Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems: Learn to Avoid Them Easily!

Truck owners already know the importance of leveling kits. It becomes essential for some truck owners too. A level kit is an amazing hardware for trucks that goes off reading often.

Your truck will be smoother after installing a leveling kit as it elevates the front portion of the truck to minimize bumps.

Further, level kits are also responsible for enhanced handling of your truck. However, nothing comes without flaws and problems. Even the best leveling kit has some major issues for the Ram 1500.

Leveling kits might stop functioning or break down while driving. We will be discussing all the common ram 1500 leveling kit problems in this article below.

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Some Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems

Below, we have given some common leveling kit problems which are relevant to dodge ram 1500.

Alignment Problems

Alignment Problems

There are tons of issues with alignment problems for the leveling kit of dodge ram 1500. Therefore, you need to be very careful while installing the lift kit and adjusting it.

Alignment issues are one of the most irritating parts of the lift kits. However, you can easily identify whether your dodge ram 1500 is suffering from alignment issues.

Moreover, the vehicle will suffer from weight distribution problems and might turn in a different direction while driving straight. Further, the vehicle also becomes extremely shaky.

However, you can minimize the alignment issues too. Do not attempt to install the leveling kit by yourself. Take your truck to a vehicle mechanic who will be able to install the lift kit for you.

Further, a vehicle expert will install the leveling kit by keeping the alignments perfect.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about alignment issues anymore. However, your vehicle might still suffer from alignment issues.

You need to adjust the front-end spacers for that. You need to install the lift kit to an ideal height concerning your truck’s tire size.

DriveShaft Problems

A very common ram 1500 leveling kit problem is that with the driveshaft. This might sound weird as the driveshaft has no connection with the leveling kit.

However, you should keep in mind that some mechanics who are not experts might cause trouble with the driveshaft while adjusting the leveling kit of your dodge ram 1500.

However, you can easily solve the issue related to the driveshaft. Your driveshaft has several angles. You need to fix that angle to fix this issue.

Further, you can easily solve this problem by changing the angle of the drive shaft. However, how can you identify the driveshaft problem?

You will experience shakiness while driving if your vehicle is suffering from a driveshaft problem.

Suspension Related Issues

All the mentioned issues above were related to adjustments. Further, those issues can be solved easily without any hassle with a few adjustments.

However, the suspension issue is a whole different thing. This issue is problematic and is not easy to solve like the adjustment issues.

Moreover, the suspension issue has nothing to do with adjusting the leveling kit either.

We all know that a truck’s suspension is a vital part of the vehicle. This is what absorbs all the shocks and bumps off-road. Further, a truck’s suspension is specially designed to withstand high bumps and shocks, unlike normal vehicles.

Moreover, a truck’s suspension keeps the vehicle stable and steady.

The main problem arises when you install a leveling kit on your truck. This hinders the suspension and hampers its performance.

Further, the leveling kit might even cause the suspension to malfunction. However, the problem can be easily solved too. You can minimize the suspension issue by installing shock absorbers on your truck.

Shock absorbers will solve the problem related to the ram 1500 suspension malfunction. Further, it will also make your truck run smoothly on the road.

Poor Fuel Economy

The worst drawback of installing a leveling kit on your dodge ram 1500 is high fuel consumption. We all know that leveling kits increase the height of your vehicle. However, this is not a good thing for aerodynamics.

Therefore, the miles per gallon decreases rapidly. Further, poor aerodynamics means your vehicle needs more energy to move at higher speeds due to air resistance.

Therefore, the vehicle will burn more fuel to boost up the speed of your dodge ram 1500.

You can solve the poor fuel consumption issue by covering the aerodynamic loss. Moreover, you can do so by covering the empty bed of your truck with a bed cover.

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Poor Maintenance Issue

Poor Maintenance Issue

Taking regular care of your dodge ram 1500 is an important part of vehicle performance. However, installing a leveling kit hampers the overall parts of your dodge ram 1500 sooner than expected.

Therefore, it needs more maintenance than usual. Further, the leveling kit damages other parts of your vehicle sooner than its life span.

Therefore, all you can do is to take extra care of your dodge ram 1500 to avoid any inconveniences after you install a leveling kit on your vehicle.


Below, we have given some answers to the frequently asked questions regarding common ram 1500 leveling kit problems.

1. Does a Leveling Kit Impact Your Vehicle?

Yes, the leveling kit impacts your dodge ram 1500. There might be tons of adjustment issues after installing the leveling kit.
Therefore, it is ideal to install a leveling kit from an expert car mechanic. Moreover, your vehicle parts tend to undergo faster wear and tear over time after installing the leveling kit.
Therefore, you need to service your vehicle more often.

2. Does leveling kit hamper towing?

No, the leveling kit does not hamper towing. Further, it is safe to tow with a leveling kit. Moreover, a leveling kit gives more space to the suspension which helps better towing.


All Dodge Ram 1500 owners should invest in leveling kits. The answer is very simple as the leveling kit smoothes the driving experience even if it is on a rough surface.

However, you need extra care after installing a leveling kit on your dodge ram 1500. There are tons of issues that show up after installing a leveling kit on dodge ram 1500.

Therefore, take your truck to vehicle service often to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

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