above processes occurs. But actually, this process happens in a second. Most vehicles now have this ABS within their braking system for its effectiveness.

What is The ABS Light?

The ABS light is a warning light that tells you that the ABS has a problem so, it is deactivated. Besides, the traction control and the stability control of your car will be deactivated too.

This is because all of these systems rely on the wheels’ sensors that stop functioning when the ABS light is on. Silverado trucks have this ABS with the ABS light, which turns on when the system malfunctions.

If you have this light on, you may ask how to disable the ABS light on Silverado. But before you decide to turn it off, let’s check first the problems that might cause it to turn on.

Also, you have to know that the ABS light is different from the brake’s light. The ABS light tells you that you have an ABS problem. Whereas the brake’s light means the problem is with the brakes themselves.

It can be dangerous and you always need a professional to check. Here you will learn how to disable the ABS light on the Silverado, not the braking light.

Common Problems With The ABS

As the ABS has several parts, problems might occur for any of its parts.

Fuse Problems

Like any electrical system, the ABS works with fuses. These fuses sometimes blow or move from their place. Any blown fuse can cause the whole system to stop and activate the ABS light.

Sensors Problems

The ABS starts with those sensors. It is responsible for sending data to the controller to determine when the pumps should start releasing and applying pressure to the brakes.

When this sensor stops working, the whole system won’t work. Also, dysfunctions in the sensors stop the traction control system as well as the stability control.

Controller Problem

The controller can corrode over time. It is a common problem for the ABS light. When the controller damages, it won’t order the pumps and the valves to work and prevent wheel skid.

A Disconnection Between The Sensors And The Controller

The sensor and the controller might be working well, but each on its own. Wires are connecting both to receive signals and apply adequate action. When one of these wires is broken, the ABS stops.

Pump Or Valve Problems

The pumps and valves apply pressure to the brakes. When any of those is worn out or has a problem of any kind, this will cause a dysfunction in the ABS. Consequently, the ABS will stop working as no pressure could be applied to the brakes, and the ABS light will turn on.

Brake Fluid

If the brake fluid level is lower than the normal level, the brakes won’t function well. There is no fluid to apply suitable pressure on the brakes. Beware that this problem is related to the ABS and can also affect the whole braking system.

Troubleshooting ABS Problems

Troubleshooting ABS Problems

To discover which part causes a problem and disable the ABS light on Silverado, you need to follow the below steps. These will help you diagnose the problem and solve it. Then, you will get your ABS to work again. You will need an OBD2 ABS scanner for this process.

Connect The OBD2 Scanner Plug To The Port

In front of the driver’s seat down the dashboard, you will find the OBD port. Connect your scanner to this port, and it will operate on the main screen.

Select The ABS Scan Option

The options may vary according to your scanner. However, you will be able to determine the needed choice as there are not many of them.

You may select ABS first, then scan or diagnose. You may need to select your car model, year, and other options to aid the scanner in its job. Make the necessary choices and hit read or scan for the scanner to start diagnosing the problem.

Determine The Problem

According to the data the scanner displays, you will be able to determine the problem. The scanner will tell you which parts are on and off.

It may be one of the rear wheel sensors or the controller. After you have determined the problem, you can then go to your mechanic to replace the damaged part.

We recommend that you redo this simple OBD2 scanner check again after the necessary repairs. When you connect the OBD2 scanner again to your Silverado, you will be able to see the previous data. You can erase all this data and start the scanning process again.

Manual ABS Check

If you don’t have access to an OBD2 scanner, you can manually check your ABS. Although the OBD2 scanner is much better and easier, manual checks can also help in some cases.

Check The Fuse

Under the steering wheel, you will find the fuse box panel. Pull the lever and then pull the fuse box panel straight down. Check the fuse and ensure it is in good condition. Check if it is blown or not. If so, you will need to get a new one.

Check The Sensors

Sensors are located on each of the wheels. Some trucks have two sensors only, and others have four. The sensors are small boxes in a rectangular shape. You can try cleaning each of these sensors as they sometimes accumulate dust and snow.

Check The Connections

The sensors are connected to the controller through wires. Check the wires connected to each of the sensors are all good and not torn apart or damaged. After doing all the necessary checks, turn on your truck. If the light is still there, then it might be a controller problem.

In this case, you have two options. Either do the OBD2 scanner check or go to a mechanic. The mechanic will do these checks for you and tell you the cause of the problem.

How To Disable The ABS Light On Silverado?

How To Disable The ABS Light On Silverado

To disable the ABS light on the Silverado, you have two options. The first is already mentioned above, which is merely figuring out why it is on.

This is the best option as the light means a dysfunction in the system that needs fixing. You can do any of the aforementioned methods to find out the problem.

If you still are in a conflict and unable to figure it out or don’t have an OBD scanner, you can go to a mechanic. The other option is to disable the light without solving the problem. You can do this by resetting the light.

You have to turn on your Silverado then continue turning the parking brake on and off. It should reset the ABS. Hence, the ABS light will deactivate. If the light is still there, this might urge you to take your truck to a professional to find the real problem.

How To Disable The ABS?

Some people will want to disable ABS for their Silverados, even though it is not recommended. You can pull the ABS fuse. It should stop the system from working. Alternatively, you can remove the sensors on your vehicle’s wheels.

However, speed sensors are also parts of the systems responsible for traction and stability controls. So, removing the sensors means disabling all of these systems.

Disabling the ABS itself doesn’t mean the ABS light will turn off. This is simply because light means the ABS is already disabled. All that you have done is that you disconnect the ABS, which is already turned off for a certain malfunction.

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1. Should I Disable The Silverado ABS?  

Disabling the ABS is not a good option. The ABS helps prevent many accidents as it will give you better control of your car in heavy braking situations.
Although you might have driven cars without an ABS, this added feature will provide more safety. Also, you never know when your truck will use the ABS. Thus, we don’t recommend you disable the ABS for any reason. Instead, solve the problems associated with it.

2. Is Driving Silverado With The ABS Light Turned On Safe?

When you see the ABS light, this means the system is not working. You may drive your car in such a situation but with more caution.
We can’t say it is all safe to drive your Silverado with its ABS light-activated, but it is ok to do so. However, you should be careful, especially on snowy roads.

3. Should Any Driver Know How To Disable ABS Light On The Silverado?

A truck driver should know nearly everything possible about his truck. Knowing how to diagnose problems and solve them will save you money and time.
Disabling the ABS light is not a big deal, as you can see now. Even without the OBD2 scanner, you can do some preliminary checks. When you go to the mechanic, you will know what he means by replacing the sensors or fuse.


Now, you have learned how to disable the ABS light on the Silverado. Whereas the process is not that hard, we don’t recommend ignoring this sign. As you have seen, the ABS light may be an indicator for another significant problem.

Thus, we recommend checking the problem first, whether you or have someone else check it for you. Some automobile stores can do the ABS OBD2 scanner check for free. In brief, ABS light is not a severe problem that needs immediate repair.

However, solving the problem as early as possible can hinder other issues. Above all, it ensures your safety while driving, and this worth everything.

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