How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado?

The side mirror of Chevy Silverado is made up of glass. We all know glass is glass and glass breaks. Therefore, you might need to replace the side mirror glass of your Chevy Silverado.

Note that you do not need to replace the whole side mirror assembly because the glass is broken. Moreover, the replacement of glass mirrors is very cheap and easy to do. Therefore, you can replace the mirror by yourself.

Moreover, you can find the glass mirror precut in the market. There are tons of manufacturers that sell pre-cut side mirrors for individual vehicle models. Furthermore, you also need to purchase the black rubber sealant. An example is the permatex.


How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado?

How To Replace Side Mirror Glass Chevy Silverado

Below are the steps for you to get started.

Step 1

Your first work is to remove all the broken glass pieces from the side mirror. However, use hand gloves if you are using your hands to remove them. You will avoid getting yourself cut in this way. Furthermore, use goggles for better eye protection.

Clean all the glass particles and the base of the mirror. Use a suitable glass cleaner to clean the plastic base.

Step 2

The intact glass consists of adhesive at the back of the mirror. However, those adhesive strips are weak and might not hold your mirror in place over time.

Use the thick rubber sealant about ¾ inches around the plastic mirror retainer. The black rubber sealant is very strong and will firmly keep your side mirror glass in place.

There is a honeycomb portion on the plastic base of the side mirror case. Apply several drops of sealant on that area and some on the broken glass. However, you should not apply sealant on the adhesive of your new side mirror. The adhesive pads should make contact with the base to ensure your glass is in place.

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Step 3

Now, place the mirror on the base. Moreover, use masking tape to keep the mirror in place for a while. Keep the masking tape until the adhesive dries and the mirror fits strongly in place.

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Now you know how to replace side mirror glass Chevy Silverado. However, there are a few aspects to notice.

The manufacturer changes the vehicle chassis every year. Therefore, the methods might not be compatible with all models. Moreover, you should consider the manual guide for better advice. Further, your vehicle might also be compatible with our guide. All the necessary steps are easy and all general car enthusiasts can solve the problem without any hesitation.

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