How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado?

We all know that the mass airflow sensor is expensive. Moreover, the Chevy Silverado uses a more advanced mass airflow system. Therefore, the replacement of the mass airflow for the chevy Silverado will cost you even more penny.

You might have a cost-effective idea rather than the replacement process. Moreover, you can clean the mass airflow sensor of the chevy Silverado which is a very cheap process. Therefore, you might ask yourself how to clean the mass airflow sensor Chevy Silverado.

We have come to the point of explaining to you how to clean the mass airflow sensor Chevy Silverado. Before knowing it, you should know that is a mass airflow sensor. This will ease your learning process even more!


What is a Mass Airflow Sensor?

Throughout the article, we will be using the short form of mass airflow sensor which is also called the MAF sensor.

The MAF sensor is responsible for all the invigilation of air temperature and the mass that enters the engine. This is a vital part of your chevy Silverado as it measures how much fuel your combustion engine needs. Therefore, your vehicle’s built-in computer decides how much fuel your engine needs to operate properly.

The process might seem very simple but it is not. The MAF sensor uses a platinum wire which heats and then uses current to measure how much it needs to keep the temperature constant. Furthermore, it all does while the air blows past through it. However, the wire or plate develops sediments of dust and oil. This is due to the Impure air all over in the atmosphere.

Moreover, this is an unwanted hazard because the oil and dust prevent the plate from direct contact with the air. Furthermore, this harms the sensor giving a very improper reading and performance. You will notice the poor acceleration of your vehicle. Moreover, your vehicle might suffer from idling and poor fuel economy.

Some vehicle manufacturers advise replacing the MAF sensor in such cases. However, you can prevent those high charges by cleaning the MAF sensor regularly. This will prevent the sensor from damaging and will save you $300. Furthermore, this will make your car run at full efficiency for a long time. Furthermore, a cleaner will only cost you around $10. So you can see that spending $10 is better than spending $300. We recommend you clean the MAF sensor each and every time you replace your vehicle’s air filter.

So now you need to know how to clean the mass airflow sensor Chevy Silverado.

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How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado?

How To Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor Chevy Silverado

We recommend you pull the air filter duct. This will expose the MAF sensor and you can notice how it is anchored. There are different variations of screws. You need to purchase the Torx screws most probably. Furthermore, also buy the CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner.

There are several types of cleaner in the market but we recommend you not to use them. This might damage the MAF sensor and cost you even more penny than you planned to avoid. Moreover, you can purchase all these accessories from CARQUEST, ADVANCED, AND O’REILLY AUTO PARTS STORES.

The MAF sensor is located in between the air filter duct and the throttle body. You can advance to the next steps if you have purchased all the tools necessary for the work to start. However, we recommend you video the setups as you will need them after disassembling them to reassemble.

Now you need to remove the MAF sensor carefully. Furthermore, detach the connection between the electric connector.

Now, use the airflow cleaner to spray the plate and clean them. However, you should be careful to not scrub the parts as this might end up breaking or damaging the wire. Make sure you dry the MAF sensor before fitting it back to the car in the air duct.

There are some tools that are must be required for the MAF sensor cleaning. It is wise to keep the necessary tools in hand before starting the work as this will ease your working and cleaning experience. People often suffer from frustration due to the lack of accessories. Moreover, they lose patience and interest so decide to take the car to a vehicle mechanic. This will not only charge you more, but you are doing some unnecessary extra steps that are not necessary to do. Moreover, why take to the vehicle mechanic when you can do the work alone by yourself.

The Necessary Tools

You need the 4 in 1 screwdriver to open the MAF sensor. This screwdriver features all the necessary drivers you need to open the MAF sensor from the air duct. Furthermore, you will also need a digital camera and a Trox Tool.

The digital camera will help you fit back the MAF sensor after you are done cleaning it. Moreover, you might become messy after opening all the screws. Therefore, you need the video to cleanly complete the setup process.

We forgot to mention the most important part of your how-to-clean mass air flow sensor chevy Silverado process. The Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner itself. Make a list before purchasing them and you will be hassle-free all the time!


Now you know how to clean the mass airflow sensor Chevy Silverado. The process is very simple and all the amateur car enthusiasts can clean the MAF sensor by themselves. You need to be careful before starting the work. Moreover, buy all the important accessories necessary to start your Mass Air Flow Sensor cleaning process.

We recommend you to use only the CRC MASS AIR FLOW SENSOR CLEANER. This product will ensure your sensor will not be damaged. Moreover, using varieties of products might end up harming your expensive air flow sensor. Remember, it is vital to clean the airflow sensor regularly. Or else, you will end up having bad acceleration, stalling of your vehicle, and many more problems!

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